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Subject: Appeal to finally intervene on behalf of humanity, animal life and Lady Gaia and to stop mass destruction of life and any further interference by the dark cabal

Shala'am! Selamat Ja!

My name is Kalliope, and I'm a half Sirian/half Plejaren incarnated here on Earth! With me several hundreds of thousands of souls came here voluntarily to help and assist in the process of ascension of mankind and of Lady Gaia, our mother, planet Earth. Each of us has been chosen for our experiences and abilities to face the severe and difficult circumstances on this planet, and above all, to bring light and love in our personal surroundings and create a grid of love and affection, which would elevate the consciousness of mankind and bring it in tune with the new frequencies, swinging us slowly up to fifth consciousness paradigms.

An important aspect of this our incarnation here on Earth was, to bring change from within mankind's societies, as the prime directive of the Galactic Federation of Light does not allow any intervention with a civilization from the outside, as it would interfere with the free will and the liberty of free choice and decision of Earth's population - unless the civilization would ask for an intervention by reaching a critical mass of awakened individuals.

Our decision to incarnate here meant that we would drop into total oblivion of who we really are, of where we come from, of what we are supposed to do here, which is an inevitable effect of being born into third density. For many years we have been living here without knowing about our mission, without knowing anything about the family we had left behind in order to incarnate here and live our lives in social structures that seem to be of a lunatic asylum, compared to where we come from.

The reason for that is, that thousands of years ago regressive extraterrestrials had taken over the control of planet Earth and turned it into their private playground of power, domination and total enslavement of mankind. These regressive extraterrestrials could do this, also because in the distant past one or more star-nations, which are members of the Galactic Federation now, gave them the opportunity, which is why your presence here is also to purify some karma which had been created then.

Open Letter to the Galactic Federation of Light

The regressives installed a dense technological grid to control our minds and give us the illusion of freedom, while in reality we are nothing but slaves, convinced to have the possibility of free choice, moving in a matrix-like holographic world that they urged us to create to their favor. The truth, which they sought to hide from us, is, that we are able to create just by focusing our minds, thus manifesting the world around us, while they have to take to technology to achieve the same thing. Leading us to manifest what they wanted, spared them so much effort, as we had totally forgotten how to manifest consciously. By keeping us hypnotized by their entertainment machinery and occupied by the "daily issues of life", they make sure, that we continue to do their game (The movie "They Live" by John Carpenter is a good example of how our society works!).

But things changed, and many of us awakened and became aware of what is going on around us. And we successfully reached the level of critical mass to change the prophecies and the destiny of our world, and thus, above all, we allowed you to intervene directly.

Of course you know all this. For years you have been sending us messages by your staff, which were meant to wake us up, activate us and lead us to the memory of our mission here.

But it's been for some time now that it seems something is not quite coherent. More and more your messages stand in contrast with one another, contradicting each other, not about the final goal, which is ascension, but about the way in which to give us assistance. Up to the end of the past year 2010 everything seemed ready for your big "official" arrival, the ufo-disclosure and first contact, then everything changed again, and the diction in your messages returned to the one of a year ago: "in a not too distant future", "soon", "the moment is arriving fast", "as soon as ... (a hundred different things have been resolved!!!) we'll be there with you" ...

Call for Help to our Galactic Space Brethren

In addition to that impression, that we're in reality still far from contact, there are all the activities of the dark cabal, which still goes ahead with unprecedented violence in order to kill and destroy wherever they can. Your foremost care was to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, but it proved to be a much too selective and limited precaution. The dark ones have devices at their disposal, which can cause damage and death with an efficiency not much inferior to the one of atomic bombs. I'm talking about HAARP, weather control and similar weapons. By using these devices they can cause earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, tsunamis, wildfires, floods and mass death of animal and human life.

Since last year we have been witnessing various waves of mysterious mass deaths of birds, fish and whales, and while certain messages from the Galactic Federation at the beginning of this year seemed to communicate the Federation's determination to stop these attacks, the series of mass deaths continues as well as the earthquakes, undoubtedly provoked by the use of HAARP and related weapons and devices. The latest earthquake and the resulting tsunami in Japan proved, that there's no need to drop atomic bombs, it's enough to stimulate certain neuralgic points on the earth in order to provoke earthquakes, which cause explosions of nuclear power plants, which may have a similar effect on the population as nuclear bombs. And the "convenient" side-effect of this technology is, that it cannot be easily identified as an attack, because it would seem like one of the disasters planet Earth is going through on its way to the propagated Apocalypse! Thus it has become easy for the dark cabal to hide behind apparently "natural disasters" and to blackmail and menace nations, which seek to move away from the illuminati's course!

(Benjamin Fulford HAARP, Japan ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6xWyFR3IMY )

Please let me make the point clear - it is not fear that fuels my words. My intent is to give voice to all the people who expect you to act as you promised you would. We have done everything to reach the critical mass, and I'm sure we have gone well beyond the required minimum number of persons needed to ask you for intervention. So what's the sense of blocking nuclear missile bases and let HAARP and other deadly weaponry be fully operational??? How many people and animals still have to die until you feel ready to intervene?

Open Letter to the Galactic Federation of Light

What none of your spokesmen has said is the fact, that some human souls deriving from the star-nations chose to incarnate not in human shape, but in animals, such as dolphins, whales, and domestic animals, such as cats, dogs and so on. Besides, the cetaceans, dolphins and whales, have been here for thousands of years, and they are our Sirian related sisters and brothers from the fourth density, who decided to remain here as guardians in a biologically de-evolved form, irradiating their love and light on mankind in order to contrast the dark low frequencies of fear and terror, which the regressives have set on Earth. Is it a "coincidence", that hundreds or even thousands of them are being recently slaughtered by malicious frequency attacks? I say it is not, killing them means to weaken the grid of love that has been here long before we humans became aware of our responsibility! They are our allies here and merit the same respect as humans, and above all they merit a voice to express their point!

We all came here to make it possible for you to intervene. And now, that the people on Earth are awakening to their power and to what they really want, why do you still give the dark ones the time and possibility to interfere, wildly and blindly, killing, destroying and messing everything up? Are 13.000 years of cruel governance not enough?

It has been said in channelings by representatives of the Federation, that The Divine Source decreed to accelerate the process leading to first contact and ascension. Nevertheless things are still blocked and there is no sign of this mentioned acceleration. More and more it seems as if there were some serious disagreements among your ranks on how to proceed.

