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Wally - SaLuSa, December 7, 2013

Peoples patience with the current world situation wears thin, and it will not take much to push them over the edge. Your authorities paper over the cracks with their make-shift measures, but as the old breaks down you a free to recapture a sense of self-control to carve out your life path, thereby rising above the confused muddle. Vast pleasant changes are on there way to you, and when we can meet with you there will be celebrations with all types of music played to mark your diversion from the downward path, and up to greater light, love and oneness.

Dear Ones we congratulate you in taking your first tentative steps to reclaim your freedoms from the ridiculous, absurd and ubiquitous legal system. You are now humbly but forcefully calling for virtually all of your rights afforded to your ancestors, by using the legal tools at your disposal to fight for Liberty and Justice for all, and this will bring about the ending and completion phase the current unbalanced legal system.

On That many refuse to look at such things as legal remedies and instead prefer to curl up in the nest of the familiar no matter how bad the situation may get. But persevere as we can hint that you are on the right path, when completed you will have the pride of a free and sovereign people. We can see out in the future that these legal remedies will make much headway. Whatever happens don't blame yourselves as you are working from a disability and have adapted what you can to make things workout. People are coming together that would not normally associate with each other in friendship and working to hastily bring about all the necessary changes.

You will be gifted with the psychic power of telekinesis and this may seem to make little difference per se, but rather has enormous value to reawaken and rebirth in you to the true nature of reality, which has been lost, thereby readjusting your perception.

Our Allies work to get the monies from the Saint Germain World Trust in your hands and when done will greatly enrich you. Then the regret of the past can be put away and you can give thanks for your new financial stability. People who favour uncompromising attitudes of an immoderate and excessive lifestyle will have important and perhaps difficult choices to make, as the previous chaotic unrestricted economic growth cycle of boom and bust gives way to a more sober and moderated cycle.

We ready and prepare ourselves to cross into becoming as one with you in a loving union, this needs much reflection. When we arrive we will show why your Political and Governmental systems have failed, and it is in part because of burying allot of resources in war. The Vatican looks to it's future with concern as much of the negativity that it created comes back to bite. We would say that this cycle or phase of the Church is coming to an end in it's current form and it is in line with the astrological influences, with the Stars lighting the way to a future of greatly expanded and diversified religious choices.

Much comes to light as people chatter, with a plausibility of different tones, nevertheless the weaving of illusions is being lit up like a neon sign as the light approaches. So we can see how the past is always interwoven with the future and how we are all connected and effect each other and a very deep level. The often sensational News stories about people in prominent positions are caused by these same ones own deplorable actions, and this will all lead to less fraudulence and dishonestly in your institutions. It may seem that you are engulfed in scandal but you will learn to find your emotional balanced once again. We remind you to stay in your heart and continue to share your love and kindness with others as the revelations of wrong doing continue to come out.

With That the Dark are unnerved as they see the way the wind is blowing, in that more and more people are starting to awaken to the total scale of corruption involved, and want to institutionalize those arrogant master minds of the chaos. Inadvertently they will be dealt with double on the same date. We are being cryptic here but you have to read between the lines as these ones are of a high order of contemptible persons. All are still loved even though some have lost their way.

People in positions of authority have discounted their sworn oaths to the people and need some help and advice regarding their untenable situation, as they are many times using their position to disenfranchise and take from those who they are sworn to serve, with the poorest suffering the most, those that do menial jobs, they are more often than not hiding how they feel from others and they do this to prevent themselves from being emotionally wounded, but it has the effect of shutting out help coming to them. Dear Ones the Divine Mother loves you deeply and wishes you to leave your safe shell and find the strength, speed, and endurance to take control over the direction of your lives, with determination to express your opinions and principals of living in total abundance. We have a specialized division of the Galactic Federation which are radiating Light to help empower your path. Be on the watch for the careless word that carriers a low vibration as even the smallest word will contain an increasing amount power as you raise up in vibration.

Dear Ones we are pleased Mike Quinsey has come out from retirement and has found a new charter. He will be the lead channel for SaLuSa messages from now on, this messenger has just been informed by coincidence at the time of channelling this message, and will now rest channelling future SaLuSa messages in order to not create conflict in the messages, and we give the green light and also give the energy to propel him forward. He has overcame with the help of his northwestern friends. *

What has been sealed away and completely isolated so long that it has become fabled will again be restored to mint condition, and you will be able to interact with it. This unknown or 'Event' (for lack of a better word), will pour away rebellion against the Father God, and will spread to all lighting the way, we are surveying you for the facilitation of this process. Those who will be chosen be given an etheric badge to indicate their choice to return home the the higher dimensions .

