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May 4, 2010

1 Cauac, 2 Moan, 5 Caban

Greetings! We come again with much to discuss with you. The old reality structures of your world are crumbling, and because these structures constitute the foundations of your realm, their destruction threatens everything that you have come to trust and believe in on your world. This process can easily be perceived going on around you and foreshadows what is about to happen. Our Earth allies are in the last phase of an endgame that has gone on for far too long. The dark is using every last trick to maintain its nefarious creations. We are monitoring closely what these dark ones intend to do, and although their magic is swiftly fading, they are still intent upon not giving up. We continue to meet with their puppet governments to install some sense into these arrogant leaders' heads. Meanwhile, the disintegration proceeds at an ever-greater pace and is reaching a point of no return. All the negative financial schemes begun in the past few decades are now proving to be the dark's undoing as it tries in vain to sustain these unviable underpinnings. A fundamental change in your reality is now truly inevitable.

While all this works itself out, Mother Earth is keeping to her time schedule. She dearly wishes you to become fully conscious and allow her to complete her own vast transformation. At present, her realm is divided in two: an outer, limited-conscious 3-D surface realm; and an inner, much-longed-for 5-D world. Merging these two realms is of utmost importance to her, which is why she now warns the surface dwellers to heed her and get on with their transformation. She longs for and needs you to return to your 5-D fully conscious state, which can now easily and swiftly be attained. To this end, the Agarthan ruling council has upped the number of its personnel imbedded in the surface world, and these envoys emphasize this need to everyone they encounter. They come to observe, as well as to nudge their surface cousins to spread the fact that a huge change is coming and that it is wonderful! Your awakening is bringing out a more activist mode in the Agarthans and they are determined to "light a fire" on the surface that can burn away the manipulation that prevents a true, quiet revolution from happening.

Networks exist in your societies which are oriented toward replacing the present financial and political systems with more community-based banking and political groups that can help their respective communities grow and prosper. These networks are communicating with each other, creating organizations that are ready to join our Earth allies. These groups possess people-power capabilities that are essential for transforming your reality. When grassroots begin to interact with those seeking drastic reform, a movement takes form whose power is unlimited. However, it is essential that these movements remain peaceful yet able to make their points clearly and decisively. Our Earth allies welcome these developments as they attest to the rising tide of a new global reality. This upwelling energizes local communities and makes it possible for many to regain hope and envision what is needed for their communities and for the world. This is the energy that the Agarthans are encouraging and using to manifest a new reality.

Mother Earth is encouraged by what the Agarthans are doing, and as the dark grip on your world continues to slip, we too are sending our personnel into this fray. It is vital that there exist in your societies organizations that can both support and accurately communicate what is happening once the major government shift happens. It is one thing to create change; it is quite another to do so successfully. We watched the way the Anunnaki throughout the ages caused endless catastrophes such as wars, pestilence, and mass hatred, and saw how these divided you with ease, to the point where you were conditioned to believe that this was how the world worked. But now, you are being asked to accept as normal the peace, prosperity, and Love that Heaven is about to bestow on you. These gifts are part of the prelude to our mass arrival on your world. Then we can begin the process of transforming you from limited to full consciousness. These final, exhilarating steps will of course be carried out in conjunction with the people of Inner Earth.

What we are talking about is a revolution of consciousness. This bears no relation to nations and nationalism, but is about ending the barriers that prevent people from talking freely to each other and getting hold of resources that enable the potential within each of you. When we look at you we see a people who are starting to recognize this vast inner potential. This is why it is necessary to have you look beyond your Earth-bound xenophobia and to see yourselves as part of a humanity that spans the galaxy. As you do this, the petty worries that now engulf you evaporate. A new self-image is born, which includes the rubric of universal unity. This concept of unity relies on a full intuitive confirmation that you are indeed changing and that you are part of a greater whole. When you see our ships in the skies above you, know that we recognize you as our beloved brothers and sisters!

This movement toward unity is both a consciousness and a reality shift. As we often reiterate, every human lives in a reality which they, to a certain degree, help to forge. This reality is flexible. It can raise or lower its general base frequency according to the requirements of its sentient inhabitants, and these shifts are overseen by Heaven and the divine plan. In our 5-D reality the same rules prevail. One of our roles here is to be a catalyst for profound consciousness change, and over the millennia we have done this is in an indirect way. Now, we are required to go into direct mode. First contact is being encouraged by a number of people in the higher echelons of government and we are in a position to help you create the foundations for a new reality. This new reality is close, and events that are starting to manifest will rapidly transform the world you know.

Mother Earth is working diligently to raise her frequencies to the point where this great transformation can take place. The various tectonic plates that comprise her surface world are moving continuously toward a "locking position." This has caused many 7+ earthquakes to occur in the last five years, and these larger quakes are on the upswing. Volcanism is likewise increasing, and the recent Eyjafjallajokull flair-up in Iceland is only part of a chain of events that includes eruptions in the Mediterranean, the Pacific, and the Indian Oceans. Everywhere, these mostly seabed eruptions are changing the environment. Mother Earth is determined to prove to you that this reality is to transform into something much better. This new world is based on changing you all back into fully conscious Beings of Light!

Just as your planet is changing so too are you. Many of you are now feeling the aches and pains associated with your new heart, thymus, diaphragm, and head chakras. These changes are causing back pain as myriad new nerve networks are activated. In most cases, these changes are simply reactivations of parts of you that became dormant as you moved into limited consciousness. What you can do is call forth your visualizing ability to lessen the stress and pain that at times racks your body. These disorders can take the form of headaches, memory loss, listlessness, and sleeplessness. Apply your inner potential and use whatever self-healing technology is available to you, and joyfully keep in mind the wonderful goal behind all this!

Today, we looked at how the Earth is moving toward a resolution of the strange dichotomy in her dimensional make-up (3-D surface v. 5-D inner realm), and at how networks in your society are forming organically to support the great changes that are imminent. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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