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Wally - SaLuSa, November 13, 2013

You now find yourselves in your current life situations having had much promises from us, and to your credit many still work for light and love having only seen soft disclosure and not an official announcement, but in some ways whispers told everywhere are more effective, and the delay has allowed more time for soul-searching and for each of you to take care of their own back yard. As ever our promises remain solid as a rock, even if some have become frustrated waiting for the changes, and can add that we have not been idle and all this time been working to stave off the worst of earth changes.

People are well and truly tired of the current system and are being pushed out of it by a sense of revulsion and are instead being called to look pass the pillars of duality and to try to probe the zero point. When complete it will be your graduation out of duality, birthing the rising Kundalini, with a remembering of the feminine Shakti energy, as a bodily skill.

Many feel let down by the latest suppression and gagging of the United Kingdom’s Media by a Royal Charter. Which seeks to silence whistle-blowers. Namely that of The Guardian Newspaper source Edward Snowden, which has published leaks about invasive NSA surveillance. This is a blow to the truth movement and many may feel they can not go on, but this has been done in an unstructured and ill-conceived manner and this irregularity will be corrected and put right around the Christmas period. Freedom is always in season and this will be validated to you. Don’t concern yourselves with insignificant details as honesty and truth always win out over time.

What you see now is a pale reflection of the giddy highs that await you in higher dimensions, which now appear vague to your senses, if you were to remember the full glory of the higher realms it would leave you feeling heavy and incapacitated and wanting. There have been instances in the past where people have seen this for reference. One of those is where Master Jesus Ascended into the higher realms, which was a return home, As he descended into the 3rd dimension from the thirteenth, which is the ‘I AM’, that which observes all the 12 levels of awareness. You too have being given the transcendental tools and means to ferry humanity and yourself back to the source of all. You can Cross into this modality by sitting quietly and making your mind thoughtless in meditation, letting your inner child direct your thoughts, as many times your mind is a factory of ingenious distractions, we know this because the higher light makes everything transparent, with your world but one harmonic which stands in the multi-verse, and amongst the vastness of creation your prayers to God are clearly seen.

When all seems lost, you should stop, as although you may wade through feelings of the right and proper way things should be, you are not engulfed by them. You have been taught these things by your educational systems, which are an incubator to produce people only fit to feed the current Capitalist system. This is the official policy direction. Which is unfortunate for the future of humanity, if it were not that the distance to the kingdom of God is shortening.

The environmental impact of petrochemical pollution could weigh heavy on future generations, this will be study material to assess for future inhabitants of the earth, with winter and summer becoming hybridized, or like spring all of the time, also with conditions where food spoils easily, and increased wind and storms severely limiting where people can live, things will get more and more complicated with more painfully disturbing events.

The Dark long for another World War, but we are working in tandem with Mother Gaia to forever keep their desires in the doldrums. They play on unresolved and unexpressed feelings to set you against one another. This is the staple diet for their would be soldier. They blow up the importance of any little event as an excuse to pick a fight, and see everything in separate boxes which causes much disagreement.

Your Light body is being activated, and this brings with it a magnified sense of calm, with your dogmatic nature falling away, and this will create an atmosphere most pleasing. Religious dogma many times puts ideas and concepts in separate boxes, and if you give in to this drive you can become neglectful of important supporting work that needs to be carried out in the building of your temple within.

You are doggedly determined to leave the nest of the old and take flight into the new, and this new reality is expressly disapproving of all retaliation and reprisal, and your course is being corrected and bought back into alignment with God, as you are the bride awaiting marriage with higher consciousness. Your focus on the new is becoming decisive and commanding, this is only a drop or sample of what is available for you to receive, as you have been evaluated and found worthy to be given membership in the Galactic Federation of Light. We are highly adept at knowing the causes of disease and sickness and when you come aboard our mother-ships you will have access to our healing technology, and we have vast learning centres that many will fall in love with.

Dear Ones the ups and downs in your life have set your vision free to see past the pattern of your lives to reveal the unchanging truth of your God-self, which takes flight into form but always returns to the truth of itself, this realization engenders much growth. If you do not support inaccurate and simplistic generalizations of people and situations the pay-off will be whopping, and this will lead to beautiful policy’s and procedures, and remove belligerent and combative attitudes causing an end to the taking up of arms against one another. You have all done very well with the second rate resources available to you to bring about victory for the light, and at great cost we offer clemency to the Dark Ones.

Many stubbornly refuse to once again look to manage their individual lives, and instead cast a spell of self-deception as they go to and fro, in that they are requiring others to observe strict attention to rules and that everything must follow a specific sequence. This is accommodating and making allowance for others in a very claustrophobic and narrow way. You need to slow down your thought process and allow for a red herring, and also things you may perceive as unholy or irreligious.

Your world has swung to the side of light, and this has caused the Vatican to come under increased scrutiny, and with that comes the breaking of jurisdiction of admiralty law, and you will be freed to fly into the jobs you really love. Some engines and power generation will run on renewable fuels or bio-fuels, let there be light.

We have heard your call and rescue will be made of the lovelorn, as we are reconnecting both of your twin-souls or twin-flames and realigning both of your abilities to create in concert, overcoming any deficiency that weighs on you. Your happiness in this regard has been stolen and caused to be abnormal. This is being undone and your potency returned, you will be covered in your need for comfort and homeliness.

As we start our journey back to your society, it will be redeveloped in a hive of activity. The changes will bring people and nations closer together in an excellent and remarkable way. And add that you will have a fair Justice system, and it is still needed as some are still in a basic form of consciousness, where they lack good judgement. All tyranny will fall into suspension and revocation. You will have an assortment of awesome choices to pick from.

China will feature as bringing the needed breath of fresh air and clout to take your world beyond relying on oil, gas and coal. They are stimulating these changes overtly, so as to avoid inaccurate rumours. The new energy systems will be based on coming full circle and returning to Native people’s tribal knowledge and wisdom, with careful attention to details of protecting the earth, water and air, where all things are treated as sacred. Many are intimidated by just how far the current system is away from where it needs to be, but you will be surprised just how fast complex actions and events can take place. When complete will Bring a balancing of male and female energies.

We are unknown or forgotten by most of humanity, but have always been helping ward off evil that threatens to constrain your good nature, and you have demonstrated an abundance of serene confidence through these trying times.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you we consider drinking alcohol a poison, as we would fail in our duty to guide you if we did not tell you this, and know this may seem a hard imposition for some. These messages may seem outdated or like a weapon to some, but they are simply a hologram, like in a hall of mirrors, where your image is reflected over and over again, creating an illusion of ‘other’ or ‘multiple’ when there is only yourself. Many have suffered from a disease of silence while others rights and property were taken but this will be cleansed and purified with a light hand.

Thank You SaLuSa.

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