Many of us have reached the point where we feel that enough is enough! Enough of words said, enough of blood shed, enough of damage done, enough of lives wasted! Enough of blackmail and punishment to those who do not comply with the illuminati's and regressives' agenda! Enough of global terrorism accomplished by the thirteen reptilian families and their bloodhounds! Enough of Rockefeller, Rothschild & Co.! Enough of fake-wars and corporate take-over! Enough of the illuminati terrorism! Our food is poisoned, our water and our air are contaminated with toxins, our crops are being deliberately destroyed, the "medicines" are killing us, as well as the vaccines, and "science" studies new ways to exterminate even more people with one single strike! We have enough of all that! Enough of endless appeals to the dark cabal to "please" surrender! We feel that it has really been done enough of re-acting - it's now time to act instead of re-act!!!

Open Letter to the Galactic Federation of Light

So it is with this letter that, with all due respect but nevertheless emphatically, we appeal to the persons and entities in charge of the federal galactic forces to finally take the necessary steps to end this senseless murder and irresponsible vandalism against mankind and the animals, and against the violation and rape of Lady Gaia. We ask you urgently to finally deactivate all the dark cabal's weapon-systems on earth, in earth's orbit and on the moon, which can cause damage on large scale! If you are worried about interfering with free will, well, then please do consider our free will too: we do not want to have this kind of criminal interference anymore! Please stop it, NOW!

We do not have the means to deactivate these weapons, but you do! And please start to keep the promises you gave us so many months ago! While you may discuss which protocol to follow, innumerous lives perish unnecessarily with each day that passes! All these deaths are not at all planned by the souls inhabiting the diverse bodies, because the dark ones don't care a bit about life-plans, they have no respect for any kind of life-form!

What do we have to do to convince you to act? Your policy of hesitancy will only give the dark ones the chance to prolong their last rodeo ride on the bull, which means that we unnecessarily lose precious time, which we could use in a more constructive way. If you don't want to intervene, then please say so and we will resolve the situation in our own way, but it is not sure if we will succeed in it without violence and in time, as the dark cabal is stubborn! They are glued to the saddle they are in right now, and they are determined to ride the bull right into the crowd and cause as much devastation as possible, if you allow me this metaphor. And since the "bull" they are riding is the "system" they had installed long ago, they won't fall, unless the bull loses its legs, which means that the system must be defused. You should know that! With all these continuous disastrous interferences, the process of leading the world to more understanding and union becomes obstacled and difficult.

Call for Help to our Galactic Space Brethren

What we want is peace, NOW! I ask you to consult our personal guides, who know very well how we feel, in which situation we are, what we need! They know our hearts are crying! By giving us promises, you create expectations with us, that lead to disillusion and frustration, when these promises are not kept. This has been going on for years. We ask you to take the responsibility for your words, as they have ignited our efforts and enthusiasm so many times! But now we need more than mere words! We may be still lacking most of our memory, but we are not babies in need to be pampered. We are doing our work here. We do not need the "bouncing carrot in front of our nose to carry on" like a donkey, an effect which some of your channeled voices seem to endeavour to evoke. What we need instead is your direct determined intervention to prevent further damage, in order to enable us to put things finally into the right track. As a consequence our motivation to proceed would rise enormously, more than all your endless promises could ever do! Isn't that what you want to achieve?

I'm Kalliope, half Sirian/half Plejaren, and I hope that my words will be heard by those who decide among you up there on the ships of the Galactic Federation and beyond! I send you waves of love and appeal to you, that, what we want and urgently desire from you, may be considered in your hearts, as it is my heart, where my words are coming from! Much love and light to you!

Shala'am! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

Michael Jackson - "Earth Song"

Comment from us:

An unprecedented number of comments came in after we published Kalliopes open letter to the Galactic Federation yesterday. Kalliope asked us to publish them all. One or two of these comments use strong language towards the Galactic Federation. We don't agree with this. Normally we wouldn't publish these reactions, but in this case we'll make an exception. Because we do feel that people have the right to blow off some steam after hoping and praying and spreading the light for so long, while the change that so many of us long for, still hasn't happened. So here we go.
Kees, GalacticChannelings.com. (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hey you wonderful light workers,
The last message that you have posted “the letter” the GF is simply BEAUTIFUL.
It expresses the desire, the determination, the need, the knowing, the oneness of the voices that scream for change.
When I was reading the article I felt that I was speaking through that words too. It was inspiring. It was like we channeled the desire for change but in reverse. We didn’t expect for their messages, we sent them a petition, a beautiful collective desire from the heart.
I always thanked you for your wonderful work.
Please let me know if you need more help with what are you doing.
I know a lot of things about internet, seo and website design and I speak 3 languages, so if you need me you just have to ask.
Eternal love and light
Toni." (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

Thanks for this important speech in these very chaotic times. Right on target and not a moment to late!
I hope i can support you in any way! Stop it NOW! Peace NOW! Light NOW!
With love!
Mats, Sweden" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"What a great letter to the GF! It is time for them to do something. I feel like saying AMEN SISTAH KALLIOPE!
Maybe their hesitancy is what got us all trapped here on this planet so long ago. Maybe our role is to tell them to shift their butts in gear?!!?
William" (03-19-'11)

Our reply:

"Thanks William,
I'm not sure if that is our role exactly ;), but I agree with Kalliope that we down here have done everything we possibly can to make the change happen. It's up to them if they want to adjust the divine plan a bit and show up before the dark are gone. The timing would be perfect now.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-19-'11)

Comment from Kalliope:

"Thank you William and Kees for your comments!
I share with you that this is a crucial moment for all of us! Even if I appreciate their help to clean our planet and limit the damage, I consider it somehow useless to clean up behind someone, whose mentality is to provoke, destroy and kill without end, instead of avoiding that this someone can do any further harm. Besides, the allies, that the Galactic Federation is always talking about, who are they if not also us?! Time to make our point here!
Love and light, Calliope
" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello! My name is John. I wrote to your site once before to offer my support to a fellow light worker in distress. Now I write to you to offer my support to the letter written by Kalliope, regarding immediate intervention by the Federation! Kalliope brilliantly expressed the feelings of so many of us light workers, who I submit are the TRUE representatives of the human race, not our government and military leaders.

