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SaLuSa, March 20, 2009

We know the waiting is the hardest part of the coming changes, but all has to happen when the time is right. We see a sequence of events that need to follow each other, if there is to be a smooth transition from the old to the new. The suddenness of changes so far should convince you that you are really facing the beginning of a new era, which is quite remarkable bearing in mind that just a few years ago the dark forces were in control. All credit to our allies and those of the Light who have dedicated themselves to opening up the path of Light. Clearly there is a lot of cleaning up to do, but first the hiding places of the dark need to be opened up to public scrutiny. It is important that you come to know the truth, as in the bigger picture there is a lesson for Humanity.

Realise Dear Ones, that you never stop learning or expanding your consciousness, and all experience has valuable lessons to impart. There would be no gain for you if we came along and lifted you off now. It is part of your end time experiences to see this cycle out. Of course some of you will leave beforehand, and that will have been planned purposefully for you. Let us assume that like most souls you find yourself in the astral regions, where you will still have your links with Earth. You will not therefore be totally cut off from what is happening, and you will certainly become aware when Ascension takes place. Numbers of you would move forward into the new vibratory pattern, and join those who had ascended.

The choice of every soul is respected where his or her evolution is concerned, and no one would interfere with it. Naturally you can always consult others before you make a decision, and they will give you the benefit of their own experience and wisdom. There is so much caring and love that is showered upon those who are on the upward path. It is also there for souls who have fallen into the lowest vibrations, as soon as they lift their eyes up to the Light and seek help. On Earth you are only just becoming aware of how life evolves, but many already see how Mankind is linked in such a way that all are as Brothers and Sisters. It is this realisation that will bring you together more than any previous time in this cycle. Imagine what responsibility you have to each other, as what you do to one you do to all.

It is quite a challenge for you to break out of a mould that set you apart from each other, as you have got used to keeping yourself insulated from outside influences. However with the advances in travel and communications, you have been able to intermix and there is an appreciation of those aspects of other peoples lives that make them different. The colours of peoples skin is far less of concern, and with inter marriage you have changed the face of society. These developments were foreseen and out of it has emerged your multi-cultural societies. Many times you have had lives in various countries, and inwardly you are no strangers to the different religions and social differences. See how in these final years integration is becoming much easier because of your familiarity with them. If you can come together in Love and Light, there will be more of you likely to ascend, but in any event you must still desire to ascend, it must be your choice.

We put a lot of emphasis on Ascension, because that is what everything has been working towards. The energy of evolution has to have a goal, as otherwise your efforts would be aimless and non-productive. Fortunately that inner drive towards something many know not, is now becoming clear and we hope to have been part of the source that has clarified that information for you. The truth is something you measure against your own intuitive feelings, and that will remain so until a greater truth is found. We would say that when so much is in turmoil you do not know what to think but hold fast to your beliefs, and as the Light grows stronger it will enlighten those of you who are awakening.

You have gone through some remarkable experiences since you came into this century, and fortunately you have woken up to what has been happening. Through your remarkable resolve to change the path of Mankind, you have successfully overcome the advance of the dark forces. Not only that, you have set the dark back so that they cannot retrieve their position. From now on it is all change and the restoration of Man to his rightful standing as a free soul. For our part we are present wherever your future is being discussed, and we ensure that proceedings are open and above board. We can and will overshadow our allies if necessary, to direct the outcome in a beneficial way to you all. This is vital where your military are concerned as the dark influences are harder to remove, and complete success will not be achieved until world peace is announced. Be it known that we are in contact with your leaders, and they have been warned that certain conduct will not be allowed that seriously endangers you. There are plans to utilise the forces of war, so that they can be used in peaceful pursuits.

Our presence is the controlling force that operates from a distance to keep you heading towards Ascension. Be quite certain in your minds that the Dark Ones are no respecters of your rights, and would trample all over them to achieve global power. However, do not dismay or be fearful as the situation is within our control, and we shall with your help emerge victorious to claim the victory for the Light. Get behind those who represent you and show a leaning towards the Light, as they will be your chosen ones to move into positions of authority when the right moment arrives. The Heavenly Lords of Karma have not been idle and have weighed events, so that you can safely rise up and enjoy the remaining years of this cycle.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and emphasising the point that you are far from alone in your battle for your freedom. It will be a gradual reversal of what has gone before, and President Obama is already busy arranging the legal presentation that is necessary. It cannot be undone overnight, but will gather momentum very soon. There is now more Light shining into high places, and it will energise many people into action that will feel safer to come forward. Your media has not yet been freed from control, and your best source of news is your Internet. However, beware of disinformation sites, as the dark will always try to confuse you. I leave you with my blessings and energy of love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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