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April 14, 2009

6 Ix, 2 Kank'in, 4 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to talk about. As your world moves through the ongoing economic chaos, signs are cropping up here and there that a quiet revolution is taking hold in the hopes and hearts of this world. Right now, your awareness level of the spiritual is progressing well. As a result, the people are making increasing demands upon the last dark cabal and this is starting to play havoc with the cabal's control of the public domain. Populist protests are putting the wind up these shadowy ones who exercise the real control of your global society's wealth and power, compelling them to escalate their secret operations in order to fortify their hold on power. However, the fact of their rapidly dwindling wealth is undermining badly the success of these covert activities. For their part, our Earth allies are playing a simple waiting game. At the right time in the very near future, the Light can strike a decisive blow against the dark. Then the world can change swiftly for the better. Until then, the strategy is to wait and strike definitively at the optimum moment!

Meanwhile, our Earth allies are ferreting out the last attempts being set up by the dark ones to defer the inevitable. The excessively byzantine nature of their operations never ceases to amaze us! Indeed, the level of stealth and deceit seems to increase in proportion to the soaring levels of consternation among the cabal leadership. This uncertainty is delaying the deliveries and causing some frustration among our delivery teams. But never doubt that when the moment finally arrives, this first phase of our Earth allies' plan is to be executed with lightning speed! Also on hold are the plans to replace a number of major governments on the planet with caretaker regimes. Those assigned to this particular task feel confident they are ready to go once the deliveries are completed. Until then, teams of top-echelon personnel stand ready to take over the cabinet posts and ranking administrative positions in these new regimes. None of these individuals is to be revealed until the time comes for this mass-action regime change to occur.

All is now ready. The only thing gumming up the works is the rearguard activities of the remaining cabal diehards. All our combined personnel involved in this final push are working all out to get this last part done. We are restricted to operating with great circumspection as the cabalists are on the lookout to amplify any action on our part that they deem too 'direct,' and we have had to come up with an under-the-radar approach to boost the pace of our Earth allies' action teams. On another front, the deposits of the newly printed global currencies and their gold and silver backing grow by the day and are already at a level where the new global monetary system is ready to be implemented. Again, it is the continuing delays that make it difficult to go forward with our joint plans. Meanwhile, your world teeters on the edge of further, deepening financial crises, with the next wave of 'difficulties' set to appear in the late spring. But be assured we have done much to minimize the fallout from this. We are focusing on having the first part of our plans manifested before then. Know that we feel deeply for the burdens you bear at this time!

In our opinion it is unfortunate that this first contact has taken so long to come about. Your struggles are legendary among us. For starters, you are in the midst of challenging transformations to all your energy systems, and to undergo these changes during such trying global circumstances is also not usual during a first contact. For our part, sitting on the sidelines and monitoring is not a normal role for us. Heaven tells us, and we heartily concur, that you are special. Long ago, many things happened that left you much reduced in mind and body, and disconnected from Spirit. This point in time is all about returning you to your previous state of Being, and our purpose is to use this first contact to complete this operation. To this end, we assembled a very large fleet, filled with the beings who are to mentor and train you when the moment arrives. Until then, we are to assist our Earth allies and advise them on what they need to prepare for, as the changes are to happen in a rapid-fire sequence that requires the correct responses.

To ensure that all this goes off without a hitch, it was necessary to rehearse the responses to all possible contingencies until they became second nature. We threw ourselves into this preparation with gusto and now have a fleet that is more than ready to respond rapidly to any situation thrown at us. We have also carried out drills with a number of special Earth-ally units. Moreover, our medical teams are checking up on each of you and making sure that your medical work-ups are kept current. Our prime focus is getting you all prepared for the event of first contact. We are also making arrangements with Agartha (Inner Earth) to expand the size of our main base there and to make ready all your individual Light (metamorphosis) chambers. The special crystal cities are now ready and awaiting your arrival. This event is not far off!

What you see playing out around you is the endgame of the dark cabalists. They have played it well, but despite pulling out all the stops, they know the end is now upon them. As they thrash about like hooked fish on a ship's deck, they persist in defying the reality of the defeat that stares them in the face. They are fated to go out with a splutter, and we watch as each dying flip-flop grows weaker. As control slips from their grasp, the hidden facts of their truly awful agenda for global domination begin to come out. Their evil deeds and plans need to see the light of day to be healed, and then put behind you. Your world populace desires to transform its global society into something far different than what the dark has wrought. In fact, the yearning of your fellows for truth and justice corresponds aptly with what is waiting in the wings. A new and righteous reality is close to being implemented.

In this reality you meet your Inner Earth cousins and begin a grand reunion with them that is to constitute the core of your new star nation. When we come, we bring with us knowledge of many things, including a history of your world mostly unknown to you. This new history details a quite different origin for humanity, designating you as extraterrestrials, as your geneticists know full well. You can be described as a unique and indeed 'abnormal' Earth primate! You simply do not fit. Genetically, you are closer to cetaceans than chimps and orangutans. When you know more about your origins, all this will make a lot of sense to you. Until then, be patient. But it is as well to prepare for a number of your central teachings to come crashing down around your ears!

Your new reality is being born in a storm of anguish and panic unleashed by your dark masters. These cold and heartless men and women are not to be looked up to; rather, they are more properly to be viewed as the foolish, misled descendants of the first earth minions of the Anunnaki. They still hope that their erstwhile off-world masters will come to their rescue, but this is not to be. What is to happen is their ignoble surrender and your jubilant victory. The 'catchers of men' have themselves been caught, and now their fate is sealed. You are destined to witness miracles and wonder as the time for the return of your full faculties approaches. Your spiritual and space families are ready to embrace you and welcome you back to full participation in the affairs of the galaxy!

Today, we talked about matters surrounding first contact and your return to full consciousness. Stay focused and use your powers of intent to help make this so. We, likewise, are doing our intentions to empower all of us and make ready for the day of first contact. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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