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Kris Won, October 22, 2011

New energies of a very high voltage and of cosmic origin are coming to the planet, to accompany the ascension process of humanity and other living beings of Gaia.

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have been implementing some improvements in relation to the mental connection with our channels, so that all of you can receive our messages with a greater accuracy and purity, and so that our information suffers the least interference possible on the part of the people receiving our communications.

It is not that we have had many problems on this subject in past months until now, but some of you are now being prepared as channels, and we perceive that there could be some involuntary interferences on their part, and the beliefs and information that these new channels have could somewhat interfere with that which they receive. And that, obviously, we must avoid as much as we can.

It is always like this with all things: all that is innovated and amplified from an initial scheme must be accompanied by new guidelines in order to achieve the initially planned goal in a satisfactory way. Along with the new changes and updates, certain adjustments must be made so as not to distort the global work, nor take you away from achieving all planned goals.

New energies of a very high voltage and of cosmic origin are coming to the planet, to accompany the ascension process of humanity and other living beings of Gaia.

We have been preparing some places that are still hidden because it is not in our best interests that their location become known to the dark forces that keep striving to maintain the political, economic and social control of their peoples, and they (these hidden places) are being prepared to receive, store, sustain and administer those energies so that their enormous power doesn't flow indiscriminately through the atmosphere, surface and the terrestrial crust's interior, and through the oceans and seas.

Without those focus points where these Cosmic energies descending on Gaia are treated, this would see the whole physical, etheric, astral and mental surface so strongly shaken that it, no doubt, would cause earthquakes, tsunamis, Earth and tectonic shifts, and massive lava eruptions from volcanoes which up until now had remained inactive.

It would be even possible to say that the physical structure of the planet could not withstand a similar pressure and would explode into a billion pieces, causing the total destruction of the planet and of the wonderful rainbow of life sustained on its surface.

But in order to avoid this from happening, we have constructed those anchor points for that monumental energy that is coming to your world as if it were like a burst of machine-gun fire. Seven points in all have been implemented on different parts of the planet, and there are already beings from among us inhabiting each one of those points in order to look after their optimal functioning.

When First Contact takes place between us, we will train some of you to learn and handle our technology so that you yourselves continue maintaining those seven anchor points of the incoming sidereal energies from the Cosmos.

Yours, from the Alpha Spaceship,
Commander Sohin and his entire crew

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria

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