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July 7, 2009

12 Etznab, 6 Kumku, 4 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss. The prosperity programs are tied into multiple aspects of the regime changes which are to take place in several major governments. The diverse levels of legal institutions that are to certify the authenticity of these deliveries are finishing off a series of preliminary procedures. Once finished, these operations can accelerate the drastic changes needed to ensure an unbroken continuity of prosperity. The components involved in the deliveries are awaiting the 'green light' that signals that the actual abundance distributions can go forth in a swift and timely manner. The elements required to legally transfer these governments into caretaker mode are in place, and the difficulties encountered before are now fully corrected. The personnel to man these interim regimes are approved and officially appointed by our Earth allies. Thus the first steps in this quiet revolution are taken, and a careful waiting period is in place which is not expected to last long. All is at the ready, as the final elements in this long drama are locked into place.

The various financial institutions and their allied central banks have fought hard against what is about to happen. Keep in mind that the sheer scale of the changes to be implemented is unheard of in these lofty financial circles. This is a truly divine coup, one which enables our Earth allies to go forward and completely transform the unequal and unregulated system that has controlled the money resources on your world for centuries. We need to thank Saint Germain and a whole group of Ascended Masters, such as Helarion, El Morya, and Quan Yin. These wonderful Souls and their Inner-Earth allies continue to do miraculous work in paving the way for your coming successes. We are most grateful and joyously look forward to having them and the associated Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the Light as an important part of the mass landings. Until then, we are all working diligently to ensure that these complex plans achieve their goals. Understand in your heart that a great deal of inner and outer work is required, and what is close to happening is due to this grand, joint undertaking. The time to celebrate draws near!

The day commemorating the American Independence is always a special time for Saint Germain. This is the time when he and a number of other Ascended Masters brought forth a document that is most special to the spreading of the Light on your world. During this time, many celebrations take place throughout the nearly infinite layers of Beings that make up Mother Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. This unique proclamation of Freedom and Divine Sovereignty is a platform for what is about to happen on your world. It is a springboard that those involved with the careful forging of the Declaration of Independence would be truly proud of. A vast global change of unprecedented proportions is being orchestrated, vaulting you into a position previously denied to all but the most powerful. The former disciples of the Anunnaki are being forced to give up what their arrogance and greed once reserved only for themselves. This moment marks the true end of the reign of the dark. Look upon these final moments as a most masterfully coordinated divine coup.

Use these last 'good old days' to truly comprehend what a complex and momentous event is being prepared for you! Everywhere around your planet, secret meetings are resulting in unique and fully signed agreements, generating other developments too numerous to mention, all of which are making your new reality possible. We are busy watching and carefully overseeing these things. We dearly desire this divine cycle to be successfully completed, and as this plethora of scenarios moves forward, our joy in being able to implement first contact grows ever greater. We came here originally under divine supervision for the primary purpose of a mass-landing first contact. Now, we are involved in operations not usually associated with this. In normal circumstances, first contact involves simply contacting a star-nation's central government and arranging for our formal introduction to that star-nation's citizenry. Here, Heaven expects much more of us.

Indeed, our mission was soon fundamentally altered: We were told that we needed to interact with those of you who were deep into preparations to birth a greater consciousness and to open up Planet Earth fully to the Light. Our initial contacts were quite fruitful and a formal bond was signed in 1998. These agreements remain private and are only to be revealed fully after our arrival. Until then, we are both content to remember fondly how our union began. This last decade led to a primary strategy which we are on the verge of completing. While the dark remains resolute to stay our arrival, the mere circumstances of current global events daily make it more and more difficult for its plans to continue, making the dark's defeat inevitable. The time to, if necessary, force a resolution likewise draws near. Thus our fleet stands ready to do whatever Heaven so decrees.

As we have often informed you, Planet Earth is a very special place. Last week we described how Agartha's fifth-dimensional realm has moved upward and now sits a mere 400 miles (640 kilometers) from the surface. This is in line with a vast movement of the north and south poles. Each is migrating toward the other, while the southern pole is also migrating toward Mother Earth's central sun. These movements are to be wholly adjusted when the Earth goes from being a dipolar to a monopolar entity. This shift is to happen once you are ready to leave your individual Light chambers. Then a crescendo of change on Earth's surface can receive its divine coda: the switch to monopolarity. This allows Mother Earth to complete her sacred transformation, becoming once again a functional, fully conscious realm.

This new world is to resemble the one that the Galactic Federation colonists created during the first Lemurian society. This partially spiritual, partially physical empire is the stuff of legends. It was handed down first as oral, and later as written, myth. You will recollect all this once you are in your fully conscious state. These histories are locked in the collective consciousness of the large cetaceans that ply the world's oceans. When you are ready, these glorious record-keepers are to download this data to you. Then you can relive those halcyon days and use the information to help shape your new galactic society. And then there are the legends about Atlantis that you need to go over as well. These can help you to better understand all that has happened since then so that you can decide how to creatively transform all this.

What lies ahead is a world that most of you can scarcely conceive of, and first contact is the final set of steps toward that wondrous realm. We see ourselves as catalysts for change and as an endorsement of your entry into this galaxy, thus formally ending the millennia of quarantine that you have just passed through. You are to embark upon adventures well beyond the imaginary reaches of your science fiction, beyond what you currently believe to be possible, and into realms where the 'impossible' becomes commonplace. This approaching wonderland is something we dearly wish to introduce you to. And it is our privilege to be the teachers and mentors who experience this with you, our most beloved long-lost family!

Today, we carried on with our discussion about how you are to transform this living planet and, of course, yourselves. This operation teaches us much every day and we are most grateful to Heaven for this experience. We are also very thankful to each of you for the privilege of getting to know you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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