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Alpha Ship, October 3, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

During decades there have been many people who have had sightings of strange lights in the sky. Well, we have to admit that it has not always been us, for in many occasions the observed phenomena were flying objects created by you, it is just that this was unknown to the observer; in other occasions, there were typical phenomena of nature, being in reality Gaia the one manifesting itself in some way to you.

But it is true that you have observed us many, many times, when we have decided that you should see us from your houses, o from the countryside or from a mountain or a deserted beach.

Even in certain moments in time (not many, really) we have contacted groups and have summoned them to a place at a specified time so that all members of the group would have the opportunity to see us flying above them and making maneuvers that are impossible to do with terrestrial flying objects, precisely so that they open themselves to the reality that they are being visited and are accompanied by civilizations from other worlds and galaxies.

Civilizations - some of them from very far - are here for a vital reason, one of extraordinary importance, which encompasses not only the destiny of humankind and living beings of this planet but is also intermingled with the evolution of all souls of the inhabited worlds of this galaxy.

The critical mass awakening to the new consciousness level necessary to make the evolutionary leap awaiting you is augmenting considerably day by day. We can confirm that the number of human beings who are consciously involved in this evolutionary leap is gradually growing and ascending.

And that is what we consider truly effective, for it is more important that the people who are joining the active group of beings who can be helped do so in a constant way, without giving up, so that this movement becomes massive, substantial and persistent.

We welcome all those who are becoming conscious of what's happening in these current times of change for humanity, who has been suffering and been enslaved by the social, political and economic rule of a few powerful ones, to give way to the advent of a human society where all will be equal, the way they have always been in the eyes of God and their Older Brothers.

"We are all One" - must be the motto that rules your lives, that is constantly in your minds and in your hearts, so that all limiting thoughts and feelings of your old beliefs disappear to give way to the feeling of unity appropriate of the truth and reality of all of God's Creation.

If we were not here at this time, doing what we do to support you in the awakening process of your inner consciousness and to undo the bad deeds some people without scruples are doing to the environment in which you live, the process planned by Higher Divine Minds would not be able to materialize.

We are here to make sure that this process will take place, effectively and promptly, without risking God's Plan to fail.

To achieve that, it is vital that each time more and more of you become actively involved in the arrival of this New Earth and this new humanity. You cannot remain seated and wait for us to do all the work, because this will not be so.

Once you have awaken to the reality and the relevance of all that occurs in Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, we urge you to take action and unite amongst yourselves in order to accelerate the process of change, transmutation and rising of all terrestrial consciousness.

Some people lament the fact that we do not drastically involve ourselves in the problems humanity is suffering, but that is not appropriate, it is for you to transmute the old and obsolete into the new and transcendental.

Instead of remaining seated in regret and murmuring, once you have realized the need for a planetary change, help so that what you have learned and felt within you be useful to other human beings.

Now you can count with the help and support of the Internet, for example, which connects all from any location on the planet. Make use of this tool, be assured that it was inspired by us so that it could help you in your global awakening as a race on this planet.

We are not asking you to step on a bench in a town square and declare in a loud voice that the world needs to change. But to make use of these current tools that technology offers you so that each time more and more people understand the need to, first, for each of you to change to increase the critical mass necessary for the Great Change to occur, and with the support and intention of all of us, united, this process will succeed and you will see yourselves catapulted into a new state of consciousness.

Love and Peace,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you Commander Sohin for all your help. It is very much appreciated.
I have done what you suggested and used the internet as an information source as well as a tool to inform the people that I know. I would like to know if what I read on certain websites about the ascension, that we must prepare by having survival equipment and stores of food and the like. On yet other websites I am told that during the evacuation everything will be provided for us. Can you please clarify some of that information? Thank you again for everything that you are doing for the people of Earth.
In Love and Light, Sandra" (10-12-'10)

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