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By Tony Lukashuk

Dear friends,

Never before in my life have I felt more anticipation that I feel now about what 2010 has in store for us…

I want to share a strong visualization experience I had today (January 1, 2010) with each one of you because I feel strongly compelled to do so.

Today, I grasped onto a thread of potential. This potential saw war end in 2010 and it was not galactic forces or governments that made it happen. It was all of us. It was mankind.

It was a massive, coordinated declaration of PEACE and I saw us (the underground movement) make it happen!

I saw soldiers all over the world simultaneously laying their weapons down en masse and refusing to fight any longer. In one fell swoop, all the war machines were brought to their knees. Crippled with no one left to pull the trigger.

I saw all people refuse to give support any longer (by taxes or otherwise) to governments who use the money to wage war or facilitate corruption of all kinds. Corrupt governments were swiftly brought to their knees by the power of the people. Paralyzed by a populace who refused to support corruption any longer.

I sensed that what mankind needs here and now is a shared CAUSE. A mission in which all may participate as equals and one that will galvanize us together as a race in unified intent.

I am reminded of how many times I have seen this wonderful human trait rise to the surface (during some of our darkest hours) when we have been struck by disaster somewhere on our earth. I am reminded of the way we can instantly put our differences aside and become the compassionate humans that we really are and were meant to be. We are one in purpose in those moments and we can be now if we so desire.

Someone dear to me intuited and gave me a date for this visualization and that date is March 21, 2010. It is perfect. The Spring Equinox – the end of one season and the beginning of another…a season of peace and new beginnings.

Could we really accomplish such a feat for real? Could a few beings with a vision ignite a storm on the internet that could spread around the world like wildfire and bring the forces of darkness to their knees in one fell swoop?

I believe it is possible and today I announce my intent (before all) to make this happen in both the physical realm and in the spiritual realm. Let Spirit guide me and I know that my intention will not go to waste because I understand that I am divine (as we all are) and that I DO have the power to create a new world that I can be proud to call my home.

I can visualize this action changing the timelines for everything. I can visualize it speeding up/altering the course of events slated to happen this year (according to some galactic and other sources).

I can visualize this action shifting our global vibration up that much higher.

I can visualize, for the first time in the age of global communications (the internet), all of mankind using this new tool to strike deep into the heart of those who have kept us in dark seclusion for so long. Because we are all connected in this way, we now have to power to throw open the shudders and shout across oceans and continents in support of one another. We can rally and organize across the globe by simply typing into a keyboard and THAT IS POWER. That is the only SWORD we need!

Perhaps some of you feel this to be a worthy cause. If so, I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with any and all in an effort to change the world for the betterment of all, and make this a reality.

After all, we have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.



Comment from one of our readers:

"Well said, Anthony! God Bless you! Thy WILL be done, and so it is. Keep smilin', keep standin', and keep the faith. Also, ask in prayer or meditation that ALL beings, regardless of species, that are here to help and heal this world at this time be surrounded with the Christed Light to protect, defend, and serve them on their missions. This will direct the healing energies to where they can do the highest and greatest good. Just thinkin' out loud. Thanks for listenin', speaking out, and speaking up. It DOES matter. ;?) Love to all.
Nancy B." (01-07-'10)

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