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SaLuSa, June 6, 2011

There is really nothing to be afraid of as you enter the last period on Earth under the dark Ones. They are living on borrowed time and know that their days are numbered. The power has already shifted to those who follow the Light, and are setting the pattern that is manifesting the new paradigm. As the old one collapses there cannot be a vacuum, and it is immediately being filled by the visions you are holding of the Golden Age. It cannot be otherwise as the vibrations are continuing to rise, leaving behind everything that cannot be raised up. It will be re-absorbed into the great pool of unmanifest matter, to be used again in new creations. Your Earth is therefore a hive of activity as the sorting out takes place, yet within in all the seeming chaos there is a master plan being worked out. Everywhere in the Universe it is orderly and proceeds to change, so that all is ready for the grand Ascension. You are the only ones who need help to fulfill your responsibilities, and that is to be expected with regard to the low vibrations that you dwell in.

As the Master’s and other spiritually evolved souls on Earth come into their own, they will open your minds to a true understanding of your past development and relationship to your Creator. Over many lifetimes in this cycle, you have collected false beliefs that have left you with a difficult mindset to overcome. That is where they will come in and enable you to move forward with a new and open understanding. It will not be difficult as you have much of the truth already within that you can call upon. Your reliance upon others to lead you is no longer necessary, although it is useful to know the manner in which spiritual and scientific knowledge are coming together. It has been realized for a long time that they would draw close together. It has become more apparent now that science accepts the underlying levels of consciousness in all matter.

For eons of time, it has been the unseen that has been the stumbling block to your understanding, allowing for many misinterpretations and false beliefs. In general terms we find that life after death is becoming recognized for what it really is, and superstition and fear are being replaced by an inner understanding. When any spiritual matter poses questions, the answers will come to you through meditation or simply relaxing and opening your mind to contact with your Higher Self. We of course give you guidance where possible, but we never force our opinions upon you. We place before you the facts as we see them, but have often emphasized the need for you to be discerning. The truth is multi-colored, and according to where you are in your understanding you will accept what fits in with your understanding at that time. As long as you are always prepared to review it in the light of new information, you will surely evolve at a pace that suits you.

By the time you reach Ascension, all of you will have been made aware of the great upliftment and its purpose. It will be through information given directly to you whilst on Earth, and also when you visit the higher realms as you do when your physical body is fast asleep. Your freewill decision to ascend or not is one that you make, but from a position of having been fully informed of what it entails. If you do not feel ready there is no stigma attached to it, as your civilization is one that comprises of souls at all different stages of evolution from all over the Universe.

As the truth of your recent past comes out, so the criminal activity involving crimes against humanity is surfacing. That which was hidden is being revealed, and it is helping you break away from conditioning that has kept you in bondage. You are quickly learning that your freedom has been taken away from you, and it has galvanized a reaction that is moving towards taking it back. It is being done by physical means, and those referred to as diplomatic which are being negotiated by our allies. It is no mean task but once the majority are in favor we shall push ahead, as the changes must take place regardless of any opposition to them. There can be no real argument against what we are doing, as we are restoring your rights denied to you for so long. Your freewill has been restricted by successive governments that have come under the influence of the Illuminati. If that sounds far fetched, understand that their influence has infiltrated every government and corporation, in which they have placed their supporters. It is why progress has been slow, because they have put so many obstacles in our path. However, it is a battle that we have effectively won, as our allies are experiencing great success.

Do you realize Dear Ones, that apart from the weather interference by the dark Ones and their ability to cause earthquakes, the Earth has been comparatively quiet. The world–wide doom that some predict has not transpired, and in fact all such matters are in our control, notwithstanding the fact that we must allow Mother Earth to carry out her own cleansing. There is no world–wide scenario that will lead to complete and utter collapse. The cycle of darkness draws to a conclusion as the Light permeates every atom upon the Earth, and is rapidly raising consciousness levels. It is the Light that is in its ascendancy and lifting everything else up with it. It is an unstoppable force for good that you have invited to play a role in your life.

You are wonderfully patient understanding the greater purpose for what is happening, and we appreciate your co-operation by working with us. Understand that most of you are here specifically to take a part in ensuring Ascension occurs as planned. There are many souls still unsure or even oblivious to the wonderful opportunity to leave the old vibrations behind. This is where you can come in with your knowledge and understanding. Your higher vibrations will attract such ones, and you have the ability to gently place ideas in their minds that could open them up to the truth. Done in the right way it will not sound overbearing or shocking. You are the messengers that relay the information to others, and you are successful in doing so. We thank you and commend you for your unselfish acts to assist your fellow travelers on their journey through the darkness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will inform you the Galactic Federation is very excited at developments upon Earth. All proceeds exceptionally well and according to plan, and points to a major development that we are managing.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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