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April 23, 2009

(As I tuned in , the pastel pink was present and very soothing. A smile of calm washed over my face)

Good morning … if you are there! As I was going to bed last night I felt you wanted to say something but I didn’t have the energy to channel. This morning I feel the same … is there something you need to say?

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: We thank you for adhering to our call.

BLOSSOM: Suddenly I could sleep!

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: You have learnt much whilst working with us and know that this is simply our energy as it visits you. It will ‘simmer down’ as we begin to unfold our words to you.

BLOSSOM: Which are?

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Beware of false prophets.

BLOSSOM: Whah! That’s a bit full on for you guys. I shall stop interfering and allow you to continue.

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Many thanks. Your internet machines are exploiting much from that which is not Truth. It is confusing many  … and many are becoming full of fear because of all that is so called ‘foretold’. To clear matters up from our point of view and our perspective on things we would care to mention a few things that appear to have been distorted by others who believe they are following Truth and yet are possibly doing much damage.

When we say to you we come in Truth … in Truth is how we come for we know of nothing else. This you are aware of Blossom. What we choose to divulge to those who read your communications with us is for a very specific purpose.  It is our agenda to allow Love to take hold within each one so that fear cannot. However … we step in, in this manner, because it seems that although many KNOW they themselves are of LOVE they are also allowing the fear of different channellings that they indulge in to supercede that which is of Love. If one continues to allow this to happen, if one continue to feed that energy of fear then it shall grow stronger and stronger. This is not within our required plans for planet earth. Do people not see that every thought that goes out in/through fear is one little iota more to fuel that negative energy?  It is imperative IN THESE TIMES to remember who you are. You cannot do this with your minds, but you CAN do it with you hearts. They tell you who you are when you live in LOVE and let go of fear. It is through recalling your ‘self’ that your strength will come and we say to you … NOTHING will be able to make you afraid when you stand in this TRUTH of yourself … FOR IT IS FEARLESS. We talk with you this day dear Lady to simply stress this point.

BLOSSOM: And I have to say I do feel and impressing urgency about this message though, as if you needed to say it ‘TODAY’ as opposed to later in the week. Is there reason for this?

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Yes. And this reason is becoming more and more apparent to us … as it will do to yourselves. Be vigilant. Be on guard of your mind thoughts as you are learning to let go of them. It has such affect when you release this feeling of uneasiness and exchange it with a feeling of easiness. Allow everything you think, say and do, to be thought said and done with ease dear friends. Do you not see that as the time draws closer to the massive events and changes that are surely to arrive then there will be the lower vibration clinging on in desperation not to lose itself and it will try every trick in the book to create a fear within as many as it can grasp.


We have concern that so many of you are falling into the trap of apathy. The current times on your planet are spreading much fear into the hearts and souls of many of you.


BLOSSOM: Excuse me butting in, but did I pick up on the right word there?   ‘Co- ordinates’

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: We believe we have it right all though it might be misinterpreted. Co-ordinates/ coordination.

BLOSSOM: Co- ordination …making different people or things work together for a goal …. That would make sense. Co ordinates? Not sure how that fits in with what you are saying.

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: And yet we say ‘both’ our correct.

BLOSSOM: Then I shall leave it be. You say ‘false prophets’, I can only assume that you are asking us as individualsl to be discerning regarding the matter which we choose to read and believe.You say believing is different from knowing. I understand that because my knowing just knows.  I often question my beliefs. Many would ask how one would know what/who to believe. There are so many possible different scenarios leading up to 2012. Many get confused and afraid.


BLOSSOM:  To be honest … I just let it go! When 2012 comes I will know. We don’t even know what may happen to us this afternoon … I try to live each moment at a time. From what White cloud and your good selves have taught me , I just try to do the best I can …  living down here … which I have chosen to do right now …  so best to try and make the most of it. I am aware that we have chosen to be here at this time and White Cloud said we should appreciate it, as there were many that were not so privileged. So I can hardly think that millions of us chose to come down here in order to assist the human race into ‘falling into the darkness’. Simply not my scene thanks. Therefore I can only assume we came here with great excitement to assist in bringing about this enormous transition. A change for the greater good. That is why we all get so excited is it not?

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: You must ACCEPT that you are a force of great might on your earth plane. If you do not accept this the plans in place would not prevail. By BEING this force it allows the progress of the programme to hasten. If you choose to live in fear it deters efforts of greatness.

Our haste and urgency is to assist you in understanding that the time is NOW. And because the time is NOW there will be opposition at work in its fullest strength. Its point will be to bring destruction. Your point is to not let this take place.

