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June 29, 2010

5 Men, 18 Kayab, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return! Much is happening around your world. At present, the dark cabal is busy meeting and doing their best to stem an impossible tide of escalating debt and cumulative circumstances brought on by its arrogance, greed, and intractability. Each day we watch and listen to these rascals scheme and plot, and then put stratagems into play which only make things worse! Thus, their downfall approaches rapidly. Such an irrational way of operating can be pursued only so long before it kicks back on the perpetrators, and yet it is swiftly becoming the modus operandi of these dark ones. We watch them use what little leverage they still possess to keep up their incredible charade. The situation resembles a cartoon show in which a huge visual disconnect takes place between the top and the bottom of a person or thing, leaving the top hanging in mid-air. Now gravity and the Divine Plan are about to put paid to this curious effect in your affairs. We are expecting to see a most pronounced change very shortly, starting with the advent of the new caretaker regimes around the planet.

To elaborate a bit on this most peculiar state of affairs: the dark cabal clings compulsively and beyond all reason to power, and our Earth allies appear unable to strike the fatal blow that changes the entire situation at a stroke. However, all is not as it seems. Our Earth allies are moving forward swiftly with a number of diplomatic and legal procedures that are to finish off the remaining dark governments, and this is almost completed. We are told to expect some lightning-swift maneuvers designed to evict the remaining dark regimes. Then, the deliveries and announcements that follow are to be accompanied by the formal acknowledgement of who we are, and this includes a general readiness to have us assist in redressing many of your environmental crises. In preparation for this, we have met a number of times with several individuals who are to be the point men on these issues once the new regimes come to power. Together we have come up with the initial messages to be issued and the way to tackle each environmental crisis. This done, we await the impending collapse of your dark regimes.

One of the issues these dark regimes and their mainstream media cohorts like to hide from the public is the true composition of Mother Earth's crust. Her sub-surface stratigraphy is actually quite different from what is pictured in your geology books. There are enormous gas belts under the Caribbean Sea as well as beneath the mid-Atlantean, central Indian, and central Pacific Oceans. These gas belts, in the main, are found close to tectonic rifts, as in the Caribbean. This latter area has, from its inception, been one of the causal agents in the rapid subsidence of Atlantis some 13,000 years ago. These gas belts are now relatively dormant. Our geologists are monitoring these belts closely while also sending zero-point energies to calm and minimize any overt signs of activity. Your various oilrigs, which rest above these enormous belts, are in danger if even one of these hundreds of interconnected zones were to become active. We are therefore working very carefully to see that this eventuality does not happen.

As your climate moves deeper into change, the weather patterns get more severe, and this leads to our second area of concern. The Caribbean is noted for its hurricane season from mid-July to mid-September, the height of which is usually from early August to mid-September. As we are entering the leading edge of this envelope in a few weeks, we have deployed several meteorological missions to monitor and make adjustments when absolutely necessary. Before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill we knew that the changing conditions in your atmosphere indicated that a number of spots on your globe were going to birth more cyclones and hurricanes than normal. So far, this is occurring as expected. Such severe weather can increase the amount of havoc in the Gulf, and it will need to be somewhat stabilized without a lot of open intervention on our part. A visual display of this sort can create needless fears and rumors among the local populace.

Once the new regimes are in power, we can openly begin the various projects needed to resolve this oil spill and return the Caribbean to a more acceptable state. Until then, we have to ask you to use your influence to insist that many of the technologies that are available be employed in order to minimize the dangers imposed on you by the worsening spill. So far your pressure has resulted in technologies that can start this process, but this is only a start. Many more devices and oil-clean-up procedures can be brought into play. Take this time to educate your legislators, local Gulf coast officials, and others that more needs to be and can be done to alleviate the degradation of the shoreline as well as the plants and animals that are being so blighted. This oil spill is a perfect example of the chaos that has permeated your world and which is nearly bringing your global societies to their knees.

This growing chaos is serving as an interregnum between the reality that you think of as "normal" and the new one that is waiting to transform your world. The new reality has begun to show itself in the awakening of multitudes around your globe every day. These newly awakened ones are ready and willing to accept what is required to build a new reality. Everywhere, your global population is demonstrating its weariness of what the dark has done to enslave and manipulate people. Literally hundreds of millions of you are searching for something better. The ever-decreasing living standards in Europe and in North America are an example of what irks so many of you. Others are aware of the way certain technologies capable of improving living-conditions, aiding your environment, and providing a way out of your present difficulties are being denied you.

We have long watched your societies be no more than fodder for the dark. Now Heaven has decreed that this mindlessness be stopped and that a new, more conscious society become the norm. But the dark has rejected Heaven's decree. Certain actions are now underway that were first begun around four decades ago. When we arrived here some two decades back, we were told to contact certain individuals and groups that were behind these types of reforms. As we did so, we discovered the extent of the control imposed on your world by the Anunnaki. We met with the main council of the Anunnaki in early 1992 and informed them that a first contact operation was near. This soon led to a confrontational meeting with the Anchara Alliance liaison teams of the Anunnaki, in which we informed them of Heaven's firm stipulations for this sacred world.

So began a series of discussions that lasted nearly three years and which ended when the Anchara peace decree was announced in 1995. These decrees changed everything. We were now talking directly and frequently to the dark's on-planet minions once the Anunnaki decided to withdraw and return to their bases at the edge of your solar system. And we are talking to them still! But now the time has come for action; events are to happen that will change your reality and start you on the final journey to first contact and full consciousness. Do not allow the surrounding turmoil to throw you off focus. You are about to experience many wonderful things. So be prepared and know that some of these will be unexpected. Enjoy the journey!

Today, we continued with our ongoing discussion. Much is ready to manifest. We wish to emphasize the need for you to be prepared for anything. Mother Earth wants to do a few things prior to her large-scale surface changes. So be courageous, and ready to be all that you are capable of Being. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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