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September 8, 2009

10 Imix, 4 Zip, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. The events leading up to the announcements by the new transitional regimes are close to happening. Our Earth allies have caught the dark cabal in a series of grievous mistakes, which allows them to spring a trap that has taken literally years to construct. We fully expect this well-deserved triumph to be just moments away. In this light, let us look at what is occurring around your globe as we speak. The new financial system is poised to manifest; indeed, certain aspects of this system have been operating freely without a great deal of interference from the dark. Vast quantities of gold bullion have been moved secretly from place to place in preparation for the setting up of a new, global, gold and silver-based currency system. This new system is one of the topics to be revealed as part of the many startling public announcements. Another issue is to be the series of special trials conducted to punish the many members of the dark cabal who so lightly and savagely disregarded the unalienable, God-given rights of humanity.

      The many horrible crimes perpetrated by this dark cabal that are to be addressed are only the better-known aspects of their thuggery. For millennia, this miserable bunch of miscreants has lied, cheated, and mass-murdered their way through history in the guise of your rulers. They have wrought endless wars, forged fictitious hatred, and spread continuous economic calamity designed only to enrich their coffers and increase the amount of suffering that has been their only bequest to humanity. Now this era of grief and woe is closing, and the advent of a new, prosperous day shines down lovingly upon your valiant efforts! Our Earth allies have an agenda in place that is to restore your liberties and provide you with the opportunities to grow and become all that you are capable of being. This new era brings a time for first contact, when we, with your collective approval, can land upon your beautiful shores. These landings are to happen once you have graciously demonstrated to Mother Earth your worthiness to once again be her true guardians, by making inroads into cleaning up her oceans, disinfecting her land, and purifying her air.

      As her guardians you become eligible for the final steps which are to return you swiftly to full consciousness. These steps are to take place in the awesomely gorgeous 5-D realm that is Inner Earth. Here, magnificent crystal cities have been prepared for you, where a technology will be used that can undo the outrageous impairment carried out against you in ancient Atlantis. When you emerge from your Light chambers, you are whole again. You have been carefully reintegrated with your many now-dormant strands of DNA/RNA, and in this restored state you are once again ready to experience states of being and realms only dreamed of. Now, Heaven can fully appear to you and the unknown wonders of physicality can become known. You have morphed into a most glorious butterfly! The miracles you are now capable of are truly infinite. You need, at this time, a very special group of mentors to teach you the ropes of this new realm and to help you fully comprehend and apply its complex etiquette. Heaven has extended this most loving task to us. You are arising out of a long amnesia and require a gentle touch.

     Many truths are to be revealed to you. Much that your former overloads, the Anunnaki, taught you will be shown for the twisted lies they are. Special training on a great many subjects is to be given. Hands-on seminars will be ready to teach you full-consciousness etiquette and this is likely to be the first thing that you will be involved in after the reintegration process is complete. Being fully conscious puts you into a world filled with sensations and powerful abilities that you have not experienced before. We will train you to attune with and integrate the incoming waves of memories of past and future lives, and to harmonize with and control your now-restored instant-thought-creation abilities. Some of you may even feel a bit nauseous at first, or overwhelmed by what is happening to you. In these rare cases, your mentor's soothing physical energy balancing will put this straight within minutes. Our role is to assist and prepare you to go through your orientation as gently and easily as possible.

      The new crystal cities recently built for you by the Agarthans are designed to be easily converted into places that can fully serve your needs and desires. The Agarthans intend to make it possible for a grand reunion between Inner Earth and the surface world to take place. This means that you need to learn about your true planetary history and general planetary protocols. Some of you are under the strange impression that Inner Earth is a dark and dismal place. In fact Inner Earth is a most beautiful and spacious world, filled with many different ecological zones. The Inner Earth sun is the glowing central core or heart of Mother Earth. Surrounded by these vivifying energies, the Agarthans have created a wonderful galactic society that can serve as one of the prototypes for the future galactic society of your still-nascent star-nation. The coming time is the beginning of a new era for Earth's humanity.

      As the fear and negativity of the dark is replaced by the prosperity and the Love of the Light, Heaven lifts you up into a wondrous age of full consciousness. In this realm you are sovereign, honored, and able to express your true talents and abilities. You live in an environment that permits you to blossom and to freely help your fellows. Gone is the need to worry, or to think less of yourself or of others. You are all equals who have come together to forge a remarkable organic entity: your galactic society. Galactic societies develop out of the expressed needs and desires of a society. It is expected that as you re-member your past, you will propose social models that reflect your distant origins on the many human home-worlds that are scattered throughout the Galactic Federation of Light. From these memories will develop your star-nation's galactic society.

      Once this star-nation has taken shape, you can become the happy inhabitants of three newly terra-formed worlds. These worlds are Mars, Venus, and the reconstituted planet that will be called Pax. Venus lost her oceans and her atmosphere when the dark Anchara Alliance attacked about one million years ago. The same ravaging disfigurement was inflicted upon Mars. Shortly, this damage is to be reversed, and over 80 per cent of your current population is to be transferred to these three worlds once they are gloriously ready for their human inhabitants. Then you are to revel in the magic that you are capable of. In the twinkling of an eye, you are to build a network of cities inside these three worlds, and a living star-nation is to be the result of your grand endeavors!

      The glorious future of your star-nation is your grand destiny. First contact, as you can see, is only one of many steps that lie ahead of you on the path to full consciousness, and many of these have already been completed. The steps remaining on this path are being prepared by our Earth allies and by us, with Heaven, as ever, as our divine supervisor. The dark ones who have controlled you for over 13 millennia are losing their grip over you, and the time has come for a much-needed transformation of your realm. We await with glee the signal to begin our mass landing, but before that comes the damage restoration of Mother Earth that will transform your lands. It is time to let go of your old ways and to accept the new ways given to you by the Divine!

      Today, we continued our discussion of events which are now imminent on your world. These great changes are to transform dark into Light and scarcity into abundance. Put aside your fears and let the Love and the Joy of this prospect penetrate every inch of your Soul! The time for miracles and wonders has at last arrived! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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