I understand the Federations directive to respect free will, but let's be clear here. Our elected officials do not represent the free will, or the true aspirations of the human race! They do not speak for us, or work for us, in most cases, they are working against us. Many of them have been manipulated into their positions of power, by the dark cabal who have not been elected by we the people of Earth. We have been manipulated and coerced to elect people subservient to the dark agenda. Many people in positions of leadership have been manipulated, coerced, even threatened with DEATH, to be subservient to the dark agenda. These dark ones are NOT our leaders, and we NEVER sanctioned them to take the reigns of power on our planet! The free will of this dark cabal should not supersede the free will of the majority of our people, who desire to live in peace, abundance, love and harmony; free from the wars, scarcity, and suffering created by this cabal.

The fact that people all over the world are coming together and expressing their discontent with our "leaders", and have been for many years, should speak volumes for how much they truly represent us, the human family. They do not! And the decision to progress with first contact should not be in their hands! They should not be allowed to continue to stall and play games with our lives, and our future, in order to retain power they never had a real right to have. I understand the Federation and light forces have been trying to beat the cabal at its own game, but I respectfully submit that it is time to stop playing their game!

The light worker community, who, again, I submit are our true representatives, we demand that action be taken NOW, to stop this dark cabal before they do even more damage. The time for Ascension draws closer, and with each passing day, the time we have for preparation lessens. These dark ones should not be allowed to continue to ruin it for the rest of us. I submit detainment of these dark ones, I submit they be taken out of their positions of power, by force if necessary, so that humanity can move forward unimpeded.

Again, they are NOT our representatives! Their free will does not reflect the free will of we, the people! We want love and peace! We want freedom and prosperity! We want an end to manipulated wars, and environmental destruction! We want this artificial system based on profit and competition, to be replaced by one that is based on co-operation and sharing of wealth! We want an end to manipulated divisions and strife, we want equality and unity! We humans not only desire this, this is what our EARTH desires as well.

When will OUR free will, and the free will of Mother Earth, come before the free will of these dark ones? I submit that if the manipulations and coercions of the dark cabal would cease, and we were left to our own devices, we humans would come together in peace and harmony. We would unite and restore our world into a pristine condition. I also believe the majority of us humans are ready to accept the reality of benevolent ET presence. Most humans are just disillusioned with what is happening in the world, and feel dis-empowered to do anything, because of this matrix of control that we have been coerced into accepting.

So I will say, as a member of the human race, and the light worker community, I give my permission for the Federation to interfere on a more massive scale, on behalf of all humans. I give my invitation for the Federation to subdue this dark cabal, who do not represent us. I ask that the free will of the majority of humans to live in peace and harmony, freedom and prosperity, love and unity, be respected. I ask that the free will of Mother Earth to end environmental destruction and start the restorations of her damaged body, and the upliftment of the human race, to move forward, unimpeded! I too say ''enough is enough!''

To finish, I will say that my fire of love for humanity burns stronger everyday, and it is my deepest desire to see us be free of the chains of the dark. We may be disillusioned and dis-empowered, but we are good people, and we deserve better than what we are experiencing. I call upon all light workers reading this message to be more bold in your missions to spread love and truth! I also call upon the Federation to be more bold in their mission to help us against this dark cabal. So with that, I will end this message. Thank you very much, and God bless us all!" (03-19-'11)

Our reply:

"hi john,

thank you for your comment. well said. i especially agree with your last words, about feeling deep love for humanity. i couldn't agree more. we're a beautiful race and we deseve it to bloom into our full potential.

i've always had trouble understanding why the GF respects the universal rules and laws to the degree that they do. in my opinion, rules are there to serve the people, they're not an authority of their own. still, the GF followed the universal protocol and approached the dark ones as our leaders many times, even though they know that we would never accept them as our leaders if we knew what they did. in my opinion they should have approached our spiritual leaders instead, like the dalai lama. then the whole house of cards of the dark would have come tumbling down in the blink of an eye.

i'm not sure if the GF will change the divine plan just like that, but i do think it's a good thing that we give off a sign that we're not happy with the way things go now. look at what happens in japan, look at what happens in lybia...and now they're even talking about a military intervention by the UN there? this could be another iraq-like conflict, that goes on for years...

so, i sure hope that the GF takes this open letter of kalliope to heart.

let it be.

much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-19-'11)

Comment from Kalliope:

"Thank you so much, John,

for your wonderful words! What you said has brought tears to my eayes, as my soul recognizes the deeper truth of it all! It is now, that after so many thousands of years of deliberate separation and division into a multitude of isolated groups, we are finally coming together again as ONE FAMILY, AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS to each other! This is such an overwhelming moment! Which signal could be better and more significant to The Federation than this one of beautiful loving union and re-union among souls, humans, animals, plants and planetary consciousness! It's in this very way that we express with all our loving splendor, that we are READY to welcome them and ready for change!

My loving best wishes!

" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I couldn't agree MORE!!! I, for one, am sick to death of the promises, the "right around the corner", the utter BULLSHIT that seems to be just another game being played by the cabal~If these bastards who make up the Galatic Federation were REAL, then why haven't they made themselves known? THIS IS NOT the 1940's anymore..............who the hell do they think they're kidding? I'll tell you another thing, if the opportunity ever arises, and it becomes OUR turn, I'd like to make damn certain that these guardian angel, off planet asses get at least 26,000 years of the shit we've been living for centuries. In other words, I'm sick of it: also, I am done with it." (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


We would like to add our voices in the call to the galactic federation. We fully endorse the comments of the previous writer Kalliope and would agree thoroughly with the thoughts expressed. For some time now my wife and I have become extremely disillusioned with the content of these channelings. We came here to earth in the fifties to begin our mission to bring light and love into this world. We have been steadfast in our mission as have many other lightworkers.

We are tired physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and we are tired of all the rhetoric, we have a saying here on earth that ‘talk is cheap’ and the galactic federation are great at talking. One is inclined to equate the galactic federation the same as the United Nations – All talk and no action.

We hear much spoken about how the have saved us many times from the brink of disaster, and how much worse things would be if it wasn’t for their intervention, well anyone can make a statement like that, this cannot be proven and again it’s just talk and we have no evidence to prove this.

We have begun to wonder whether this galactic federation actually exists at all. All you have achieved so far is to cause frustration and doubt. We can find no evidence for all the claims you make in fact the opposite seems to be true. There is more control than ever before, the same conditions still exist, i.e. war, corruption, dictators, destruction to the earth and its inhabitants, deliberate pollution of the seas, the air (chemtrails), toxins in our food and water, healthcare systems which support the pharmaceutical industry in keeping people sick, electronic weaponry used against populations to keep them subdued - to name just a few.