We have told the same story many times and we thank you from your persistent faith in us. Some information has been lost in translation to what the channellers regard as fashionable and contemporary, and has made it excessively burdensome to communicate with you, but these messages create rebirth of your imagination and perception nonetheless and we are happy people take to them with an insatiable appetite. Their real value is to throw pebbles into your lake of illusion to let you see your true self as an embodiment of God, and which same illusion dampens down.

You will be given safe passage from childhood to full consciousness. You are learning self-responsibility for your actions, as you have had to endure endless maltreatment at the hands of the Astral parasite Archons, which have persuasively manipulated you into feeling negative emotions so they can feed off them, and you should be informed that they are planing fresh attacks on you, but we are bagging them up and putting them away in a secure storage place. You can help by energizing your Christed love light, this will send them away for good.

Many have become blasé about Walmart and other low income workers being hired without regard to their membership of a labour union, this was the bright idea of the directorship and it is very negative and decisive as a mainstay of their policy, this will soften and be lost with time. These companies claim virtue but demonstrate hypocrisy by their actions. In the future your society will nestle up to a more communal out look, where all are loved and their needs taken care of.

A storm of emotion gathers as the new higher energies of love and light meet what remains of fear and separation. This will bring a rebalancing and carve out a new flight path. You will be thenceforth well-off. You are being seeded with higher thought forms to expand your consciousness so you can uphold and carry the New-age. It is also detoxing the darkness from you. This was all seen long ago that you would fall then transition into higher consciousness, and if we allowed events to play out all of the changes would be of benefit.

If you can learn to become adept at mastering your emotions, thoughts and physical body there will be no need to partake of alcohol with no problems of dependency on it. This Christmas you can enjoy the festivities hugely and lovingly without taking a drop of alcohol and the desire will subside. This will save you from any mishaps concerning staying safe during the holidays as you will keep your wits about you at all times. At this time of year many opposites and contradictions that have been held back surface, and integrating them into one will take unbridled creativity and a bit of gusto as this will effect your standard of living. You can counter what is deemed trendy when you feel fenced in by social pressures, by which hostility is sent your way when not conforming, these behaviours proceed from the primitive brain.

You can cross the bridge into contacting us, which is done through a process of quantum entanglement, which connects us all. So you can feel confident you will get a return reply to a question. It will be slow at first and will be received inside you. Let the information pop into your head giving no time for preparation, and become receptive and allowing, then the information will flow. This process of entanglement your scientist have discovered, is really the force of immense unconditional love that binds us all together as one, and will cast light upon anything you wish to know.

Many Dear Souls have hit rock-bottom and then found the ability to renew, revitalize, and regenerate their physical and emotional self. By necessity the ordinary has had to disguised the extraordinary. Your eyes are now opened to new and unexpected opportunities around you. Your lower self or baser nature has found it's limits as you rediscover your heart, which brings all the disparate parts of you together again and rolls them up into one. This allows for the examination of the past with distasteful feelings coming up so you can see what still serves you and then clean out your emotional house, which will make space for the new to come in. We tell you No matter how small your efforts are to create light and love it has a huge effect as you are reshaping all you see around you.

Those with Reptilian characteristics of treacherous and predatory behaviour toward others, will leave your plane of existence and will not be allowed to ever incarnate here again. Those who have made honest mistakes for lack of knowledge and always acted out of love for others to the best of their ability, will be free to live and flourish on this beautiful planet of yours. This will be encoded as an automatic behaviour of the space around your planet, they will be expelled and extruded in a very active and lively way. In this we act as emissary from the Creator to send the message that what has been done here is irreconcilable. Their seemingly carefree demeanour are only superficial.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and till we can meet with you keep up your spirits. We are aware of the chemtrails continuing to get worse and are moving to cleanse them and make them harmless. Your world will return to flourishing abundance and it will be just as you collectively deem it to be, when you return to being in alignment with the divine plan for you, and you will not need to look too hard to see as all will be covered.

Thank You SaLuSa.


My love and best wishes go out to Mike, and happy he is feeling better.

The Latest SaLuSa message through Mike Quinsey is here.

(*) SaLuSa has told me to take a break and give Mike some space. The messages are dowsed which takes a long time about 2-3 days and was already halfway through this weeks message when I found out about Michael coming out of retirement, also not to sure what 'northwestern' means? I think it's Canada as it is mostly north west to the UK. I will still channel messages for those interested but just from other Star Beings.

Love and Light.

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