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Kris Won, November 10, 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We are entering a new stage in the process of Ascension as a human race on this planet. We could say, without wishing to exaggerate, that the time you are in at this very moment is of enormous importance and as such, will mark a Òbefore and afterÓ in the history of your civilization.

We have read some of the writings channeled for you as well as some non-channeled articles online, and we think that there has not been enough importance given to this moment in which we are situated right now. They urge you to carry out a unified meditation on 11/11/11 at various times, such as 11am to 11:11am, or 9pm to 10pm, thinking that all of you will have finished working and will be in your homes, free to be available for this worldwide meditation. That is very nice.

This meditation or these global meditations are of great help, and they allow certain cosmic energies to get to the lands and oceans on the planet in a smooth and harmonious way, without causing disturbances on the ground or for the living beings who have their habitat on and within the surface of Gaia.

But we would like to briefly make you a sketch of what this day of 11/11/11 has been indicating and anticipating for some time now, and to expand upon what is occurring and what will occur during this time.

The number 11 is one that has in itself the quality to open doorways. The Cosmos is full of billions of these portals, which are scattered throughout space, not by whim, but because each of the portals is sealing the entrance to a determined space different from that which is around you. Once this portal is activated and opened wisely, it will give access to all beings who know your whereabouts to pass through and cross other parts of space-time, which could be a distant galaxy millions of light years from where you would find the beings passing through.

In your recent past some portals have been opened on certain dates, but not all of them. The day 11/11/11 is a date that contains the number 11 three times, so that has been chosen by Us as the ideal date to open all the portals that remain closed.

What does it mean that all the existing portals on Earth are opened, and what will be the impact upon all of you?

It means that some energies proceeding from outer space that have not arrived yet, will do so in their entirety on the date 11/11/11 at 11am in each local timezone on the planet. That is, whether you are in Europe, America or in any other continent, the moment it becomes 11am in your country, you are going to receive all the cosmic energies that arrive through all the open portals.

It is very important that you are calm and very harmonized on this day, especially just before that time. My recommendation is that if you are not working, go to the mountains or the beach and be in more direct contact with Mother Earth, which will help you to naturally absorb these new energies that will be flowing to your heart.

If you are working, do not lose the opportunity to receive and embrace these energies of conscious form, as surely you may know how to excuse yourself for a moment at that hour, going outside to the terrace for a moment, or taking a moment to use the restroom. Right?

See yourselves as cells of that great entity that is Gaia, because that is what you are, her small cells, each one of you. Receive these energies of conscious form, visualizing yourself as a small part of the whole of the planet, giving all the light and love that you can give in those moments, and afterwards be grateful to have been worthy of this gift that the Creator of everything and everyone has granted you.

In this way, you will contribute to the process of opening all of the energy portals carried out in the best possible manner, and at the same time you yourselves, as individuals, will enjoy an additional boost to your personal evolution.

See it, then, as a meditation that will help you align with everyone else who join in this universal net of light, so as to help yourselves as individual sparks of God in your evolutionary process.

Peace and Love,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

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