You speak about the new energies being beamed to earth, yet we do not feel those energies we do not see more light, we do not see the dark cabal being removed as you keep insisting. What we see in the world is more tyranny, people being killed on a daily basis by ruthless dictators and their military machines. We have had enough of the bloodshed, yes the people have risen up against the tyrants and they have done this peacefully, what was their reward but to be gunned down by superior forces, and where are you? Sitting in you spaceships eating you popcorn and watching the show. Well the time has come to stand up and be counted, what will it take for you to take action? Does all life have to be wiped out, does the light have to be extinguished from the world, and does the planet have to be thoroughly ravaged before you do anything.

Many lightworkers are beginning to feel abandoned by you and are losing hope, so we say this, if you are going to do nothing then take your superior technology, take your superior attitudes and go find another world to patronise.

We will continue as long as we are able or allowed to do so by the dark ones, we continue to send our light and love to all our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, Africa, Japan and many other parts of the globe that require it, but we are only so many and can only do so much and we grow very weary.

We have no enmity towards you just the opposite we would welcome your assistance but the time for talk is over, either take action or take the next dimensional highway out of here. We are not engaging in negativity we are just echoing the previous letter enough is enough.

In Love and Light
Barry & Ella" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees
Its me again.
I totally concur with all that's in the letter!
I am not alone in feeling the frustration. They have described their intent to lift the dark leaders off the earth and yet have not done so in the case of these tyrants like Ghadafi in Libya. What a changed world we could have if they would only keep their word! I am beginning to think we've all been duped--are they really there or do they just create holograms from their worlds to make us think they have gathered around our globe?
I've given up "holding my breath" for some sign of them.
P.S. Do you think a petition drive would help?" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


I could not have said it better.

I am beginning to sense that we are being betrayed by the very ones who claim to have come here to help us awaken. If I read one more message about Love as the ultimate power I'm going to tear my hair. We are drowning and they tell us to sing!

How many times do we have to be told that the souls killed in these horrible tragedies volunteered to be slaughtered to help us awaken. I'm awake already. So are the rest of the StarSeeds, Wanderers, Bearers of Light, Lightworkers, etc., etc., etc. We did not need to see crushed bodies in Haiti, or drowned children in Banda Achi or spirals over Norway/China/Belize.

And, what about the Karma angle... we have to experience what we are experiencing to resolve Karma...the latest I heard about Japan is that they are experiencing earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear fallout because they have not rid themselves of their bad karma from WWII; or that they have not gotten rid of their negative energy from the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki so they had to experience another nuclear blast.

Mike Q says that this is supposed to help us stop the building of nuclear power plants. Like that is going to happen! We should have stopped drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill last year and that hasn't happened. We are drilling again and no information about safety, etc. In 1989 in Tiananmen Square in China, one lone man stopped a tank for a day...then the tanks and guns killed all the young people and no one in China can talk about it, read about it or knows about it now.

Blossom reports from her source that they will make a showing then they embarrass her and disappoint thousands by not showing. Their excuse...it would have caused panic and deaths due to threats from the dark cabal. So, we get 240,000 deaths in December 2009 from an earthquake/tsunami

And the change was to start at the turn of the 20th Century so by the end 0f 1899 we had all of these tremendous technological advances from the discovery of radium and x-ray technology to the rediscovery of natural healing modalities. But the Dark Cabal twisted it to their use and we got Big Pharm and nuclear weapons. Then the mid-50' was to be a turning point and President Eisenhower warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex and he was right. Now Corporations in the United States have the same political power as people and were given the right to buy elections as of 2010 buy our Supreme Court. Then it was supposed to happen at the turn of the 21st Century and we got September 11, 2001 and a war on terrorism.

And now on the way to 12/21/2012 it is supposed to get really bad before it gets really good so we should just ride it out. (And our Galactic friends are up 'there' buffering the bad stuff in an attempt to protect us. What?)

Yeah, right! Cart drivers use to hang a carrot in front of the donkey to keep it moving forward,

Who is kidding who?

Enough with such balderdash from our Galactic brethren. In my part of the world there is an expression that goes something like "have a bowel movement or get off the toilet".

12/21/2012 may or may not be a hard and fast date. As I understand it, it is not set in stone and unmovable. So 'now' works better for me than 'later'. And frankly, I think 'soon' needs to be considered a swear word on the same level as 'should'.

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was told not to look behind the curtain...hiding there was an old man who only pretended to have the power to grant her wishes. He had a big voice, but no power, just some devices to impress folks.

If we have to do this ourselves, then fine. I agree with you, Kalliope, lets get on with it. Here are my most profound prayers for world peace safety. I send out my White Light, Blue Flame, Violet Flame Love to my fellow humans, but I still have to lock my car doors, audit my bank statements, be careful on dark streets and not walk alone, and pay may bills and struggle for what little freedom I have left.

Linda in Chicago" (03-19-'11)

Our reply:

"hi linda,

thanks for the compliment towards kalliope. i'll pass it on to her.

as you know, i'm not as pessimistic as you about how things are unfolding, because i see many positve signs too and i prefer to focus on them.

but i can't ignore the fact that things are changing at a very slow pace and i would be very surprised if 2012 would be the year that the last thread of the cabal leaves power, as matthew says it. that would need a miracle, or the x-factor as david icke calls it.

i do feel that many of us lightworkers are tested to the limit down here. matthew says that we agreed to this in our soul contracts as one of the possible scenarios. that's probably true, but i also feel that the GF could be a bit more flexible in the way that they respond to this. rules aren't sacred in my opinion, plans aren't sacred, even divine ones, we all need to do what's best for the good of all. that's why i think it's good that we (through the voice of kalliope) give off a sign here.

it's up to the GF how to react to this, but at least they know now.

stay in your light, linda, keep the faith. we're bigger than this. although this misery never seems to end, end it will. and we will be so proud of ourselves when we achieved it...and know we NEVER have to go through a living hell like this place again.

Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-19-'11)

Comment from Kalliope:

"Dear Linda,

I send you a warm embrace! The difficulties which many of us experience in our lives are in part due to our Karma, but there's another part which is due to the interference of the "Matrix" seeking to distract and obstacle us on our way!

