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Kris Won, July 9, 2014

Dear Brethren:

Little by little things are falling into their place. Life is ordering itself. The world is preparing itself for the events that are going to come about in the next few months, leaving an open field for the Change.

The Earth is going to experience a change in its molecular structure like it never has been seen before on this planet of unsurpassed beauty.

Be prepared , all of you, for this change, which, although it could be unpleasant at the beginning, is the inevitable scenario so that the transformation and transmutation of the matter can come about. Without manifested changes on the surface of the planet, the Ascension to a new dimension of Peace and Light could not happen.

Let's all raise our prayers to the Supreme Creator, Who is, after all, the One who is in charge of everything in this process of planetary change.

Not only will you be changing from its material existence all the things that won't belong any more in the New Era that is about to come, but also the subtle planes that interact in this world will experience a raising towards even higher planes, like an enormous chain which, when its uppermost links are raised, raises those that are in the lower parts as well. So that the whole chain is raised, not only part of it.

As most of you who will read this message know, everything is connected, and the souls are, in a subtle level, united as One sole Universal Soul. The union of all those souls who have been manifested in God's Creation make up One sole Light Body, which subdivides itself on the material plane in a myriad of tiny little dots of Light.

But all those dots of Light, or Divine Sparks, are only distinctive reflections of the same and only Existence, the only Universal Mind, Who watches over all and keeps all Creation together and misteriously connected, one Divine Spark with another, forming a Whole of unimaginable complexity, but all united by the glue of Universal Love.

Be, then, prepared for the change that will occur soon, within the next few months, and try to keep your vibration high through prayer, meditation, and spending some time alone and in silence so that when the change occurs, which is inevitable for your prompt Ascension, you be all well attuned and prepared, outside as well as inside.

Greetings with Infinite Love and Fraternity, Ashtar Sherán

Source: Ashtar Sherán

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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