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Wanderer of the Skies - May 25, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

Hello to all who are doing service for us at this time. We send our love and energy to you. We wish to address a certain question raised by factions among you regarding the time line. Yes, there is no way to make a determination with certainty about disclosure. We here are only using our best judgment given the wider information and resources we have available to us about these matters. We cannot control how your governments and individuals make these decisions and how they implement them. Though we could easily do so, it is not of the higher order. These decisions are made by human beings with all the human frailties that come along with your third dimension density. But we are reasonably assured that there is an announcement coming soon that is the gateway to the disclosure process.

We have monitored many conversations involving the power elite in your countries and have done so for a very long time now. We are encouraged by the conversations we are hearing and the diminishment of the Illuminati’s discussions on sabotage. In fact, those conversations have become a trickle. They are replaced now by a certain calm determinacy that this must occur and those who have to do it must bravely move forward to accomplish the task. We have assured those in power that they have our blessings in moving forward in this respect.

The volcanic eruption was a minor adjustment by Gaia in her efforts to “fine tune” the processes she must undergo prior to ascension. We expect no more such activity for a short while in this aspect.

Watch the European business conference for signs that they are discussing disclosure. There is already talk among them of patenting certain already existing technologies so as to capitalize on them once disclosure occurs. They cannot take into account our dissemination of these technologies directly to the people and the people will not allow any more the blind profitization on what is to be freely for the people. One of these technologies will be the devices to “playback” all those discussions that are to be used as proof in your world courts. Use all these technologies wisely and they will greatly benefit all of you.

Smile, for you are of the light and have been invited to be cosmic citizens. There is a great deal of excitement here as we wish very much to show you all the things that have been denied you and to welcome you as visitors to our cultures and societies for those who wish to learn. Be ready, be joyous and

Be at peace.

Comment from one of our readers:

"Wonderer of the skies.. the messages which come with your help are so wonderful!! I read all the channelings here.. but most of all I resonate with the messages from Salusa and now definitely with those from you. Quite different as feeling :)
Regards to all of the team of Galactic channelings! ;)
Lula" (May 26, 2011)

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