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World Cup Peace Wave


As the attention of the world is focused on the soccer world cup games in South Africa for the next few weeks, we ask that before each match, for just ONE minute, that each one of us holds the clear intention for peace, safety and integrity for South Africa, Africa and the world.

By doing this, we are raising our collective consciousness by beaming love, integrity and peace through our hearts, thereby creating a massive WAVE OF PEACE that will sweep away all forms of negativity, changing and uplifting mass consciousness around the world. This is the perfect time to do this.

IMAGINE THE POWER BILLIONS OF MINDS FOCUSING ON PEACE AND INTEGRITY!! Take a moment before each match – and there are 64 matches – even if you are not watching the matches, and “tune in” to this integrity and peace wave. Just feel love and peace in your heart for one minute – that’s all it takes. Scientists have proven the power that group minds have to change what they are focusing on.

LET’S CREATE A PEACE WAVE throughout South Africa, throughout every other country, throughout the whole world. Can you imagine what a change you can make, we can make, doing this together. Let’s capitalize on this unique opportunity to contribute to a safe, secure, joyous event that will send positivity all around the globe. We can all perform MADIBA Magic!!!!

Please participate and pass this on to each and every person you know, all over the world ……. And CREATE THE INTEGRITY AND PEACE WAVE.

Thank you.


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