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August 11, 2009

8 Ben, 16 Pop, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come before you on this special day with a lot to discuss! Everywhere your world is going through a series of important changes. These changes to your reality are a precursor to a greatly transformed realm. These include the way your planetary grid is being realigned. The former fully conscious grid is starting to appear in your atmosphere as strangely timed patterns that seem at first to be tied to the energy streams originating from the Sun. In fact, these are vortexes that are spreading the key nodal points which are to anchor in the new fully conscious grid once the Sun and Mother Earth return to full consciousness. These grids are to extend throughout the planet and will link up with the new electrogravitic grids that are to hold the newly revitalized solar system in place. This process involves interdimensional forces not yet understood by your scientists. Once their thinking moves beyond its present quantum framework into a true spiritual and holistic concept of physicality, this 'strangeness' can begin to make sense to them.

As you move into the higher orders of consciousness, you start to realize that this physical Creation is in truth a sort of 'ordered randomness.' As paradoxical as this sounds, you have already begun to use this concept in many areas. Fractals, 'fuzzy logic,' and a number of other such applications are a good beginning. Another approach is to comprehend that all aspects of physicality are related in one way or another. Vast patterns that appear unrelated actually are, because of the interdimensional links between them. Divine Light and Love are the means by which all of this was originally manifested. One notion you need to move beyond is the ludicrous Big Bang theory of creation. Creation began as a series of interlocking states that manifested all that you see and, as of yet, cannot see. Out of these states of manifestation came the spiritual forces that enliven us all. Thus there is a divine plan that guides us and works its magic in each instant. Our part is to sense these patterns fully and apply our own magic to unfold the majesty that is Creation.

Creation is a combination of unique elements united by means that seem 'odd' and yet in the long run are quite definable. They work in very predictable ways. Knowing this, we can re-create these patterns in matter and bring forth a very suitable and quite natural technology. A clear indicator of primitive technology is that, even as it advances in its efficiency, it works increasingly against the natural patterns of nature. In your case this is clear to see, as your technologies move from the simple tools of your ancestors to your present electronic age. Your various dysfunctional societal models are the cause of a lot of this, but you also do not look at the underlying 'random' patterns that form nature, searching instead for ways to control or at least master nature's forces. This is now being rightly seen as a self-defeating basic philosophy which you inherited from your erstwhile overlords, the Anunnaki. Your awakening is prompting you to rethink many such basic notions, thus paving the way for a new, more holistic paradigm.

This new paradigm is being birthed in all the various disciplines that make up your present science. Researchers are starting to see that discoveries in one area actually have far more relevance in another, quite unrelated area of science. This cross-fertilization is a vital element in your search for a new paradigm. Scientists and many interdisciplinary researchers are coming together at international conferences and putting these new puzzle-pieces together. Your reality is manifestly changing and these scientists are documenting in detail the scope and rapid pace of these wide-ranging shifts. As your consciousness rises, it becomes clear to any outside observer that you are now much more willing to contemplate concepts that, once, you would have rejected out of hand. This is opening up a meeting of the minds between scientists and those researchers considered to be pursuing speculative or unfounded hypotheses.

This loosening of hardline attitudes dovetails with the natural changes being observed on your world. The amount of anomalous activity in your atmosphere, oceans, and on your land is forcing your sciences to rethink their foundational theories. Similarly, the number of anomalies noted in the cosmos actually dwarfs those occurring on your world! The integrity of your sciences, as you know them, is collapsing; yet, in public, their members continue to profess a set of beliefs that no longer hold water. This dichotomy cannot go on much longer. Further, the changes happening to each of you can no longer remain veiled by a massive scientific cover-up. The truth needs to come out and a new paradigm formally proclaimed. Until then these new avenues of research serve as fodder to encourage your own explorations for the truth about what is really happening to you and your reality. Indeed, a crucial watershed of change is already manifesting all across the planet.

In all areas, spiritual and holistic research is setting up a new trail for science to follow. Normally, such a huge leap in across-the-board scientific thinking would take decades, even centuries, to reach a new consensus. One of the factors driving this massive watershed is the sheer quantity of new evidence and numbers of prominent researchers who are proclaiming that a wholly new framework is desperately needed to explain and integrate the new evidence. All in all, a pattern of interlocking events is about to coalesce. The result will be the pronouncement of a new series of truths, which is to be reinforced by our appearance in large numbers in your skies. Indeed, confirmation of our benevolent presence seems to be the tipping-point for what is now ready to happen. In short, your societies' worldview is about to be burst wide open!

This veritable morphing of your reality on all fronts can no longer be concealed. Any remaining denial is simply the ongoing attempt-at-all-costs by those in power to cling to authority. As power and credibility slips faster and faster out of their grasp, there comes a time when this desperate posturing becomes self-defeating and a forthright, authoritative acknowledgment of the new status quo needs to happen. You are currently within this special moment. Our designated role is simply to encourage this acknowledgment and the shift in power that is surely to follow. In this exciting, new environment, the changes that are to quickly change your world can take place. As they roll out, the opportunity to make our presence formally known can arise. First contact can then follow naturally, putting an end to your present, crazy roller-coaster ride!

This moment in your history can be regarded as an epoch in which humanity learned some fundamental truths about itself and was able to accept them whole-heartedly. It is not easy, whilst in limited consciousness, to contemplate the coming wonders of full consciousness. Accordingly, it has required a tumultuous collapse of your reality, balanced by a vision of the new reality to replace the old, a vision that we have been attempting to depict to some degree in our messages to you. The Creator has a plan that requires you to return to full consciousness. Thus, all the machinations of the dark cannot prevent what is decreed for you. We are here to ensure the fulfillment of these plans and with Heaven's guidance to lead you to your glorious destiny!

Today, we talked about the many reasons why the positive transformation of this reality is inevitable. The Divine has positioned you at a point where a most marvelous series of transformations is to happen. These include a mass first contact with us and your swift return to full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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