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May 19, 2009

2 Muluc, 17 Moan, 4 Eb

Selamat Balik! We come once more with some more interesting morsels for your intellectual and spiritual appetite! In our past few messages, we have been ever so slightly detailing those things that are happening to you, your reality and this vast sentient Universe! As you move toward your ascension, your physical and spiritual aspects are swiftly merging. This operation is as we have shown is both quite complex and amazingly simple. Heaven sees physicality as a highly pliable palette upon which to draw its many degrees of possibility. One of these possibilities, you are now passing through and doing so very awkwardly. As you do, you are at the same time being prepared by Heaven to move into your fully conscious selves. This event is at times also a most painful and difficult procedure. Bear in mind at these most excruciating moments that a master plan is in effect and that your time in this reality is nearing its end. In its place is to be the bliss of full consciousness and the joys of your new fifth dimensional reality. What is now needed is some frank alliteration on what this really means.

Full consciousness is more a massive upgrade in your mental, physical and emotional capabilities. It is like you have opened up a true unbreakable link to your soul and to the very heart of the Creator. You bask in this energy and draw amazing creative insights to whatever you intend to study. These insights are embellishing by the data and the collaborative efforts supplied to you by your spiritual guides. In this environment it is easy to feel somewhat omnipotent. What brings you "down to Earth" is the way you interact with your fellow galactic society members. Each child from even before birth is brought into this loving, trust-giving community. You develop a need to explore your sovereignty and simultaneous to serve this community a sort of symbiotic relationship develops over time. Divine service and service to the community become your co-anchors. This relationship is reinforced by the heavenly wisdom that you feed upon daily. The concept of competition or being less than is wonderfully exempted by your own honoring by the community and by your selfless service to it.

Each day is a time for your self-expression and for tasks that help make your community better. One of these is ritual. It is done to help sustain your galaxy, your star nation and the beautiful world that you live in. While doing these events you interact with the Spiritual Hierarchies that guide this section of physicality. As with all the things that you do, there is a constant exchange of energy and wisdom in your ritual group and with these grand sacred Beings who look over and watch physicality. You leave this event feeling stronger emotionally and mentally. You have communed with a great series of Beings and leave in awe at the beauty that they have given back to you. The same is true with life's career. Each day follow a similar prescription involving an exchange of energy and of wisdom. To you, this community is not fully perfect but nonetheless possesses the ability to change and to restore itself as needed. This is done by the use of "fluid group dynamics" based upon the worthiness of each of its members and the brilliance of those chosen to lead a group through any difficulty it encounters.

In this world of galactic humans, there is a constant interaction with the environment that is your reality. This environment can at times constitute even distant galaxies, stars and other occupied worlds. You are living in a world filled with colored sounds, music that you can taste and words that reach out and give their mathematical meaning. Flowers exude their beauty through their music and innate poetry. The sky sings out the vibrations of the planet in a gentle soothing symphony of sounds and colors. Then there is the talk of the planet as she recites her great wisdoms to all who care to take it in. Even the water chimes in with her variations upon the wonders expressed by the sky. There is, thus, a great deal of beauty and wisdom that can be used to create by, to live by and to be by. It is no wonder that galactic humans see themselves as receivers, sustainers and observers of this joy that is physicality. It is this reality that you are now on the verge of experiencing. Everywhere bits and pieces of this are temporarily emerging before you.

While these things at present are "normal" for only a very few who have had the genetic mutation needed for these abilities to appear. Usually, such "gifted" individuals have only one or two aspects of the abilities known to galactic humans. Some of your geneticists have seized upon these freakish mutants as the "future" of humanity. While they are correct, they fail to see that a full amalgam of these gifts and even more not discovered is the true future of surface humanity! You are working in a very uneven way toward doing naturally what we have been talking about. Our geneticists see that without an intervention on the scale intended by Heaven it still requires about another century or two before you are ready to transform into galactic humans. Hence, we have used our advanced technology to develop the metamorphosis Light chambers and train the number of mentors needed to carry out this vast project.

We do this, to enable Heaven's sacred plan to continue to move forward on your world. As you can note by now, a grand plan is needed to make your transformation possible in a much shorter timeframe. You are in a very fragile time of your history. The former overseers of your world left over a decade ago and demanded that their minions switch to the Light as well. These minions rejected this new condition and a war for control of the various factions in this formerly all-powerful group began. While this was going on, we become acquainted with those in these groups who sincerely wished to follow the edicts of the Anunnaki. The past decade has been a process of preparing these positive groups for the scenarios that can lead up to first contact. Simultaneously, we have been watching you and readying for the time when these transformations are to begin.

The things that we are describing to you are how we daily see your reality. We can accurately forecast that what you are now going through are the birthing pangs of this new fully conscious you. Each of you is changing according to your own preset biological clock. You agreed before incarnating here that you gladly accept what is planned for you. It is these before birth approvals that permitted Heaven to bring us here and for the degree of transformation that you are nearly ready to go through. This is why we were told to begin to step up your "education" about what is ahead for you. It took us a number of years to design, build, test and customize these chambers. This operation continues daily as we evaluate what your medical teams discover about you. Such new data brings slight adjustments in these billions of specially built devices.

As you are changing, so is the surface of Mother Earth. The ice sheets are melting. The oceans are slowly swelling in volume. There is as well the great damage that your global society is still doing to the water, earth and air of this sacred orb. A part of the Pacific Ocean greater than Texas in size is cluttered with plastic bottles, bottle rings and other forms of plastic waste. Polluted dust storms rage from North China across the Pacific to the forests and wilderness areas of North America. Vast re mains of oil slicks and bilge oil can be found floating throughout the oceans of the world. Indeed no part of your world remains pristine. This pollution is only hastening the changes on Mother Earth. This needs to be addressed as you move back into full consciousness. You are in need of a new reality and a duty to clean and prepare Earth for what is about to be!

Today, we carried on with our discussion of your transformation into a fully conscious Being. As we noted, Heaven and us are dedicated to this change. We have put together a program that can quickly transform you. What is now required is for you to take responsibility for your past actions and to formulate a means to swiftly correct this. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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