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SaLuSa, August 12, 2011

Progress may be slow, but nevertheless we are overcoming the last obstacles that stand between Disclosure and us. At the same time the means to go ahead with governmental changes are in place, and it is the timing that remains an issue. Having come so far we are not going to rush into action, as there are going to be many repercussions after we have acted. It is no mean task to put peoples minds at rest, but we are quite confident of our ability to do so. Over a long period we have closely studied the human psyche, and we understand what we are likely to have to contend with. As you may be aware, there are some who do not want us to arrive on Earth, for reasons of fear and what they see as a violation of their beliefs. However, we will soon gain confidence all round by showing a full understanding of your problems, and awareness of the future mapped out for you by the higher sources. It will become clear that we are to assist you in successfully completing your cycle of Duality.

There is no doubt that psychics are picking up on the nearness of the Disclosure announcement, and you will find possible dates being given out. Ultimately there may be none given at all, but the event will simply come and go as a result of the immense planning that has been put in place. That would in fact be an exciting way to begin what will be a close relationship with us. When we arrive we will be with you to stay, and our presence in your skies will increase and become quite normal. In fact we will go out of our way to acquaint you with our craft, including opportunities to visit our Motherships. In next to no time you will become familiar with our fleet, and us and able to identify which civilization they belong to. We want you to feel the friendship that we bring to you, as we are to become very close together. Bear in mind that many of you already have links with us.

As you enjoy one revelation after another, your long “lost” ancestors are going to come of out of their home in the Inner Earth. They are already part of your history going back to the Atlantean and Lemurian times, when your civilization was decimated by great catastrophes. It is not by chance that many of your archaeological discoveries that come from that period, are recognized as coming from an advanced civilization. Your present cycle only started some 10,000 years ago, when you were forced to return to a cave like existence. These earlier experiences have been held in your subconscious memories, and some of you are still in fear of another world disaster. The end of Duality is a time to celebrate, as it is going to fulfill the promise of a happy ending and the opportunity to leave it behind you. You have spent hundreds if not thousands of lives living through it, and you are a far greater soul than when you first commenced such experiences.

For many people the truth is going to be overwhelming, but it is your time to learn all about your history. Duality has dulled many minds, and a veil was drawn over your memories so that you could focus on the experience without being distracted. That veil is being rapidly removed as you awaken to Ascension, which is your wonderful opportunity to rise up into the higher levels that are really home to you. It is a lot to take on board, but we are going to gently awaken your subconscious memories so that you realize who you really are. None of you are simply Earth Beings, and have your homes away from Earth in the far reaches of Space. Do not lose sight of the fact that Duality is an experiment for which you volunteered. You did so knowing that in spite of the risks of totally losing your real identity, you would be awakened at the appropriate time. That time has long arrived, and we have to say that it has been very successful. If you look back just 60 years or so, we feel you will agree that your spiritual awareness has grown quite substantially, and particularly since the millennium. Soon it will increase by leaps and bounds and you shall know who you truly are.

Only you can release yourself from the darkness that has held you in bondage to the dark Ones. You have been manipulated and kept down so that you would not question your leaders, and have been subjected to false doctrines and beliefs for your reason for being on Earth. At the very least, try to keep an open mind, as there is no judgment on those who are still unable to release themselves from the lower vibrations that dull your mind. Indeed, everything is being done to help them open up their consciousness to new ideas, and comprehend what they see happening around them. Our help will become more pronounced once we can openly work with you. Without using any form of mind control we will place before you the facts concerning some of your beliefs that are holding you back.

Our desire and that of the Masters is that every soul is given all possible opportunities to lift up, and if that fails it will be because their freewill choice has taken them onto another path. We honor and respect that choice, as only the individuals Higher Self will know where their experiences will take them. If you sense that someone dear to you is such a soul, the best you can do for them is to give of your love knowing that it will always keep a link with them. Inasmuch that you would feel capable of making your own decision about Ascension, clearly you must allow others to do the same. Freewill is priceless, and not every civilization in the Universe has that divine privilege.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with love and blessings from the members of the Galactic Federation. We will continue to give you information a little at the time, and gradually you will find it all coming together and you will grasp the full picture. Hitherto, people were too embedded in the old paradigm to understand or accept many of the truths given to you. Today you are open to new ideas and have taken responsibility for your awakening, and there are now so many sources of Light that you can find. If you are still searching, please remember that you have your personal Guides who only need you to ask them for help. They are most anxious to please you, and in so doing are fulfilling their own purpose and wish to help you fulfill your life plan. Allow your Guides to find the best way to provide what you need, rather than lay down rigid instructions as to how it should happen. You would be surprised at the extent of their ability to organize events that can bring you what you want. Just be ready to recognize when it is given, and expect the unexpected.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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