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February 23, 2010

9 Muluc, 12 Zac, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We are back with more things to share with you! At this moment, a great deal of activity is happening around your world. The final touches are being made to the way a number of governments are to change. In addition, the announcements that herald the new gold-based currency system are also being finalized. These activities indicate to us that the grand transformation of your global society is ready to manifest. We have watched these actions over the past few years move steadily forward, and now that the preliminaries are concluded, the changes long needed by your many societies are about to happen. We are presently securing the logistics which allow the new governments to present you with the formal release of a parade of long-suppressed technologies, ranging from ways to clean up your environment to maglev planes that can move passengers and materials swiftly to any point on the planet in under an hour. These devices terminate the age of oil and fossil fuels, and yet they constitute only a beginning of what is to come!

You are entering an age of full consciousness. In this reality the things that you consider "normal" for the most part fade away. You enter a realm of great knowledge and wisdom, and in this environment you become a Being able to manifest what you truly need when you need it. Here, the way you experience your existence can be considered dreamlike and is lived with gusto and glee! When this next period of your 3-D reality manifests, you are to be in transition mode. All of you will know decisively that we exist and that you are on a course to becoming fully conscious. This means that you are in training to better comprehend what this implies. It is then that we can intervene fully and explain a great many subjects that you are not yet aware of. This body of wisdom is a prerequisite for completing this transition. Heaven and we eagerly await the time when these teachings can be given. It is these intriguing new technologies and mind-broadening knowledge that is to grant you an understanding of what lies ahead. However, a full grasp of your future won't take place until you are fully conscious.

Full consciousness is unlike anything you can presently imagine. It is a state in which the Heavenly realms and physicality merge. You are the divine instrument for unfolding this magnificent merger and for bringing this sacred mission to its appointed divine conclusion! One goal of your sojourn in limited consciousness is for you to acquire specialist knowledge, which is to come into play once you return to full consciousness. Then a series of wondrous sights is to appear, which can assist you to better understand what Heaven and you agreed to nearly 13 millennia ago. Until this time, there is a part of you that cannot fully accept what is happening to you. You have chosen in this life to acquire a deeper understanding of the awfulness that surrounds you and to determine how this can be swiftly changed. We have come here to be the heralds of your heart-felt longings. A momentous change is upon you and the time has come to ensure that this nexus point manifests. Our task is to support our Earth allies and make sure that this moment materializes, and does so at the right divine time.

This first contact operation (as we may have mentioned before!) is an ever-evolving process. Each day brings developments to which we need to adapt our plans for your transition. Our Earth allies have surmounted innumerable challenges and grown accordingly. Our relationship with them has also strengthened, inspiring both sides to become more dedicated to this multifaceted operation. Behind all this are our great Love for you and our appreciation for being allowed by Heaven to be involved in your return to full consciousness. This project has thrown the members of the old dark guard into a series of untoward situations that they had deemed to be impossible. Their defensive stances, while expected, have been no more than a delaying nuisance. We are impressed by their perseverance in the face of what they can see is an increasingly obvious lost cause. Your changing world has slipped from their clutches, and so their roles as unchallenged manipulators of your amnesia come to an end.

This ongoing process of first contact is affecting all of Creation. You are currently in a place and time wherein Heaven is giving you the opportunity to return to your original state of full consciousness. This is, in fact, your destiny, which is why it is being offered to you at this time. It is clear that you cannot continue on as the dark so wishes, as to do so would bring upon you your extinction. Knowing this and your importance to Creation, we came here en masse nearly two decades ago. Many prophecies were fulfilled during the first decade of our arrival. The main agreement reached with our Earth allies near the end of this first decade started a journey that is now being successfully completed. The death knell of your present reality will be the release of the "tools" which will enable you to build the bridge between this old order and the new one you are ready to manifest.

And this new one is approaching rapidly. This causes the degree of chaos in your world to rise, as the economic and other major components of your society become increasingly dysfunctional. A side effect here is the growing number of extinctions of plant and animal life on every continent, which is another example of just how dire survival conditions have become in your present reality. Mother Earth is starting in earnest to change her surface world. The increasing severity of her seismic and volcanic activities is an early indication of these intentions which will lead to the raising of the sunken continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. This reconfiguration of the surface is to change the contours of the oceans and the number of landmasses that dot your world.

We monitor all these developments and gage how they relate to first contact. The more we study your world, the more we become aware of just how close you came to a series of natural and manmade calamities that would have doomed your beautiful and special world. Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy. To lose her surface world's vitality is something we do not wish to contemplate! Heaven is well aware of what the dark was so villainously planning. The dark minions of your world were close to success when their masters, the Anunnaki, suddenly bolted to the Light. Over the past decade the dark regrouped and readied its last stand, in vain!

During the course of this message, we had you look at first contact from different angles. First, it is a divine task to mentor you through your conversion to full consciousness. Heaven requested this first contact, watching and carefully guiding us to where we are today. Heaven also knows that Mother Earth is in dire need of renewal. She needs to be reintegrated with the 5-D realm that sits beneath you. This world of Inner Earth is presently disconnected from your surface realm, causing a disease that needs to be cured as soon as possible. This is another reason for your return to full consciousness and the reunion with your space and heavenly families. Let us be clear that this is not a rescue mission! Mother Earth and you must be reconnected to Source and to the magnificent reality from whence you came some 13 millennia ago!

Today, we looked at what is happening on your world and how this relates to our first contact mission. We have shown you that success on all fronts is very near! What remains for Heaven and our Earth allies to do is to complete the undertaking they so courageously began. We wait, knowing that our grand reunion is imminent! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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