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Kris Won, June 9, 2011


I was a King of Atlantis. In that time, the inhabitants of the Earth were much more familiarized with their subtle bodies, from which much kindness and comprehension emanated about the unity that truly exists among all beings that populate the Creation.

In that time, we enjoyed life, sharing our experiences and life observations, and learning from one another; unlike today, where most people try to take advantage of any circumstance in order to gain more wealth or be more fortunate in life than the others.

You have to make an effort to break the shell where the Matrix, created by the Dark Ones, has encased you, and come out of it. When you break the shell that kept you prisoners and in absolute ignorance, then, freed from the illusion in which the Dark Ones submerged you, each of you will fly free towards a luminous and resplendent destination awaiting each of you, according to your karma.

But for that, it is necessary to make a titanic effort and have the firm decision to AWAKEN and not to fall again in the dream of the ages. It is no easy task, true, but that's why you have at this time a multitude of Loving Beings offering their support to raise you to heights you have never known, but are even more REAL than the world you think is real, which you have lived each day of your lives up until now.

Some among you are awakening, and are doing it really well, bravo! - a handful are fully awakened and there is no possibility for them to turn back, for the Truth keeps them well anchored in the spiritual Reality that they are constantly living already.

Those who are already fully awakened (not those who are beginning to awaken) know very well that this knowledge they now have cannot be kept to themselves; they know they must share it with the rest, especially with those who are awakening now.

They also know - and they do not need to read it on the Internet nor in any book - that now more than ever a critical mass is needed, that is to say, a minimum number of people to open their eyes to the miseries that exist in the world that the Dark Ones have offered you (so that they can continue being themselves as masters of the world), and to show the Way to all the rest who have not yet awakened to this Truth [about the Dark Ones].

That is why, Adriano [Adriano is one of the Spanish translators of our team. He's a painter and owner of the new website Despertando.me - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com], we have inspired you to name your Art exhibition, "Road to the Truth", and you know that it is We who inspired you to give it that name, isn't it true? (he smiles)

I was a King in remote times, when a beautiful and unique continent proudly rose over the waters of your planet Gaia.

Now I am known as Adama, and you have known (since there are some pages that talk about me on the Internet) that currently I am the leader of a community who lives under the earth, in a subterranean city called Telos, which is physically found underneath Mount Shasta, in the United States.

When the spiritual process of Ascension takes place in the humanity [who resides] on the surface of our planet, many doors will open to all of you, and it is through those Portals that numerous civilizations will make contact with you, and that will provide you with a unique occasion to learn to lift your hearts, first of all, and second, to learn new technologies to make your life easier and less dependent on you having to work all day to be able to survive.

In order to achieve this critical mass necessary for the elevation of humanity to come true, it is very simple what you have to do; listen to the advice of someone who has lived much longer that you on Gaia, since immemorial and ancestral times.

First of all, all of you who are awakening and living in adjacent locations must gather together, and conduct group meditations in this way in order to materialize an emergent energy that will embrace all your surroundings and help elevate the consciousness of all who live within that area.

Second of all, make contact via the Internet with people who are also elevating their level of consciousness and who live in far away locations, like on other continents, but with whom you feel a clear and notorious affinity, "like as if you had always known them" and a fraternal affection that unites you, despite the fact that you don't know each other in the physical plane. Surely in the subtle or inner planes you already know each other and are working together.

And finally, try to maintain a mental purity and elevated feelings in your hearts, to protect yourselves from the influx and attractions to the easy but selfish life, with which the Dark Forces desperately try to maintain their power over you.

They are already acting desperately, because they know very well that each time more people are awakening. That is another reazon why We have inspired you so that you call up your new arm of counter attack, the brotherhood community, "Despertando.me". Are you surprised?

Nothing happens at random; you are always guided, and you respond very well to our inspirations. Continue like this, for all is happening according to the Plan designed by Sublime Beings who have planned each step very well, in order to defeat the Dark Forces.

You can continuously count on our support, because our help is necessary at this moment in order for the Divine Plan to manifest on Gaia. However, the initial effort must come from you; that is how it happens in all confines of the Universe.

Count on us, and we count on you.

So be it. And so it is.

Source: Adama

Channel: Kris-Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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