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Montague Keen - May 31, 2015

George Orwell

Those who rule, whilst remaining in the shadows, are causing chaos in Europe. Be assured that this was always their PLAN. They care not for the suffering of the unfortunate people who perish on the high seas; they are not wanted by any country. Study what was done by the powers that be to cause this chaos in those countries in the first place. WHO INSTIGATED THE CHAOS that followed the invasion of these countries. Everything was PLANNED, down to the smallest detail.

They do not want the English, Irish, French, German, or Italian people to survive. They want them to lose their racial identity. "The Plan" is to kill off all forms of national identity; to kill off as many humans as possible, so that only the strongest can survive the chaos which the European countries have been deliberately plunged into. This is the most serious situation you have had to face; and you will have to face it, sooner than you think. Those who plan to pit human against human, sit back and enjoy the chaos, hoping that many lives will be cut short. They are not of your world, but THEY USE YOU to carry out their wishes. They speak such 'kind' and 'understanding' words to you in your plight, while all the time, they glory at how easy it is to manipulate you.

I ask you to remove all labels and see things as they actually are; not as the propaganda tells you it is. Your world is being destroyed all around you. Trust your own research. Step back from the propaganda, for it is total lies. Are you going to do anything while your heritage is being destroyed all around you?

They destroy all evidence of YOUR TRUE HISTORY when their armies invade a country. They are COMMANDED to first destroy all ancient artifacts and buildings, every bit of evidence that a civilised people once lived there in times past; before the invasion by those who want to take everything from you. Mind control was their weapon of choice and you have fallen for all their tactics. Religion has been their most successful weapon.

On the 24 September, the head of Religious Mind Control will meet the head of the United States at the United Nations, to sign over your future. Have you agreed to this? Do you have any backbone at all? Do not fall into the TRAP of thinking to yourself, what can I do? Trust me, you can do a lot. NO is a simple two-letter word, which is not used enough by you. You cannot just watch the takeover of your world and not lift a finger.

They also plan to remove money, so that only a chip will decide whether you buy food or not. THIS IS TOTAL CONTROL OF HUMANITY. THEY WILL PAINT A WONDERFUL PICTURE OF THIS, TO REASSURE THE MINIONS THAT IT WILL BE FUN NOT TO HAVE TO HANDLE MONEY AGAIN. But nothing they put forward for you will help you in any way. Only they can smile sweetly at you, as they plunge the knife in your heart. They do not see you as equal . . . and this is the bottom line.

You are now fighting for your very survival, so there is no time to waste. Look with pity at those who struggle on the seas today. It is them, today; tomorrow, quite possibly you. The destruction of your world is happening all around you. What are you doing about it? If only you could see their evil plans, as we can from this side of life, you would not be complacent. You are in a dire situation. You are all Palestinians, and you will suffer the same fate as them, if things carry on as they are now.

People around the world risk their lives to bring you the truth, in order to show you the way forward. What are you prepared to do? You can win this battle. Make your mind up, to never assist in any way, the takeover of your world. They cannot do it without you. Connect with the Supreme Being, the Source. Cut out the middle man; that was a ploy to control you. You are powerful beings of light, whose light has been dimmed by religion. It is time to release that light, as it will expose the evil dark forces that oppress you.

You live in a world of plenty but you have allowed the greed of your oppressors to take it from you. You are many, they are few. Never forget that. I have always told you that they would have to return from whence they came, and that only the most evil will remain until the end. Their time is running out. They have infiltrated every country, and every power structure on Earth. They either control, or are advisors to, their puppets. Their tentacles are visible everywhere. It's very clever, but it is THE DARKEST EVIL.

The spirit side of life, as well as your friends from other planets, will be at your side to guide you through this. All the technology you will need to repair and recover, will be made available to you. You will then be in a position to create a world of plenty for all. When you pass to spirit, all becomes clear. It is shocking to see the evil corruption while humans are left floundering to survive amidst the chaos.

Visualise a peaceful world and make it happen. Every thought has an energy of its own.

My dear, you are up against it in every way. We are working with you to ensure that things happen as they should.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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