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December 29, 2009

5 Ben, 16 Mol, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come again with much to discuss with you. In previous messages we briefly delineated the make-up of our Earth allies and of the last dark cabal. The latter is a predominantly American entity with associates spread across the globe. This group is heir to the policy of skullduggery and deceit that the illuminari perpetrated under the command of your former off-world masters, the Anunnaki. This set-up changed when the Anunnaki decided to make peace with the Galactic Federation in mid 1994, drastically altering the distribution of power on your planet and sparking a deeply entrenched internecine war that continues to this day. It is important for you now to have more background on this conflict so that you can better comprehend what is happening on your world. Until the Anunnaki switched sides, they monitored the discords among their minions very closely to ensure that one side dominated, but not to the extent of outright supremacy. This point of power was retained by the Anunnaki in order to keep ultimate control over their ever-squabbling henchmen.

Once the Anunnaki left, the illuminari factions engaged in a pitched battle to acquire the decisive dominance that was previously impossible to obtain. The American corporate-led cabal was the first to make its move by physically imposing its control through a series of political, military, and financial moves. This strategy was meant to peak shortly after 'winning' the election of 2000. A base for sweeping political and military moves was created by taking more direct control of the United States government. The first of these acts involved illegally seizing a large amount of money from the US government and using it to conduct a massive worldwide assault on the other illuminari factions. This led to the 9/11 attacks, the subsequent 'announced' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a number of 'undeclared' wars in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The fulcrum for these actions was the great American banks centered on the privately held US Federal Reserve banking system. In the first years of this strategy a number of initial successes were realized.

But a basic financial weakness was there from the start: The American economy was undermined by a number of conservative regimes which allowed their corporate cronies' greed to run amok. This weak point was countered by a special government fund that was part of the illuminari Trusts reorganized and set up after the conclusion of WW II. Taking control of this USA Trust was one of the prime objectives of the American dark cabal. Another essential element was the UFO cover-up, which is in many ways the core issue for this cabal. Now armed with growing control of the USA corporate government, this faction is determined not only to defeat those who oppose it but also to keep at bay the ongoing UFO presence. The other illuminari factions understand full well the changes happening to you and the destined first contact with us. They cooperate with us and a structure for formal liaisons is in full swing between us. Meetings are held daily to determine the timing and dates of the UFO disclosure conferences.

The first task is to take down the American dark cabal. It has plundered Mother Earth for decades and caused a widespread ecological extinction process to begin, leading to the death of entire species of trees, plants, and animals. This is a harbinger for the massive changes to be wrought by Mother Nature when the time comes for her to return to full consciousness. As we watch these changes, we see your planet as well as the solar system sounding the alarm for a great turn toward the Light. The merciless dark faction refuses to accede to this urgency and to permit a wholesale realignment of the Anunnaki's former minions. It remains obdurate in maintaining the past as a way to control the future, a most unwise proposition given the circumstances. You are embarked upon a period of huge change which is to intensify. If this transition is to be smooth, a global distribution of power needs to be reestablished, in which one rogue faction is unable to hold the rest hostage as is the case at present.

What this amounts to is the need for a new economic, financial, and political system. Basic agreements between nations and various organizations are in place and can produce the required results. These accords began with the Agreements of 1998 between our Earth allies and us. Since then a number of items were added which clarified issues and established new governmental structures. The overall thrust concerns global abundance, peace, and universal individual and national sovereignty. We wish to make it clear that this is not about setting up a new global congress to rule your world, but about paving the way for first contact, which remains the ultimate objective. A transitional reality is to facilitate a whole host of events that are to prepare you completely for contact. We continue to monitor your reactions to us and these indicate a level of fear in you that still needs to be fully addressed.

When we took on this mission we fully understood what we were getting into. You have been manipulated by fear for eons and are deeply xenophobic toward anything slightly different from you. Except for a small minority you are very resistant to change. Heaven knew all this and set about to transform those factors which control you. The first was to encourage the electronic age and the next was to raise your consciousness. These prerequisites were carried out between 1960 and the present. The advent of your atomic age in the 1940s brought both the Light and the dark to your shores to observe how your primitive technology was being used. Then came the encounters between your governments and the dark Anchara Alliance in the early 1950s. Our overtures at the time were ignored but we knew that this hostile milieu was set to change during the ensuing decades.

The present period is about the secret battle raging between this American dark corporate cabal with its many global partners and those seeking to turn around this unfair and unsound set-up. This conflict has brought most of your world to its knees, and worse is to follow in the beginning of your next Gregorian year! We therefore deem it essential to have our Earth allies quickly resolve whatever is preventing the next steps from immediately manifesting. Your suffering over the last year, as the last dark cabal wreaks its final havoc upon you, is intolerable to us. Our liaison teams are reaching a point where we both feel that an even greater degree of intervention is called for so that the immediate period can be used to achieve our pre-contact goals. It is definitely time to move this entire scenario forward to victory!

Our momentum toward contact cannot be stalled much longer. First contact is needed if only to level the playing field and give the Light on your world a means to end the deadlock of the previous decade and a half of waiting for the right time to act. We understand your xenophobia and know it is often hard to reverse long-standing erroneous beliefs. However, we know intuitively that you need a game-changer moment to allow you to move swiftly to your victory. We ask you to come together now and courageously acknowledge what it may take to move forward. Many things are to break loose to ensure that what we both want occurs. This is no time to expect anything less than a miracle! So, prepare yourself for success! The time is Now!

Today, we continued to expound on what is happening around you. A great force for change has enacted a program to squeeze out the dark from its traditional power bases and compel it to capitulate to the Light. The time for your part in this arrives. Let us together transform your reality and prepare this planet for contact! Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding before us. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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