Have you seen the movie "The Matrix"? Do you remember how the agents slipped into the shape of another person, taking its place? That's what's happening here too, above all when we have to deal with persons who are not yet awakened or refuse to wake up! People, who are not familiar with their spiritual side and rely completely on the structures of the deliberately socially engineered society, have little or no resistance to fight the multiple influences of the dark ones. It's them to cause the issues and execute the agenda of the dark cabal, without even being aware of it. Considering that such people serve in positions, where decisions are taken for a community, a country, a nation or even the world, it is the personal issue and lack of consciousness of a more or less simple employed that becomes an issue and problem for all of us!

Einstein said, we cannot resolve a problem with the same mentality and the same type of reasoning which created the problem in first place! That's why we have to change the system and create one, which represents our needs for honesty, love, peace and universal mutual respect! Let our desire for a new system now! be the message of feedback to our galactic sisters and brothers!

Much love and light!

" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


A concerned universal citizen" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


Kalliope said for all of us, that which I've been trying to say in our wonderful discussions, but Kalliope covered every thought and emotion I've failed to succinctly communicate.

Has the GF, simply been reinventing for us, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy? I wonder.

We know help is being offered covertly, and we are eternally grateful for that, but if no overt assistance is actually coming, the GF should stop 'dangling the carrot'. We would have this momentum towards the Light even without all their promises, but if it's all just been a ploy to give us momentum, it has had the opposite affect, as lies always do.

Our collective Love is unleashed and shall continue to spiral upwards, regardless of the physical circumstances our human bodies & personalities may ultimately have to endure between now & ascension. Please Galactic Federation...tell us the truth.

Thank you for this post.

Always with Love, Paula" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you, thank you a thousand times Kalliope for this SUPERB letter! I am fully behind you!!!

With great respect and love and light,
Brigitte" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

Thank you for saying so eloquently what we are all thinking , Kalliope! You certainly stepped up with the plea to those who actually can do something about the innocent being terrorized, tortured, murdered...... There's just too much at stake to honor free will for such evil. When they knew that nuclear weapons would not be allowed they simply used nuclear power plants to do their deed and will continue to do so!!! No one said they weren't smart enough to figure that out!. This just cannot continue as it results in all of our free will being taken from us by evil! It is in the Galactic Federation's power to keep this from continuing yet it is allowed. The FOL is playing into their hands these awful, senseless deeds. How much more do we have to endure until they step in and do the right thing or will they destroy us all while the FOL refuse to do what is entirely within their power?? The Federation must see that goodness and light is at risk as they are murdering us in huge numbers! God help us all as we have to endure this while the FOL watches unwilling to step up and do what they can!


There are 2 ways of spreading light~ to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it." (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


I want to add my sentiments to the appeal on your site.

I have allowed the interminable promises of action to dethrone the dark cabal to create a complacenecy, so that I took less action in campaigns like those of Ron Paul, to take back our freedom. I suspect thousands of others have also relied on those promises.

It makes me wonder if those channelings originate from the dark side, just to keep us from engaging in activities like protests and civil disobedience. Or are they just channeling their wishful thinking.

Obama has not turned out to be the shining light we has hoped - not really much better than Bush!

If 2012 passes, and we still have the IRS, IMF, FDA, traffic cops and the nasty control of heartless bureaucrats, I, and millions of others may give up hope for this insane planet, make the best lives we can for ourselves and our friends, and NEVER COME BACK!

David" (03-19-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Kees!

Since weeks I am thinking about writing on behalf what Kalliope describes so exactly. My intuitive feelings, my personal emotions and my rational understanding of the situation we are in, tells me that now is an important point in time. Always we hear that the dark cabal(s) have lost. I don't see this. There is a very important point often mentioned, that can lead to a victory for them in my opinion. Kalliopes message and the approximately high agreement from Your readers underline this. In a couple of messages we are told that the timeline has been changed. Thing are behind the point in time they should be. This is the work of the dark cabals doggedness. To say it the short way: We, the so called 'ligth workers', are loosing patience. I have the intuitive feeling that my life has left the roadmap my lifeplan has prepared for me. On the personal emotional level 'daily struggle' seems to get into something without a perspective. I agree with Kalliope that, analyzing actual happenings, it would need much more time than planned from beside of the Galactic Federation, to let changes happen, that allow the GF to present themselves. But exact this is the point where the thing turns around so to say. Waiting longer than 2011, I think, approximately a lot of us will loose strength, patience and possibly faith to further be part of the 'critical conscious mass'.

I am close to a interim government planned to be installed after specific changes. I partially understand the complexity of the situation. I partially know why things can't be opened even to most of the lightworkers through the channelings. And even that I see possibilities for the light to emerge, where dark intention created misery, this can't change that I see us in a absolute critical position. Take for example the discussion about the nonsense of using nuclear power plants which came up through the attack on Japan. It could lead the way to the public awareness for the need of free energy. But same as the earthquake disturbed the preparation of meassurements in the mediterranean sea needed to let the governmental changes happen, the enormous control over public opinion through manipulating the peoples minds via controled media and dogged 'politicians', we go three steps forward and two back. This leads to the problem mentioned above.

Kalliope writes:
>More and more it seems as if there were some serious disagreements among your ranks on how to proceed.<
That is getting very obvious. I personaly see SaLuSa and Sheldan Nidle's contacts as the most important. I see the distance between them getting also very obvious especially on reference of the timeline.

We need a cut of the endless aces and jokers the draconian can use in this game. What I can not understand is the, from my personal view, always and since ever obvious needed enforcement-possibility needed to accomplish this. Whether not through 'someone from outside' than through a, as same through 'the outside' delivered, possibility for enforcement as the one the draconian are capable of.

Greetings and thanks for Your very good work!

Alexander" (03-19-'11)

Comment from Kalliope:

"Dear lightworkers and everyone who has expressed how she/he feels in this matter,

I thank you so much for sharing! As many have already mentioned, this letter has been written for all of you and by all of you! We all may live in different parts of the world, separated by oceans, mountains and plains of dune-filled deserts, but on the map of our hearts we are all living next door to each other!

In our hearts and in our love we are linked to each other's life, desires, sorrows, pain and joy! We are interconnected among us and with the universe! I can feel that, and the sensation is breathtakingly beautiful, it moves me to joyful tears! I know that you all share this feeling! And if we can feel it, I'm sure that the Galactic Federation Of Light - or whatever their collective name may be - can feel it too.

