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Worldwide Visualization for our Oceans

Blossom Goodchild:

Hello Everyone. Excuse me intruding on your day ... but I feel it important to pass this message on . For those of you who have not yet heard of Keisha, Little Grandmother, do take the time to youtube /google her. Her Truth made me cry and she is without doubt here to assist our world.

We are all looking for ways to be of service , especially regarding the oil crisis. We know NOW that the power of ONE can magnify our Light to its Highest. So for those that are able , please join in.

Of course, it is not only at this specific time, that we must offer our Love to this crisis. In anyway that suits you, remember to visualise an ocean of crystal water and all life within it swimming freely.

Thank you so much ... This is how we make a difference. This is how we change our world ... by gathering forces ... and BEING who we are ... LIGHT AND LOVE.

Let's send ALL THAT WE ARE to that place that is in such need of receiving it.

There is also a blog post about The Gulf crisis with other information of how we can help.


Golden Rays to the Oceans!

Blossom Goodchild.

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On June 6th... at 12:00 noon Mountain standard time (2 PM EST)... i ask that all the tribe of many colors join together in prayer.. meditation.. journey.. for the loving, healing and embracing of our hurting Mother Earth.. I call you all with a thundering voice to hear me.. Gather yourselves together..Let us pray together to help hold space for our hurting Mother.. Spread the message to all that will hear!

Spread the message to all that will hear you, this is very important! This is our first main act as the Tribe of many colors to make a difference for our Mother.. We must act as one.. We are the Tribe the ancient ones have spoken about and now it is time to assemble ourselves to call for a change.. to use our hearts and our love to call out to ... See Moregreat spirit, the star brothers and sisters to join us in giving our Mother Earth Love and healing light.. They will hear you, our star brothers and sisters are listening and waiting for us to call out to them... they are real and willing to help us.. We must join our hearts and our souls.. its now time to pray for our Beloved Mother.. the time is now.. we MUST ACT .. and act as one..

Spread the message to all that will hear you.. On June 6th at Noon.. 12:00 Mountain Standard time (2 PM EST) gather your hearts together and your prayers.. As Little Grandmother, as the shaman of this tribe of Many Colors, as Wisdom Keeper of Mother Earth and Council Woman and Shaman I call to all those who will hear my cry.. We must pray for our Mother.. as one heart.. as one people, as one tribe and we Will be heard!! Great changes are upon us.. they will come! they are on their way.. when it looks frightening know that the change is for the greatest good.. and we Have Help!!

now my family.. my tribe.. go and spread the message where ever you can.. we pray together on the 6th !!!!!!!!!! go now.. go with my blessing and go with my love.. i love you

your Little Grandmother!