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February 9, 2010

8 Men, 18 Yax, 5 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you. Right now, our Earth allies are finishing what has been a very protracted roller-coaster ride with the dark, full of sudden dips and surprises at every turn. Despite these challenges the allies rallied, determined to ensure that the endless dark "tricks" did not derail their objectives. Their dark adversaries are getting quite agitated and panicky over the fact that their usual round of games has not worked, and that the control they have been accustomed to wielding for millennia is slipping from their grasp. Agreement upon agreement signed by our Earth allies and their new partners continues to make it increasingly difficult for the dark cabal to maintain its age-old pattern of fear-mongering and ever-tightening manipulation. Indeed, these tactics are falling flat, and the sole remaining tool of any consequence is control of the mass corporate media, which continues to paint a picture of reality using lies and none-too-subtle innuendo. While this adds further to the public's level of frustration, it also indicates to our Earth allies that the dark old bag of tricks is almost empty.

This increasing constriction of the dark's dominion means that the allies can implement some key agreements that have been signed with several nations, enabling them to move a large amount of gold into place to back up the new hard currency system. Concurrently, a number of banking reforms have been executed in many nations, which can prevent the casino-trading and money-laundering that plagues the current banking regulations and that almost brought down the world economy some months back. As these new banking accords come on line, the pressure upon the USA Corporation to relinquish its stranglehold builds relentlessly. The Federal Reserve System is the crux of the matter. The Fed Main Bank needs to be collapsed in order to allow the execution of those critical reforms whose first task is to dismantle what remains of this entity. This sets the stage for global debt forgiveness which is essential to the successful launching of the new system, as presently there is enough fraud-based debt to rapidly sink any new financial system!

This is why universal debt forgiveness needs to be announced swiftly. As the new banking system kicks in, the vast illegal debt of the old system must be cancelled. This requisite is pivotal. You are embarking on a process that is to lead, quite shortly, to worldwide prosperity. You also need to transform the roadblocks that have kept you in a "global sack" and easily manipulated by the dark cabal. This house-cleaning will usher in your freedom and the new technologies which are to make possible things that now seem magical, like houses and skyscrapers erected from scratch in just 72 hours, and an aerial magnetic lifter that moves people and materials from one side of the globe to the other in less than an hour. There are to be small on-site generators that work without the need of a national grid. This technology is multidimensional in nature and is a product of spiritual science, which is consciousness-based. It is to quite transform your scientific paradigm. This world of adventure awaits the removal of the old order, which is hanging by a thread.

All this is getting close. Your world sits in the eye of a giant financial storm system that can push your society back into a state of economic turmoil worse than the one you thought you were digging yourselves out of in the past months. The dark knows this and wants to go out with a horrendous roar. Our Earth allies are working against the clock to make sure that this potential "sword of Damocles" does not fall upon us. Their strategy is to starve this dark-based system into submission by preventing the cabal from having access to the numerous assets by which it renews and expands its vast empire of bogus wealth. This operation is succeeding, forcing the cabalists to constantly reassess their survival strategy. At the core of this dark empire lies the Federal Reserve, with its fraudulent system of wealth accumulation and distribution. The collapse of this entity is the priority and will open the floodgates of change.

This war of attrition against the Fed and the old financial system is up against time. Many financial debts in the old system are reaching a point of critical mass, generating concerns about how quickly the dismantling of the old can be done. Our Earth allies are nearly at the stage where the old monetary system can be imploded. Plans are in place to set up the new system swiftly and replace the global fiat currencies with new regional systems. These six regions form the backbone of what the global abundance programs are to create. A rapid deflation is the first task of the new system. Like water finding its own level, the hard currencies must seek their natural intrinsic value. This value can be anywhere from 10 - 33% of the present costs of food, clothing, and housing. The authentic value of precious metals, based on a return to pre-manipulated supply and demand, will spontaneously find its true worth.

Most things in your world are vastly overpriced. Moreover, as prosperity sets in and new technologies begin to have an impact, prime components of your global economy will morph out of all recognition. Your society can then begin to move beyond the need for money, becoming an exploratory precursor to a galactic society. Your current economic model is predicated on scarcity and perpetuated by a level of technology purposefully unequal to solving this prime defect. Devices that can remedy these built-in shortfalls are ready to be introduced by your interim governments, and also soon by us. Even your basic reliance on farming can be easily solved: a matter-processor can instantly create highly nutritious meals on command! This technology provides clothing, shelter, and related accoutrements, also instantaneously. As you can imagine, the very nature of your global society is hereby transformed at a stroke!

A prime intent of your rise in consciousness is to remove you from dependence on your environment, which is manifestly having such a deleterious effect on the overall health of Mother Earth's ecology. With the means provided by a spirit-based science to progress beyond burdening your planet's ecology, you can begin to step into the role of steward and spiritual caretaker of Mother Earth and her diverse life systems. You stand on the brink of an epic transformation that equips you with abilities beyond those that even your most ambitious futurists can come up with! You are to be released from the subservient roles you were saddled with 13 millennia ago and returned to your true positions as physical Angels-co-creators of physicality. In this role you are to become the great Lights of your new star-nation!

Consciousness is a superb tool for using divine knowledge to carry out the divine plan. The Creator divided this Creation into two realms, the spiritual and the physical, and put us in as mediators and caretakers of the physical realms. This is what the great mysteries of your religions are all about. The Anunnaki came and saw that you had been greatly reduced, and decided to afflict you further with their rules and self-aggrandizing pronouncements. You knew no better and believed them. Your history, both recorded and "lost," is awash with their manipulative schemes and convenient half-truths. You were divided and kept at each other's throats, bewildered, lowly, and powerless. Now comes the time to transform all this and return you to the beautiful, Loving Beings that you were created to be!

Today, we continued our discussions. Look upon what is happening as a vast gateway that is, at last, being opened to you. First contact is merely the last adventure in an odyssey consisting of 13 millennia of knowledge gathering, which you are now about to use to unfold the glory that is Creation. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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