Our own collective name is "HUMANS", which is a synonym for "feeling sensual beings". We have compassion with even a little mouse seeking to cross a trafficked highway, and we have respect for all living creatures doing their best to lead the life, which has been given to them, in the most honoring of ways. I do! And all the awakened persons do. Others are struggling to get there and to get rid of the cruel imposed conditionings that lead to indifference and ignorance. We start to comprehend, that each one of us shares the other's karma to a certain extent. That's why we cannot accept that ruthless, unscrupulous, on a soul-level disconnected individuals represent us in our souvereignty and in our desire for freedom and for a world reigned by love.

By getting involved in this divine process of ascension and assistance to us "HUMANS" here on Earth, the Federation has locked into the currents of our karma, which inevitably will have influence on their own. I feel the need to express my thought, that whatever decision the Federation may take on our behalf, it will create karma for them to resolve. If the decision is wrong, and it will resolve some of their karma, if their decision is right! There is no way to stay out of it! I doubt very much that allowing further killings may help to keep the karma record clean. Similar miscalculations and misjudgments of the darks' mentality in the distant past on Atlantis have led to the foundation of the issues we have to face and to deal with now. I'm here down on the planet like all of you lightworkers, struggling to stay centered and not to enter a situation, which could charge my karma or create any. I ask the Federation with all due respect to consider this for their own further proceedings.

Standing all up for what we are convinced is right, is what the Native American Hopi foresaw in one of their prophecies, a positive prophecy, which is still valid. This prophecy foretells of a "people who will rise from the earth's ashes like the thunderbird symbolizing rebirth! This people shall be called "The Warriors Of The Rainbow", and it will put its faith in actions not words! All distinctly separate, but forever connected in the circle of life and intent ... they will bring harmony and balance back to earth. They will be pathfinders leading the way to a new universe, a new reality!"

Let our "OPEN LETTER TO THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT" and our hearts' desires be our rainbow-message to them! United in our appeal, may the beating of our determined hearts be the reverberating sound of powerful drums, as we look at them now, saying:"WE SEE YOU! ... DO YOU SEE US?"

A loving embrace in light to you all!

" (03-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"It's very interesting for me to see the first Mike Quinsey Post, March 9th 2009. I just celebrated my 60th birthday, March 9th 2011 and I have changed in so many ways for the better. Spiritually, Service to Others, able to give to People and Organizations less fortunate than I, taking a moment to converse with Older people, who it seems we cast aside and let wither away.

I must say it would be refreshing to see just a small bit of progress towards "Soon"...Like now! Spoke with my Best Man who lives in Ireland on St. Paddy's Day. I remember when we were working together and he would raise his voice a wee bit and tell me..."Enough Already". That would always get my attention as I knew I had come to the line and I was being asked quite beautifully...please don't go any further. This is how I feel with these channelings.

If you are indeed with Us, "NOW" is the Time. Maybe in your neck of the woods there is no time or it moves at a different flow. Alas here it is in third dimension, this Cruel Hoax needs to come to an END. All we want is Peace, Freedom and the Opportunity to Smile on and help All our Brothers and Sisters. If that isn't what the GFL came to be a part of and witness, then indeed it is Time to move on. We Will Always Be of Love and Light until WE return to sit by the Side of the Creator...Bathed in Love and Appreciation for our Effort.

I see it this way. History is Written in Stone and The Future is Ours to Create on a Blank Canvas Each Moment, Soooo "Let's Lets Get With It!"

Blessings, Robert" (03-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Kalliope:

Thank you for your letter. I agree with what you have said so eloquently. Obviously you are much more of a diplomat than I am!

I am pretty sure at this point that the Galactic Federation of Light either supports evil and darkness or they are simply unable or unwilling to assist – period. There are no more acceptable excuses. I live on a world were a baby dies every four seconds in anguish. Can they not hear the cries of these innocents? How hard and closed would your heart have to be to sit back and watch the misery on this planet and do nothing when you have the ability to make a positive change? How many more species have to go extinct? How many more tragedies must Gaia and her inhabitants endure? I don’t care about their excuses anymore.

Talk about karma – perhaps our alien brothers and sisters should grow up. Do they really think that karma only exists on a planetary scale and that if their current bodies are from a different planet or a different dimension, then different rules apply to them? Or that if they observe a clear injustice and do nothing about it by hiding behind some law of non-interference, that they don’t have karmic lessons coming? If I come upon an injured bird, do I just sit there and watch it suffer? If I see a little child being bullied and hurt, do I just walk on? For me, if I happen to observe these events I move exactly in accordance with my heart and do what I can to promote peace, health and happiness. Since the disasters and pain on this planet continue unabated, my conclusion is our channeled brothers and sisters have no heart and are not only able, but willing to let the pain on Planet Earth continue. Perhaps they even relish in our pain, I don’t know.

I do know there are good aliens – for example the aliens who sent us the Chilbolton and Crabwood Crop Circles. But these aliens seem to be very far away and not members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

My opinion is that it might be time for the channelers to consider that perhaps they have been duped and are now being used to promote the agenda of darkness.

Mark" (03-20-'11)

Our reply:

"hi mark, thanks for your comment. there's no doubt in my mind that the GF is the benevolent organization that they say they are, i think that the problem for us is that they see things from a different perspective. not only because they hang freely in space and we crawl in the mud down here, but also because they're much more developped than we are. when they see a baby starving, they probably think, "that soul chose to experience this misery and it will help it grow". when they see a lightworker barely able to pay his bills anymore, they probably think, "that's a soul that volunteered for this divine mission and chose to also experience lack, so it will come out stronger and proud of itself".

that leads to miscommunication from time to time, because in 3D most of us just don't see it that way. also when they talk about loving us unconditionally, we get a strange feeling. love for us means something different. when we love somebody unconditionally, like parents love their children for instance, and we see it in desperate need of help, would we say, "nah, sorry, my hands are tied because of a divine plan and a universal law, so i'll just let you suffer"? from a 3D point of view we would consider that cruel and heartless.

the truth of the matter is that they have tools for measuring the light levels on earth and they see it grow every day, despite of the misery. they know that the law of attraction always works so no matter what the dark do, our society will change.

