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June 7, 2011

11 Etznab, 16 Pax, 7 Ik

Dratzo! We return! Our main focus continues to be first contact, preceded by full disclosure. Our liaison teams are now busy with getting the governments of your world on board and we have told our Earth allies that the time has arrived for action. Presently, we are helping them get a major government-transition treaty signed by over 140 nations, and a special task force of legal and government groups is implementing this documentation. Further, a group of high-ranking diplomats is currently on a quick global mission to settle any remaining discord regarding the stipulations in these documents. We intend to use our good offices to persuade and coax any influential dissenters to this accord because it is essential for your reality to be transformed, now, for the better. Disclosure is vital; it literally changes everything. Your global society is bordering on collapse, and is kept functioning by the power of a privileged few. These Beings, against all odds, are just barely keeping your global constructs afloat. Our task is to circumvent this insanity and create a new reality for you, which permits each of you to attain your divine potential.

Disclosure is the magical catalyst that swiftly erodes the remaining power of the dark cabal. The pressure we are exerting for disclosure is allowing our Earth allies to move forward on those reforms which will begin an about-face in your society's direction. Announcements addressing these many topics are imminent. We are also monitoring the dark's many secret terror-weapons as it is pivotal that these horrendous devices be kept at bay. This doesn't prevent the karma previously accrued by your society from continuing to manifest in the form of diverse global disasters which you see daily in your newscasts. These are warnings from Gaia for you to mend your ways and adopt policies that support Mother Earth and refrain from harming her. These policies include an end to mindless warmongering and the release of many new, appropriate technologies. We are ready, as always, to assist in the introduction of these devices. The old dark ways of your world are over! And the time has come to present the ways of the Light!

Heaven is maintaining her schedule for changing your reality and preparing your body, mind, and Spirit for full consciousness. One goal is to raise continuously the base frequency of this reality, which has had the effect of transforming the actual length of each day from the traditional 24 hours to a 14-hour day. This accounts for the hectic, driven feeling many of you are experiencing. As your world moves forward, the dark seeks to disrupt this momentum despite the futility of this pursuit. The Earth allies' legal preparations are at the point of completion and still the dark ones chase vainly after some form of miracle solution. There is, of course, only one option open to them: surrender. The Ascended Masters are preparing their allies to begin carrying out the provisions laid out in the documents signed in Europe and agreed to, albeit grudgingly, by several other major governments. These massive transfers of power, coupled with a vast redistribution of your society's wealth, are the last step before disclosure.

Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! We can report that our many associates have completed the final acceptance agreements which establish who are to take up positions in the caretaker regimes. These individuals are preparing the announcements which will forever transform the way your world operates. A primary stipulation is to be the new state of cooperation between nations, beginning with the immediate return of foreign troops to their respective homelands. We also intend to show ourselves to you and use that moment to spread a message of peace, Love, and universal brotherhood. This time is all about transforming the hate and division now bedeviling the world into Love and mutual acceptance. This flowering of compassion can easily change the way nations relate to each other. We want to use this growing Love and awareness to transform the high levels of global xenophobia into a consciousness that can accept with joy our space and spiritual families.

The ongoing process to manifest your new reality is nearly complete. We are moving those who have been chosen to make the initial announcements into places of safety. In these locations are the communication links which are guarded by our Galactic Federation allies. These sites were chosen for two reasons: first, they are utterly secure, and this is paramount because we fully expect the dark to stage a final flurry of attacks to disrupt the changes in government. Second, we asked that the transfer of key new-government personnel be done immediately once the initial announcements are made. This was agreed to, and we are now rehearsing the actual transfer operations. We are somewhat concerned about a number of major governments, and so the Galactic Federation and each of us have prepared some 'special surprises' for the dark cabalists and their government minions. These surprises will defeat any last desperate moves on their part.

Creating this new conscious reality is what Heaven expects of us. Hence, we watch over you as your physical bodies shift upward and as Gaia alters your physical reality. The former dark ways of your world are irrevocably transforming and a new era of Light is swiftly manifesting. The dark can plainly see the writing on the wall, while our joy mounts as more and more of you awaken to our messages of Light, wisdom, and hope. Heaven has assembled many souls from worlds in this galaxy and from others across this vast Creation. All of you are here to anchor in a new realm of consciousness dedicated to the Light and to fulfilling the sacred decrees of Lord Surea and the grand Seraphim of Aeon. We daily bless these eloquent ones of the Light and their powerful decrees. Rejoice in the Light and its mighty ways!

While your dark-oriented world teeters on the point of collapse, our programs to bring the Light-oriented realm into being are manifesting. The dark thoroughly comprehends its dire predicament, but nevertheless is still unable to disengage from its blind arrogance and let go of what is now clearly a failed venture. All the while, the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters continue to offer the cabalists the option of grace to redeem themselves by immediately broadcasting disclosure and effecting their resignation by admitting what they have done over the past 200 years. They are highly unlikely to do this as they strongly believe that the anger of the masses cannot be so easily quenched and are convinced that the enormity of their crimes can only end badly for them. We believe differently, and are ready to oust them from power.

Today, we march to victory. A great triumph is being made possible by several events that happened last month. The dark's reality draws closer to collapse, and the divine moment has come for the first changes to be unveiled. Let us prepare to rejoice! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Sheldan and Ascended Master Family.

Indeed time shortens, as is the wish of many, who have seen the light for sooooo long.
Especially the elderly and infirm among's us; with flickering light, to welcome you as our prayed ones for assistance. To put our systems and Dear Mother Earth to rights. Without You, it's a lost ball game. Our love unlike the flickering light, is holding fast. Our elderly frame conditions, require urgent "make-over's", to enable us to hang in there!

From the 85 year plus, and plusses. Thank's for keeping us up to speed, for sooooo-long.

Disclosures, will it be our injection-boost ?

In ever Love and Light,

Denis {Danny} C." (June 8, 2011)

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