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Please help our French translator Isabelle's stepson

Dear friends,

Our French translator Isabelle needs our support for a new Personal Portable Oxygene Compressor with all devices accessories for US/EU transmitter in order to purchase a new life support unit that her stepson needs to replace.

This young adolescent (16 years old) needs a support compressor at all times for his brain oxygenation, to prevent brain tumor side effects.

The current cost with the pipes and transmitter/adaptor is around 1100 euros. To place the order we would need 30 % down payment next week. He is still at the hospital, while the family has not been refunded through the ObamaCare lawsuit, still pending.

Your donations and any financial contribution however small would be very much appreciated. It shows him we all care for his life - we are grateful to receive your blessings through the PayPal donation and prayers.

You can use the PayPal-button below, we will directly forward the money to Isabelle.

Many thanks in advance!

Luisa, Kees and the rest of the team of GalacticChannelings.com

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