You feel it is so difficult. We accept that we are not resonating in the same frequency  as you ‘earthlings’, and that it is more difficult to keep smiling through in these times. Yet we say to you … Do not make it difficult for yourselves. How else can we offer you this same advice?

Come from LOVE … Only LOVE at all times.  IT IS SIMPLE. We do not wish to underestimate the trials that some of you must undergo. This is not what we are saying. However what we ‘are’ saying is the sooner you ‘get it’ … the sooner you KNOW that LOVE conquers all … the sooner you will realise that this statement is True. For indeed, when your heart is only in LOVE, the strength and brightness this creates within your everyday living makes all the difference IN the world. So then dear friends, imagine if EVERYONE ‘gets it’, if EVERYONE came from that place of LOVE … what a difference it would make TO your world.

This is why we continually speak the way we do. We ask you to focus on a land of milk and honey. Not one of control, death and destruction.

BE WHO YOU ARE. Break through the cages you have been confined within. We come to serve you … yet we cannot serve in our fullest regard to those of you on earth who are willing to accept our assistance until you have ‘saved yourselves’.

BLOSSOM: From what?

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: From yourselves. This is not as easy to explain as we would desire it to be. We cannot encapsulate it in a nutshell.

BLOSSOM: I am at risk here of trying to flog your book … but I’ve taken risks before!!!! … a lot of what you said to me in The Bridge, when I first connected with you …   I feel explains about this ‘breaking free’. You have spoken about it in many ways. It’s as if we have allowed ourselves over many lifetimes to be prisoners to ourselves.  You have explained that WE are the ones that have allowed this to happen. Therefore WE are the ones that must change this.  We are the ones that must free ourselves.

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Indeed. And what you must KNOW is THAT is what you came down here to do. 2012 that so many of you, with all respect, have become obsessed with is all about that … FREEDOM! And yet until you allow yourselves to be of this, you cannot possibly KNOW just how deep inside those prison walls you have become.

BLOSSOM: And the way out is …. through LOVE.

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Many of you do not appreciate how simple this is. You complicate matters to the enth degree and then complain and moan that things are not going your way and what a terrible world you live in etc. Then CHANGE IT! YOU DO IT! FOR YOURSELVES … by coming from LOVE from your heart within each and every moment … within each and every circumstance. When you live this way, you would not be able to moan and complain, because LOVE does not know of this. Negativity in all its forms cannot and will not survive when everyone comes only from Love ... for it has no place to be.

BLOSSOM: The energy transformed into a calming … such … got to say it … LOVE!

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Dear friends, give yourselves up to this knowing and understanding. Surrender your beings to LOVE. Then and only then shall you understand what is taking place for you within and without.

In ways of tenderness spread these feelings of LOVE around your globe. Let this FEELING of LOVE enter down into the depths of your Mother Earth and out into the skies of your protection. Offer your services to those who are asleep and have lost their way. Many who appear lost are desperately seeking within themselves to find the path way home. Those who know the way … Show them ... Lead them. .. Guide them safely through. Each and every one of you is a part of each and every one of you. So help yourself.

For now , we wish to say, because we know there was a question that you were possibly going to ask (due to other’s curiosity) regarding exactly WHO we are and our connections with other galactic forces …

We feel it appropriate to simply BE of LOVE and offer our services to you in this way at this time. This is our choice and we ask you to respect it. The TRUTH of ALL shall be known at a time when it is necessary and desirable for the greater good. So we implore each heart that chooses to connect with us to simplify …

BLOSSOM: You want to say ‘the game’ don’t you?

FEDERACIÓN DE LA LUZ: Yes, those words you heard were correct, to simplify the game. Lighten up. Be of cheered minds and soul. You came here to be part of a beautiful unfolding plan that has never before graced your skies (?) .

We will leave you with this conundrum …

We are who we say we are, and yet, what you think we are … we are not.

BLOSSOM: Oh Cheers for that! Glad we got that crystal clear!!!

Thank you for today my friends. I feel wide awake now you’ve got all that out of your system!

You know… it really doesn’t matter who you are does it?  I don’t know what you look like, where you are from, where you are going, how many you are, if you eat, if you laugh, if you play … but one thing I DO KNOW … is you are kind enough to share with me/us wisdom that seems to make so much sense. Why is it that right now I am sobbing? Not because I am sad … but because you touch my heart … because I am filled with an overwhelming feeling inside of me , and the only way I can release it , is these tears. And yet, they simply are tears of LOVE. That’s the only way I know how to put it. You sometimes fill me with such a deep feeling of LOVE and I leave you now, or you leave me, not being able to make sense of anything … for there is no need. I KNOW at this moment that LOVE simply IS and that KNOWING is just there … making me cry!

Golden Rays up to you from little me down here.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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