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Cosmic Being Omega - 19 July 2009

From time to time we receive e-mails from visitors of our site who say that they channel themselves too. Although we're always interested in taking a look at what they got through, we can't always post and/or translate these messages on our site. This may have to do with the fact that we're not always convinced it's actually a pure channeling, and some projection could be involved (although we realise that it's hard to be the judge of that). In other cases, the message may look a lot like the ones we already publish. Luckily, this doesn't go for all of them.

This week, we received some messages from a channeler called Stephanie Samson. Although they're short, we resonated with them, so we may post more from her in the future. She doesn't have a website of her own. She channels a female energy that introduced itself simply as "Omega". This first one is a message channeled on 19 July 2009.

Your Innate Gift

The mind is capable of understanding many things which may not seem possible on the earth plane, much more than you could possibly imagine. Your higher self knows much more than your conscious self will ever know.

It is our purpose in communicating with you to teach you how to take advantage of the knowledge you are unaware that you have. We in the spirit world love you and want you to reach your highest potential both on earth and spiritually.

There is much you will learn and much you must bring into your life in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. We are here to help you to be able to vibrate on a higher level and attain the goals you set yourself before you were born into the earth plane.

The purpose of your life on earth is to learn the lessons you need to enable your soul to vibrate at the highest level possible once you return to spirit.

Everyone is open to channelling if they truly want to. There is no specific way of asking for a connection, you only need to open your heart to us and we will be there to help you and be of service where needed.

Many people call themselves mediums as if this was something special to them, but this is not the case and anyone can be open to channel when the time is right. Most people do not realise this and simply do not believe they are capable of this themselves.

They may have had a reading with mediums, clairvoyants, spiritualists, call them what you will, not understanding that everyone has this innate gift inside themselves. The thing you need to learn is how to access this gift you all have and believe yourself worthy of having it.

You are all loved dearly by God and all of us in spirit and we truly want you to be able to connect with us and develop spiritually to the highest level you can. Some people are never able to accept this innate gift and will therefore never achieve their true potential on earth. For without accepting that you are a truly spiritual being, capable of achieving anything you desire, you will never attain true happiness.

Channeler: Stephanie Samson

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