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May 5, 2011

Good morning to you . As I was tuning in , I saw very clearly a Golden Chalice. It reminded me that a long time ago, White Cloud suggested that each morning before we got up ... to visualize drinking a Golden Liquid from a Golden Chalice and it would enhance our day greatly. Sadly like so many things, that suggestion went right out of my head, yet I KNOW I am being reminded of it by you and putting this suggestion forth to those who choose to do this and therefore find it beneficial. This was your plan was it not?

Yes indeed. Yet may we suggest also to take this action into a deeper level of yourself. For when one is imagining drinking from it , it is for the soul to FEEL the Light that is infusing into your BEING as you do so. To understand this on a Higher level of yourself will make all the difference in the world.

Well, like all things, we can but give it a go. Thank you. I have to say ... my head is buzzing with energy right now, so I am very much looking forward to our discourse.

As are we. There are matters to attend to that may seem trivial and yet from our position that is far from what they are.

Such as?

Such as bringing forward empathies from the heart place to things around you .... events that are shocking your world and ARE to shock your world ... for by digging deeply into the TRUTH of yourself ... your ancient knowledge will guide you as to the correct way in which to deal with these matters that are arising. It is all beginning to happen before your eyes. These changes that are occurring politically, financially and environmentally are there NOW for you to see. And we say that in days ahead, pressing matters of global integrity shall surface and be exposed. In this way, much disruption to the mindset may occur for many who are unaware of the situation from its TRUE perspective. For those who have allowed themselves to be aware of such worldly matters from an 'off worldly perspective', all these events will come as no surprise. Yet to many ... their systems will receive shock waves of disbelieve and this shall cause quite a bit of chaos to the uninitiated. This is where you come in ... all of our ground force that have so diligently ... for so long ... followed their heart's pull and investigated matters that were of the utmost importance to the rising of the planet and their part in it.

Yes, often we have said to those who seem lost and not knowing what is required of them ... we have said ... be patient for the time will come.


Just you wait and see how much your diligence to the cause will be rewarded from a place in your soul that shall CONFIRM that the path you have been following was that which you KNEW to be of TRUTH.

Prepare your BEINGS as we have been asking of you . For 'busy' will be the order of the day ... and yet fulfillment will stir you to soldier on. Be prepared also to come up against hostility and resistance. Remember that for many who have remained asleep, what is about to unfold will seem 'out of their depth'. It will take some souls a great deal of time to be able to make that 'switch' in their understanding.

SOULS OF EARTH. SOULS OF GREAT LIGHT. Shine your shoes! Gather around you all the tools that you have gained throughout this learning period and have them at hand. For they shall serve you well.

Can you not FEEL it? Can you accept in your hearts that this FEELING is due to the fact that what we have been speaking of ... what you have been awaiting is now on your door step? It is so close. We are so close. It is as if all are in position, above and below ... and simply on the edge of our seats waiting for the 'off'.


You have not travelled this far to then forget why you came. Why you have arrived at this place in time on this planet .



We ask you to stop for a moment with this reading and to take in four very deep breathes and as you do so, see yourself as that WARRIOR OF LIGHT WITH YOUR SWORD HELD HIGH TO THE SKIES! ... and to imagine many thousands of you doing the same. FEEL THE POWER THAT YOU ARE TOGETHER AS ONE. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN GET IN YOUR PATHWAY. YOU ARE LOVE.

For me, as I did this, I felt such a passion rise up in me and tears too. I LOVE IT when I get filled with this KNOWING that this is real. This is not wishful thinking because of a world that seems so devoid of LOVE at times. This is actually happening.


There are so many of us NOW. We are recognizing ... we can FEEL ... WHO WE ARE. It is so exciting ... and it seems appropriate right now to say THANK YOU to you guys for showing us how to reach within and find ourselves. I KNOW that YOU and WHITE CLOUD have led me along a pathway that has brought me such joy and understanding. Your words of wisdom have shown me a New Way of BEING and putting that wisdom into practice has shown me a side of myself that makes me FEEL proud to be part of all of this. I KNOW I am speaking for many regarding this . TRULY ... for me ... it has changed my life into one that I really FEEL is worth living. For so long I just existed. Stumbling my way through ... and I realize that so many are still 'back there'. You have allowed a vast majority of souls to awaken and in turn they are now able to assist in the waking up of so many. I am guessing you KNOW what a good job you've done??

We thank you for your kind words and yet we would say that all the praise must go to you ... souls of Earth who have had the difficult task of breaking down barriers between energies that have steadfastly held their ground and stubbornly resisted the moving into the new. It was you, each one of you that marched onwards when nothing seemed to make sense. When doubts overshadowed all that you had taken the time to study ... and one questioned not only their knowledge, but the very essence of who they were and what they KNEW to be TRUTH.

And yet ... you made it through .... IN LOVE ... BECAUSE OF LOVE you carried on KNOWING that what your heart was reminding you, was the only thing you needed to adhere to. And in doing so ... would you not say, oh beloved friends and family ... that there is NO DOUBTING within you NOW at this juncture ... that you are indeed WARRIORS OF THE DIVINEST LIGHT?


KNOW that not only is there a battalion of troops upon the ground, but also there is a vast legion of serving allies that do not reside upon Earth that are with you to see you through. When we say vast, we mean VAST. What you imagine one of our vast fleets to be ... triple it three times! And that is just one section! There is no possible way for us to describe to you all that is involved in this 'make over'. Yet although it cannot be described ... we ask you to KNOW of its TRUTH.

Not quite the hour today , yet I FEEL 'enough said' would be your next words.

Enough said for today apart from asking you all to FEEL our LOVE. Asking you to KNOW that we are with you as ONE in all that is to be revealed to you. WE LOVE YOU. WE THANK YOU. YOUR LIGHT IS SHINING SO BRIGHTLY. WE ARE IN MUCH JOY!

Ditto! In LOVE and THANKS. xxx

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