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November 17, 2009

2 Batz, 14 Xul, 5 Caban

Greetings! We come again with more to discuss with you. At present, we are watching the strange events that comprise the ongoing struggle between our Earth allies and the last dark cabal. These events are the strategies of each side unfolding rapidly under many different guises. The USA Corporation continues to derive sufficient funds from its many dirty dealings to remain one step ahead of bankruptcy, while our Earth allies are managing to keep the dark opposition from mounting any meaningful counteroffensive. This stalemate can potentially be drawn out until Heaven gives us the green light to massively intervene. Hence we are looking at ways to provide our Earth allies with a substantial and definitive advantage over their adversaries. It is abundantly clear to all that the dark will continue to break any and all agreements reached with them; indeed, the count of their broken promises has reach mythical proportions, compelling us to come up with a new approach. Therefore, we have begun to intervene directly in their many secret and cruel projects.

This dark group has many heinous plans for inflicting damage on you. These include a massive worldwide pandemic; a spike in the amount of global pollution; and the means for increasing the number of major conflicts. Our strategy so far has been to let the dark ones seriously incriminate themselves and to help in those areas most afflicted by dark hands. We wish we could do more but are restricted to countering the dark's activities only when necessary. Meanwhile, these ones are intent upon tactics used throughout history by desperate rulers with their backs against the wall. This scorched-earth policy (e.g. the recent financial crash) is something our Earth allies are well aware of. For example, all attempts at beneficial legislation is either being blocked or else the masses are being manipulated to turn against it (health reform). This is for the most part failing as the people favor reform over being maneuvered into destroying what they dearly wish for. It is terrible to see you suffer at the hands of these profiteering rascals who literally rape their respective societies in their lust for wealth and power.

The turmoil across your globe bears witness to the deep distress of the dark cabal, and we monitor and chronicle each move these malevolent trolls make. Each of their acts is to be legally punished. Believe us when we say that we do not take these things lightly. We understand the dualistic nature of your world which requires balancing, and Heaven also decrees that these evil deeds be redressed. A number of specific agreements are to be put in motion once these dark ones are routed: Many caretaker governments are to be put in place and worldwide debt forgiveness enacted. This will be followed swiftly by diverse measures that return this globe to peace, prosperity, and cooperation with the Light. Then come the announcements fully disclosing our presence in your skies and the coming event of first contact. This, above all, is what the dark minions dread; they understand only too well that this information alters your reality forever and do everything in their power to keep us from being formally acknowledged.

The dark's great trepidation of our presence explains the immense number of covert projects designed to thwart any attempt of ours to approach your shores. Upon inspection we discovered that while their devices are cunning they lack a vital element: the spiritual. Our technology is vastly different from anything your conventional science approximates. It is based on a complete interface with the many aspects of a fully conscious Being. It is not just about electronics and frequencies but requires a many-leveled melding between a whole Being and a specially built and conscious device. This means we are a fleet of artificial and Creator-born individuals in service to the Divine. The difference here is that the wellspring of our Being as well as our collective purpose is driven by Spirit. This force, when focused on bringing the Light of the Creator to a world such as yours, is quite unstoppable by the machines the dark is so proud of. Hence, when Heaven so states, we will affect a divine first contact with your world.

This stalling-time is being permitted to allow the dark to play out its final mischief on your world. This moment is not to be a long one. In the meantime we are positioning our fleet for contact. At the same time, a major proportion of our personnel is helping our Earth allies in finishing off the dark ones with all due haste. This time is also being used by us to compile a full and final chronicle of accountability with which our Earth allies are to charge the dark ones at the judiciously appropriate time. Heaven informs us that the landings are on schedule since the final date for this is still in the near future. It is important that we topple the dark ahead of this divine date as we know full well that the various organizations that form the bulwark of the dark are still capable of delaying, but not stopping, the inevitable.

Mother Earth is currently applying pressure on your society by increasing her reactions to the high levels of pollution and global warming. This is done to hasten the awakening of your communities to the grave danger presented by Mother Earth's ecological instability. Many of your geologists are aware that the Earth's wobble is getting more pronounced. This constitutes another portent, to those who are aware, that some very drastic measures are now called for. This alerts all, especially the dark, that Heaven and the Divine mandate the imminent return of this reality to the Light! In the face of all this pressure the dark remains obdurate in its determination to hold this world back. The present tension is to last only a little while longer. The dark's defeat is near and the grand transformation is set to alter your world forever and for the better.

While this gargantuan struggle heads for its inevitable conclusion your bodies are being prepared for full consciousness. At least two, and almost three, of the new chakras have been settled into your body. Since all of you are now involved in these procedures to varying degrees, be aware that a whole host of symptoms are now widespread. These include headaches of various sorts, heart palpitations, muscle strain, blurry vision, and even nausea. These side effects are accompanied by vivid dreaming and a feeling of moving toward something indescribable but wonderful. These inklings are due to the many changes to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. You are also adapting to the changes in your RNA/DNA and to the new energies daily streaming through your bodies which are opening you up to the Light.

Mother Earth is part of the huge transformation of the solar system. The Sun is altering her surface energies by changing the nature of her interior magnetic and gravitational fields. This changes the way she relates to her nearest daughters. Mercury, long thought to be a dead world, is fast becoming one of the most active members of the solar system and Venus is increasing her surface activity as well. Meanwhile, both Mother Earth and Mars are going through their own unique forms of 'global warming.' The outer gaseous planets are reacting by generating large new spots, and hyperactivity is observed in their rings and on many of their larger moons. Also affected are the smaller planetoids and even the Oort debris cloud, which is exhibiting strange, sudden bouts of effulgence which signifies hyperactivity.

Today, we carried on our discussion of the many interesting aspects of your ongoing reality transformation. These things go hand in hand with first contact. The dark cannot prevent your destiny, that is, your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This destiny is ready to manifest on your world! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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