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March 16, 2010

4 Oc, 13 Ceh, 5 Caban

Greetings! We arrive with more to discuss with you. At this moment, our various liaison and diplomatic personnel are concentrating on the work that is removing the difficulties being encountered by our Earth allies. The basic underlying preparations are completed, and now the focus is on those last details that need to be in place before deliveries can happen. Right now, the necessary military and legal elements are being positioned and readied for action. In pursuance of this, we are sending down specific technologies to be used to offset any last-minute glitches. It is essential that the final moves in our Earth allies' plans be carried off without interference. Meanwhile, our allies' European and Asian contingents are putting together a variety of procedures designed to accelerate the globalization of your new economic and monetary systems. Your world is to embrace total debt forgiveness once the last few obstinate banks of the dark cabal are in full compliance. The key factor here is swift compliance, coupled with the nullification of the vast swamp of illegal derivatives and other dubious financial packages.

Once this is done, it is quite a simple matter to mandate global debt forgiveness. Bear in mind that most of this debt is the result of unfair practices and strong arm tactics imposed by major world banks and their governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. To create a level monetary playing field around the globe, a debt-free tabula rasa must prevail; only then can the new multinational currency system be successful. This system is the prelude to full-scale global prosperity that then propels you beyond money and bartering. It is time to bring your world to a point where farming, industry, and competitive market-forces no longer hold sway. Once you move beyond your current limitations, you outgrow your dependence on Mother Earth as provider, because you no longer need her resources to sustain you. You can then step into your role as her guardian and the facilitator of the energy exchanges that Mother Earth requires in order to maintain and expand her multiple ecosystems. This calling is your true reason for coming to this beautiful realm in the first place.

Your shift from dependence on Mother Earth for food, shelter, and clothing to being a provider of the energies to maintain her transforms most of the perceptions that your societies are predicated on. This requires you to recast your deepest core conceptions of self. Such a makeover, in turn, transforms the relationship between citizen and government, forcing government to concede that its only true role is that of servant to the people. Those rights long espoused by many fundamental philosophers such as Locke, Paine, and Rousseau now logically become the wellspring of what follows. The sovereign individual and his/her unalienable rights become the building blocks of not only a prosperous society but one that is more fluid and responsive than the sclerotic constructs you are used to. This philosophical paradigm shift is essential to accommodate the demands of your expanding consciousness and can give rise to a framework that paves the way to a nascent galactic society.

As they grow in consciousness and wisdom, humans tend to reach out for something more than mere survival, wealth, and power. The level of technology (albeit mostly withheld) that you currently possess gives you this option. A lot of it is being prevented from manifesting in the public arena by the power and control exercised by the Anunnaki's earth minions as they wish to keep you in the dark. In fact, these dark ones have kept you down for millennia! At last this grip is waning and will ultimately subside completely, allowing for the start of the many shifts of perception mentioned above. The amount of economic and political collapse you see around you is a harbinger of this. We feel the need to bring these issues constantly to your attention because your present world has reached a point of non-sustainability. Across the globe, species, ecosystems, and your many societies are increasingly subject to systemic resource depletion on a huge scale. A new consciousness and a new direction are urgently needed.

In short, your world is roughly split between those who believe that the status quo and its level of technology are basically "it" and those who see the absolute necessity to transform this "it" into something very different. Normally, a society such as yours would require decades to bring about the requisite philosophical restructuring. However, you do not have the luxury of such a time frame and need a way to hurdle this obstacle to enable you to progress your reality to a new consciousness and operating paradigm. Knowing this, Heaven sent us here to be the prime catalyst for this change. The logistical demands of your situation require us to be recognized as real and present, and accepted as mentors for you. Ending the global UFO cover-up is a basic first step toward this, and it is why we are putting on the pressure to end this nonsense. We must be in a position to assist you in what needs to be done.

The reformed reality will be a very different place. It will operate from an expanded consciousness that actively seeks its lost heritage. This new mindset will also accept us as family and will wish to use our ideas and wisdom to restore your society to what it once was in Lemuria's heyday, some 900,000 years ago. Accomplishing this feat means that you will have dismantled to a large extent what has passed for "normal" for nearly 13 millennia. This process needs, in effect, to turn your upside-down world the right way up again. This miracle is underway, and is sponsored by Heaven and endorsed by us. Many elements in your governments and in wealthy spheres of your societies have done decades of due diligence to carry off this monumental achievement on time.

Even after they have become fact, the events just ahead will feel like a dream to most people. Many of you have watched your economic and political systems unravel over the last few years. Heaven forewarned us of these eventualities, but your dark elites are so tied in to this old order that they cannot conceive of it ever changing. Instead they envision a slight variation on the present theme, which they can bend and shape according to their whim. Now the current pace of change makes this impossible. Nevertheless, these dark minions seem not to possess the capacity to acknowledge our presence as beneficial, preferring instead to believe that the only way for them to survive is to remain hostile to us. This belief runs counter to the divine plan, and so the time approaches for their surrender and removal.

This time in your history is one of miracles and wonder, and a period of grand reunions is upon you. Those who have worked so mightily to bring this off are preparing to celebrate. For our part, we look forward to mentoring you and getting you to the brink of full consciousness. Then, in the special crystal cities of Agartha your inner splendor can be released by means of the special Light Chambers, followed by training in full-consciousness etiquette, which will allow you to experience fully the exuberance and beauty that is full consciousness! In this state of magnificence you are to rejoin us in the great tasks given by Heaven to Humans who reside in this galaxy. Indeed, a glorious time lies ahead of us in sacred service to Heaven and physicality.

Today, we continued to explore aspects of the changes happening to you and this reality. You are completing a journey that you began when, as colonists, you first trod upon the pristine lands of the blue-green orb that is Mother Earth. The moment to end the present stage of this odyssey has arrived, and we stand ready to land and rejoice with you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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