i can't judge how karma applies to the actions (or lack of...) of the GF, but i do think that part of the reason why the GF seems to be taking so few risks and treat the universal laws with an unlikely respect, is not to risk creating bad karma. even when they already have a divine decree in their pocket which allows them to intervene. i sometimes wish the lords of karma would drop them a line saying, "don't worry folks, it's ok. do what you can, we won't hold it against you". but apparently it doesn't work that way in the higher dimensions...

much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi, I don't know if this is the link to make comments. Couldn't find anything else.
I agree with Kalliope wholeheartedly and send kudos to her! I and my friends and family lightworkers also agree with her, and respectfully and lovingly say to the Galactic Federation, "stop teasing us and get on with it NOW!!!!!!
Charlie" (03-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Olá sou do Brasil.
Acompanho as canalizações deste site há um bastante tempo.
Concordo plenamente com Kalliope. Tenho percebido muitas contradições nas canlizaçõe e também estou perdendo a fé em tudo o que é dito. Pra mim estamos sendo enganados por espiritos brincalhões que estão nos fazendo de palhaços.
Sinceramente, não vou mais dar crédito a tudo o que é dito nestas canalizações e provavelmente nem irei mais perder meu tempo lendo tanta baboseira.
Se tiver que acontecer alguma coisa que aconteça logo e parem de ficar nos enrolando. Tenho direito de criticar, pois coloquei minha fé nestas canalizações e sinto que só perdi meu tempo.
Michel - from Brazil" (03-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees,

I read the open letter to the Galactic Federation last night in shock but I must say I have sort of felt the same way but I was trying so hard to have faith and realize there is a timing for everything and the right time just hasn't happened yet. I almost wrote in but I didn't want to add to the frustration.

Then this morning I received Steve Beckow's daily newsletter (shortened since he is on a visit) and felt maybe his take on what is happening right now might help those of us feeling let down by our Leaders of all sorts. I have been following him for the past 6 months and both of you put great credence in SaLuSa and Matthew as well as Lady Isis' Light Circle Ezine which I have received for the past 4 years.

If you feel he is of like mind as the folks following Galactic Channelings you may consider posting his article. I know it has helped me for now anyway!

Thanks for your website, I do check you out everyday. I'd like to know if you are located in the Netherlands? I have a good friend here in Madison Wisconsin with the name Kees. I used to live in Belgium and have a great affinity to the Dutch.

Love to All!

Kathleen" (03-20-'11)

Our reply:

"hi kathleen, sorry we scared you!! but this open letter from kalliope and all the reactions don't mean that we have given up on the whole process, does it? to me, it's just meant as a sign towards the GF that some of us are hanging on by our fingernails down here and desperately want the GF to step in more actively. it's up to them to respond to that or not, but at least they know now. for the rest, i (and i think most others) will just go on doing what we came here for, and spread the light wherever we can.
yes, steve beckow often writes wonderful articles, just like the channeled beings on our site often write us wonderful messages. the fact that we make space for some criticism from the 'ground crew' here, doesn't take that away for one bit. personally, i'm very thankful for all these messages, they've helped me so many times.
yes, i'm from holland, kees (pronounced like the word 'case') is a very common name here. nice to hear you like our people! so do i, most of the time :)
veel liefde en licht voor jou - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees,
Regarding Kalliope's letter for appeal to GF, I feel that we should not give away our power to anybody. They (GF) are welcome to help us - it would be much appreciated - but we cannot sit around and wait for them to intervene and rescue us. We have to start believing in ourselves, to reclaim our powers and act now to prevent further destruction to our home planet. It could actually be that GF (if they exist?) will not intervene on our behalf until they are certain that we are really serious about making changes - change they can believe in, not like Obama's promises... We need a leader to, for instance, replace those nuclear power plants with that "free energy" that we've been told exists already, etc. etc.
Thanks for what you do.
Love and Light
Doris" (03-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Greetings from Greece!
We also, would like to state that we are ready for the first contact with the GF and ask from them their immediate intervention so that the problems created by the dark cabal to mankind to be resolved.
We couldn’t agree more with the open letter Kalliope wrote and with all the comments followed even the angry ones. We ask from GF to be more specific at their messages regarding their intents. Their promises have supported us the last difficult year but have started to tire us. There are moments that we have doubts about these messages.
They say that we have been manipulated for years. So where is our freewill? Even now that we start to awake, we cannot escape from the system and live with freewill.
We hope they know better than we do. But we ask our brothers and sisters from space to have in mind that we are not represented even by our national leaders.
Love to all.
Evangelos - Elizabeth" (03-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your open letter to the G. F. of Light.
My feeling is...it is time to Put Up or Shut Up!
And this goes for theAbundant Hope group also.
The Soap Operas just continue on and on with the same old excuses. Makes one wonder if we are being played with.
I pray there will be mercy and intervention NOW!
Marjorie" (03-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I wanted to support your Open Letter. As the response has shown, it speaks for many.

Way back in the late '70s a channeling group I was with in NYC used to "consult" with an aspect of the GF. It was about "reporting back" or relating our experiences with "the system" in 3D to them and our questions. Our teacher/leader would present our "demands" about changing inequities and injustices inherent in the system of life. She, when challenged, would demand of them that "If they thought it was so equitable and just and loving, they should come down here and take a body." A problem our isolated elite also have. There's nothing like life experience as a great teacher.

Our brothers and sisters are incredible and loving beings of immense wisdom and accomplishment. But they are like Spock trying to understand Kirk. They need loving and forceful feedback. So Bravo.

It suddenly struck me as I read along that this Open Letter was an actual Dimensional Parallel to the appeal of the Libyan people to the U.S. and to the world to help save them from the evil of a "leader" intent on destroying them. Reread it with that in mind. You have to love it!!!

Love and Light to All of Us,
Doug" (03-21-'11)

Our reply:

"hi doug,
yep, this life in a physical body, cut off from our source (or so it seems) and with so much madness around us will be a treasure that we will keep with us forever through eternity. other souls will love to get a taste of it (sharing it will be easy then) and they won't believe how hard it was and the pressure that we felt. as discontent as we are living this life now, so content we will be with it later.
btw, i'm not sure if the libyan people specifically asked the US to step in. i'm sure they appreciate some support, but above all i think it's the US government that couldn't wait to take part in another conflict, and maybe even turn it into a war. i hope it will fail, just like their other attempts at creating a war in recent years (iran, china) did.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


A good friend and fellow lightworker referred me to your site, and I wish I could accurately express how I feel about finding you! It's so hard, feeling like there are no others like you around, and if there are, how to connect with them.

