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David Icke - The Truth Vibrations

David Icke - The Truth Vibrations


David Icke:

Twenty years ago, one of the first things a came across after I met that psychic, a constant theme was there of a vibrational change that was coming, that was going to wake humanity up from its coma, its sleeping beauty state. And the other thing was that this energetic change was going to bring to the surface all that had been hidden from humanity. And there was no sign of either at the time, but the theme was so powerful that I called this new energetic state the truth vibrations. In fact, the first book I ever wrote after my awakening, or mind explosion, was called Truth Vibrations, after this energetic change. That was 20 years ago, right from the start. But as these 20 years have passed, I have seen the truth vibrations, demonstrably more and more with every passing year awaking more and more and more people to a much more expanded perception of self in the world.

Itís happening, and itís happening faster and faster on an exponential curve, and then you look at what we knew and feel about what was going on in the world - the manipulation and all the background, what did we know 20 years ago and what do we know now, what do we know more every hour, day, week - that is that all thatís remained hidden will be brought to the surface. Thatís what I was telling 20 years ago and itís happening! What I suggest is, I merely want people to just feel when they think about it, is that what we are going through, that there is talk about this vibrational base construct which is coming out of the black holes, that is now very powerfully in the process of changing its vibrational state, wherein this caÖ.. of how it was, the suppressed, the limited. So as this energy changes it is triggering different photon information from the Suns, in this case our Sun, and so people are starting to, those more open to it first, to decode a different base information construct. And what that is doing is changing their perception as we decode and move into a different era. If you put information on a software disc, it would manifest that on the screen. If you change the information on the software disc, there is no way that itís going to manifest the same stuff on the screen. You just change the basic information construct of which that screen is a projection. So, whatís on the screen must change. And what we are doing is, we are going through this period now, a fantastic energetic change, and we are moving more and more into a new epoch of expansion, of harmony, of love, of understanding, of awareness, all the things that people call utopia, we are moving into it.

And this is why Iím saying in the book, and Iíve been saying this for years too, to be fair, is that it is no coincidence, but itís at this time of all times, that the control system is throwing the kitchen sink, the plug and everything at us. It wants microchips at birth, it wants, and itís getting, chemical infestation and chemical unbalancing the body to the infestation of chemicals in food, the electromagnetic microwave soup that itís creating all around us, that is effecting us electrochemically. And if it unbalances that it is unbalancing us vibrationally. And how they are wishing more and more control, more and more suppression, more and more surveillance. The surveillance stop is not for the general population, it is for those people waking up and can see it and want do something about it. And they are throwing the stuff at us now, genetically modified food, what is that designed to do? Genetically modify us!

And, what the whole kind of totality about it is, itís trying to batten down the hatches against this vibrational change to stop it effecting humanity in terms of ďsleeping beauty gets kissĒ in a way that will most powerfully awaken humanity to a new perception of self in the world which will bring the control system down because that ignorance of all those things is what holds it together. We are standing now in the house of cards together, once we sought that whatís going on and we start to realize who we really are - not Jo Public, not David Icke, not Ethel Jones, infinite consciousness, having an experience as David Icke and Ethel Jones, etc. - suddenly the power dynamics move!

And they are desperately terrified of that happening. Well, Iím sorry guys, you know, this is the situation I would suggest. The energetic information epoch on which the control system has been developed and founded, and of course we are seeing it now because it is so desperate to batten down the hatches, itís had to break the surface an become more obvious. But itís been controlling, subliminating all along, it wanted to keep that. It wanted to keep that subliminal control. No one is questioning it, no one is challenging it, what a piece of cake this is! Now because people are waking up and they can see down the timeline and they knew this was coming, they have timed this control system barrage to try to keep the lid on this. They canít. They canít. Weíre are now at a gotspe, therefore there is lotís of this, because this is now fading out but itís still there and trying to hang on. This is coming in more and more with every day and every hour, it is going to transform this reality from a prison to a paradise. And we are going to see this control system coming down.

And what I am saying is, is that the black holes vibrate a frequency. A base frequency of this reality. And that frequency, depending on what it is, triggers the Suns, to elicit and project photon information, encoded information which we then decode into this reality thatís basically the waveform vibration level, the metaphysical units, you know, that manifest themselves into these form of photons, which are information. And then through the vibrational, the 5 senses through the electrical, through the digital into the holographic, we manifest that information here. Itís in effect exactly the same principal theory as the wider sentiment.

And people can choose to stay in this epoch,which is a dying epoch, itís energetic construct is being dismantled. I would like to say when that ceases to be, the holographic expression ceases to be. You know, you take the control system of the software disc and it isnít on the screen anymore. And this vibrational change is whatís doing it. These people are desperate. You know, they are walking around and say ďOh, weíre in control, itís just a done dealĒ. You know, whistling in the dark. Wishful thinking. But we can play a part to make this change easier and less traumatic if we get off our back sides, we disconnect them from the sofa, and start to express ourselves and become expressions of this energetic change within holographic reality. And the more people that do that, the more resistance there is to the control system, the less extreme it is going to be by the time it comes down. And if we donít do that than itís coming down, but is itís going to go further along the road and the next few years itís going to seem like the control system isnít coming down and itís suddenly ďbangĒ, itís going to collapse because itís energetic foundation is over. Itís an epoch change, and these guys better get used to it, you know, they think they are in control. You must be joking!

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