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January 26, 2010

7 Imix, 4 Yax, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say about your world and your journey to full consciousness. At this moment we are fully engaged with our Earth allies in completing those paths which are to bring in a new reality. The current difficulties involve a final, signed dismissal order for two major governments and agreeing on who is to oversee these dismissals. These matters are being negotiated by our liaisons. Deliveries are to be carried out once these few remaining hurdles are properly resolved. In addition, we are working with other governments and our Earth allies to put the finishing touches on the global debt forgiveness program. The intent here is to create a clean financial slate in order to enable the immediate institution of the new financial system. This means that a whole load of national currencies needs to be collected and reissued by the respective nation's treasury. The complex specifics of each step are being accounted for and are awaiting the activation factor-the global deliveries of your many prosperity programs.

As we work diligently toward creating a more peaceful and cooperative setting for your world, Mother Earth continues to prepare for the massive changes that are needed to become a functioning, fully conscious planet. Many of her tectonic plates need to be locked into place and a significant amount of seabed needs to rise. These are the causes of major quakes in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans, and over the past decade these natural disturbances have raised the seabed in the areas around the sunken continents now at the bottom of these oceans. This process is to be accelerated, prompting us to advise each affected government of the dangers of further delaying the many regime changes that are so urgently needed for the peoples of your world. Your deteriorating environment has both natural and man-made causes that are placing you in a considerable predicament. Most of the multinational corporations and international financial institutions are behind these misbegotten delays.

The present dire global conditions are in fact what these corporations want. Acting through them, your dark cabal is determined to strengthen its power, its wealth, and most of all, its influence over your world's governments. It can finance and carry out dark projects which threaten your planet and her people. These projects are responsible for fleets of exotic space craft and advanced space and ground weaponry, and the secrecy surrounding them reinforces the need to cover up our existence and the consciousness transformation that you are going through. A special branch of this cabal is dedicated to shooing us away by making it ever more difficult to carry out any form of first contact with you. The dark is jealous of its power over you and wants no one to free you from your shackles. The avarice and arrogance of this cabal is demonstrated by the cavalier way it treats the current world economic blow-up. You are sitting in the eye of a huge economic storm that is strengthening by the day, and soon the next series of crises are to hit you full on when your world moves back into this horrific maelstrom.

Your leading economists and futurists comprehend that a significant amount of change in the world system is desperately needed. Even if what is secretly being prepared were not yet in place, something similar to the Earth allies' plans would be required. The value of the planned changes lies not just in their timing; they have another reason for being: This reality is changing in consciousness. The ancient peoples of your world who studied the skies and were occasionally advised by errant Anunnaki, such as Tahuti (Egyptian god of time) or in his Greek form as Thoth, knew that a time of great change was approaching, in which the repositioning of the galactic core would coincide with the time when the present full precessional cycle of nearly 26,000 years was completed. This cycle began when the mother continent of Lemuria sank beneath the waves, and the imminent completion of this cycle implies that Lemuria and other lost continents are to reappear.

The rise of several landmasses in your oceans indicates that your planet's journey through the realms of darkness is to end. Put another way: The time of limited consciousness is to be transformed into a time of full consciousness. Everywhere on your planet this accelerating move toward change can be observed: The living atmosphere, the sacred lands, and the ever-changing seas are transforming; the greatest extinction since the Permian one some 250 million years ago is well underway; the atmosphere is morphing; the various "temperature conveyer belts" in your oceans are shifting. All this change makes your world extremely fragile. Also, Mother Earth is enormously affected by your ongoing material, and especially electronic, pollution. It is essential that you view your technology as in need of a giant fix-one that provides a new source of electricity and even a different type of electricity.

Your world is at an unavoidable crossroads. The way your societies are governed is very important. Another concern is the nature of your power supplies and the kind of electricity you use in your devices. We address these points for a reason. As we just stated, Mother Earth has entered a very fragile state as indicated by the big earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and changing weather patterns. This implies that a series of large-scale changes is now also required on your part, beginning with how you are governed. Government needs to reflect the will of the people, and for this to happen, the powers-that-be need to be moved off-center. This is what our Earth allies are working all out to effect. The time has come to move toward a dynamic and efficient working-model for people power that goes way beyond mere mob rule.

The foundation stone of this reform is a proper mass education system. Another essential component is an available and concerned citizenry. What we mean by "available" are individuals who have the time, interest, and capability to offer informed and viable solutions to the major problems of the day. Time needs to be available to them to petition the legislature personally and to put on populist pressure to get the legislation you want passed into law. Eventually, these forms of governance can be altered by the fully conscious body politic into a format more in step with galactic society. This is all in the near future. Until then, what is needed is to reconnect with government and make it more responsive to your needs. The power of the dark cabal must be broken, and to this end, the quiet revolution is at hand and ready to manifest.

So, to recap: Your dark cabal is at death's door and many courageous individuals and groups are putting the final touches on a plan to transform your world. Meanwhile the cabal is busy deploying some of the exotic arsenal that it possesses and this we are monitoring very closely. The Earth is fragile and needs a range of technologies that are interdimensional in scope to assist her to transition to full consciousness. These technologies are to turn your present science on its head; indeed, some of these you have already but they are hidden away by your cabal. Moreover, a belated paradigm shift in these areas is going on under the dark's radar and is about to coalesce along with your prosperity, thus averting an unspeakable global economic collapse.

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world and with Mother Earth. This time of mounting chaos is the forerunner of an incredible world of miracles, which includes the changes planned by our Earth allies and those that arrive as a by-product of first contact. Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding around us. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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