In my earthly day-to-day, I'm an upbeat, conventional-seeming mom. I go to the beach, soccer games, carpool, shop, etc... However, like many others, I've always had my "reality", my secret, which I am just now beginning to speak of. It's a relief to introduce "me"! My name is Sirena, and I am an incarnated Angel-a hybrid, you could say, of the heavenly and oceanic/star realms. I am the sister (using earthly terminology here!) of Archangel Seraphiel, and communicate closely with Archangels Uriel & Jophiel, along with my best friend of my same realm, Andriana. I choose to be a guardian of the oceans, children, abused women & cetaceans. I am a Principality and member of the Third Triad.

Kalliope's letter affected me profoundly! I, too, have been endlessly meditating, praying and asking for answers to the very same questions. The Galactic Federation is close by. Many of our beloved Archangels are on one of these ships, sitting in a type of "conference room", working hard with our brothers and sisters of the stars, to end these atrocities. Seraphiel is very tough, no-nonsense and to the point. He tells me to be patient and go about my day. I am still in the holding period, but it's going to change soon. He advises us to look for the things here on the planet that make us happy, and embrace them. There is good here! The wait doesn't have to be stressful. All will be revealed. For those of us, like myself, parenting young pioneers-it's an exciting time. We'll soon be watching them reveal themselves! I'm already feeling a type of nostalgia for some of the nice things, which I've come to enjoy on the planet, but will be gone soon.

The waiting and feelings of hopelessness can be overwhelming. But, we've been groomed for this, in training for a very long time! One small light can illuminate an entire room full of darkness. Hang in there, friends. XOXO.

Sirena" (03-21-'11)

Our reply:

"hi sirena, i'm glad you found us, we welcome you with open arms! yes, we come from all kinds of places, places that sound like fairy tales to unawakened people. suzy ward wrote that incarnated angels often take on the hardest missions, because no other soul could bear such a life and out of love for others they wouldn't want them to try. just like most others they forget about their mission when they are born and completely despise their life down here, until they return.
it's nice that you mention already looking with nostalgia to all the good there is around us, because in all our dismay we should never forget that that exists too. i agree, there is so much beauty, even in the smallest things. children, nature, pets, music... we don't have to count on our governments to create it for us, but we can create our own circles where there is plenty.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hallo Kees,

de open brief van Kalliope, heeft me echt goed gedaan. Zeker de laatste maanden kwam er toch vaak de gedachten bij me op , er wordt veel gepraat maar daden!. Herhaalde malen werden er dingen aangekondigd; Blossom okt 2010, wij komen eraan! Of de pijlers van licht en ga zo door, zeker de laatste channeling van Blossom, sloeg de klok. Nu neem ik het Blossom niet kwalijk, zij is ook maar een boodschapper, ik had het gevoel bij de laatste channeling, dat ze het zelf vervelend vond dit onsamenhangende bericht op de post te doen.

Voor mij zijn de berichten van Salusa en Sheldon Niddle het meest waardevolle. Maar ook Salusa, valt iedere keer in termen van we komen snel en we staan om de hoek en dergelijke. Nu de „geallieerden“ Libiyen zijn binnen gevallen vraag ik me werkelijk af of het niet eens tijd wordt om in te grijpen.

Daarom was de brief van Kalliope , niet alleen voor mij, maar als ik de reacties lees, voor velen een op een punt brengen van het gevoel wat velen hebben op dit moment.

Ik neem aan dat deze brief ook in het nederlands vertaald wordt, want er zijn er ook velen die niet zo goed engels lezen en die er zeker van op te hoogte willen zijn.

Mooi trouwens jouw reactie op een brief, dat hun (GF) reactie vanuit de andere dimensie anders is omdat ze het hele plaatje zien.Maar het blijft moeilijk vanuit onze dimensie om standvast te blijven!

Love and light, Marieke" (03-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Kees,

I have been regularly reading the messages from all the channels for more than a year now and it is the first time that I send a comment. I must say that I felt pushed from the inside to write this one.

Although I understand all the frustration that most of us Lightworkers experience during these hard times, I am still convinced that the entities speaking through these channels are really what they tell us they are. I know it is tempting to conclude that these messages come from the Dark and that they are meant to have the Lightworkers do nothing and wait for those false Galactics to start everything. But that would be forgetting the essence of their messages.

Time after time, the Galactics stressed the fact that they would not do our job for us, that they are here to help, but that WE are the ones to change reality on this planet, OUR planet, not theirs. They also said numerous times that the amount of Light-Love permeating the Earth will elevate all the planet in another dimension where the Dark Ones will not be able to follow us. This is the way by which the Dark Ones will be defeated. That the Dark Ones are put aside by our space friends or that they simply become too weak in these high vibrations to continue their dark work does not matter. What matters is that they will be defeated. Our friends also insist on the fact that our consciousness level grows up due to the facts that Light energies are continually beamed on Earth from the higher realms and that the Lightworkers are more and more steadfast in using their power to manifest this new Reality we all want to see on Earth. This is a fact. Are we Lightworkers not able to feel and sense this Light-packed energy growing day by day in our own life?

A lot of souls are experiencing hardship for numerous reasons and most Lightworkers pray God or get involved in some sort of ritual or healing practice to lighten their burden. Is not God, or the Source of All That Is, omnipotent? Should we be discontent that God does not put an end to this situation? So, why do the Galactics would have to do it, if they respect God's Plan? If we choose to trust God, there must be a very good reason for the wait. The Galactics stressed numerous times that the name of the game here is: to remember who WE really are. It is up to US, and nobody else to do this job. What are we waiting for?

This chaotic situation will end when WE, Light Beings incarnated on Earth at this time, will remember our magnificence and start to manifest with authority what we desire for this planet and all its inhabitants, no matter the situation we are in. Then, our space friends will acknowledge that signal and understand that mankind is ready to witness the deployment of all the magic heaven has in store for all of us. Let's do it NOW!

With all my Love for my Brothers and Sisters in Light,

Jacques Picher,

PS: Kees, I do congratulate you for your wonderful contribution to Galacticchanelling.com. Keep on the good work!" (03-26-'11)

Our reply:

"i think you summed up the divine plan quite nicely there, jacques. and as the galactics know that this plan can't go wrong (it's just like heating water, you know it will boil at some point), they're not likely to change their course. it's tough for us down here, but i guess that's why only the strongest souls were chosen for this mission.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-26-'11)

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