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June 9, 2009

10 Oc, 18 Pax, 4 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We come with news of many things that are happening on your world and in your solar system. To start with, we can report that significant movement has taken place on a number of fronts. The Earth allies' secret struggle against the dark cabal is progressing well. Most of the cabal's strategies that were put into play since the start of this year are failing, and many last-minute deals are not producing the results needed to sustain the cabal's survival. In fact, some governments, which until now were staunch supporters of the cabal, are making agreements with our Earth allies. This sudden shift of support places the cabalists in a shaky position while boosting the strength of our allies. Further, another critical area of the cabal's support structure has been pried free and turned against them; namely, the vast quantities of gold, silver, and other precious resources now held by our Earth allies and presently scattered in secret caches around the planet. The changes long sought after are becoming more and more imminent.

As many new nations are seen to enthusiastically join the Earth allies' cause, those that maintain their adversarial stance are now rethinking their position, and numerous breakthroughs are beginning to occur. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress and while many fronts are making headway, others persist in lagging. All this takes place within the context of the still-ongoing power struggle that erupted after the departure of the Anunnaki in the mid-1990s; that power vacuum is only now about to be filled. While the dark cabalists inherited the post-Anunnaki world holding an upper hand, this considerable advantage is now nearly gone. Until this position of power is totally abdicated, however, the struggle continues. Having said that, it is very noticeable that the last dark bastion is swiftly crumbling. And our Earth allies know that, now more than ever, it is vital to maintain scrupulous vigilance and not to let up on the relentless pressure to secure the essential strategic powerbases until these are won. Our Earth allies have learned much in the last strife-ridden decade, pitted against these dark ones.

The transformation of your solar system from a limited to a fully conscious state is also becoming more and more noticeable. The key to this change is of course the Sun, who is going through a very odd sunspot cycle. She started with a period of prolonged hyperactivity, followed abruptly by a phase of anomalous inactivity. There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is that this reality, like all others, is founded on a specific set of a priori agreements. These call for a new primary frequency to be introduced at this time, which is why astronomers are noticing that the planets and the Sun have indeed begun to work on a higher base frequency. This is affecting the electromagnetic envelope that encases the Sun and the entire planetary system. This rise in frequency corresponds to yours; as you shift, so too does your reality. These vibratory shifts have compelled your scientists to reevaluate how the solar system operates. In fact, observable anomalies are increasing exponentially. In short, a new solar system is being born.

In this new solar system, the hyperdimensionality of each planet needs to be taken into account. The planetary missions of your space agencies have discovered the polar entrances to the large gas planets and also the north polar hole of Mars. We note that your scientists increasingly say one thing among themselves, and quite another in public. They are learning to discern, for example, the daily 'conversations' between Jupiter and the Sun, which defies the notion that these planetary bodies are inert. They are coming to understand the fact that the solar system is a living entity with many living parts. From our standpoint, your solar system is starting to resemble the fully conscious ones we come from, and this ongoing shifting is what makes the longed-for outcome on your world inevitable. You cannot live in the world Heaven is putting in place without a similar shift taking place within yourselves, and the accelerating pace of these changes necessitates our arrival sooner rather than later.

All told, the amount of change in the last few decades is nothing short of remarkable. For example, your planet is changing the nature of her self-imposed wobble, or precession. The composition of her atmosphere and even her 'layering' is also changing. These modifications are linked to the change in Earth's base frequency, which until recently was recorded at 7.8 Hertz. Currently, this rate is well over 12 Hertz. Further, the type of energy your planet receives from the Sun is changing, causing an increase in the melting of her ice caps and a jump in global mean temperature. A focal element here is the high levels of man-made pollution which are boosting the natural dynamics of your world; you are driving the changes as well as partaking in them. Although our research verifies the symbiotic relationship between your society's type of industrialization and the nature of your environment, divine change is the underlying cause.

In effect, the divine plan is reflecting back to you the changes you have wrought with your uneven industrialization and resulting levels of pollution. To quote from a proverb of yours: "As above, so below." Thus you are being moved by inexorable forces toward a predetermined conclusion. Along this path are many points that act as a sort of trail guide for what is to come next. We watch for these points closely and rarely miss their sudden appearance in your reality. Each of these historic waypoints indicates the next milepost. World War II came out of the Great Depression; the Vietnam war altered the global scene and led to the opening up of China, which indirectly created the present global economic disaster; and so on. Each major point moves you toward the next specific series of outcomes.

Your reality's momentum has a great number of possible conclusions. Originally, the Anunnaki were your master timekeepers. They established a system that was designed to defy the rules under which they took over this reality some 13 millennia ago. Operating under the divine plan, Heaven had already signaled the Galactic Federation about this intended breach and ordered some preliminary spadework to be done in the immediate post-WW II era. This resulted in the global 'UFO' fly-by operation of every major capital in the summer of 1952. With this heads-up Heaven wished to convey to the Anunnaki and their on-planet minions that their enslavement plans were not to be allowed to succeed. This warning was not heeded by the minions but was, however, taken into account by the Anunnaki when the Peace of Anchara was revealed in the mid-1990s. This led to the surprise defection of the Anunnaki at that time.

Since the mid-1990s, the minions have been on their own and largely at war with one another. This war is about to end. The economic and political factions on your world are aligning with a special coalition that we dub our Earth allies. Moreover, the divine transformation of your reality means that a first contact is absolutely necessary. The various preparations we have made both on our ships and in Inner Earth are a sign of our degree of commitment to the people of Earth. We have carried on a dialogue with every major government on your planet. They all know that when the divine signal is given, we are coming in immense numbers. Before then, we expect the changes prepared by the Ascended Masters to be in place. Your future is a return to global prosperity and full consciousness!

Today, we continued our overall discussion about what is happening on your world and throughout your solar system. This great shift is the means whereby the divine plan ensures your transformation back into full consciousness. Our long-anticipated celebrations, which are to follow the mass landings, do indeed seem quite imminent. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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