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Montague Keen - March 31, 2013

My dear, I was delighted to be able to organise one or two surprises for you this weekend. I wanted to say thank you for your devotion to our work. It is important for you to spend time with family and special friends this holiday weekend. You need to relax and put work aside for a few hours.

Important connections are being made and the right people are being brought forward. Significant information is being shared. You were told an important connection with Canada would be made, and within hours, such a connection was made. All the sacred sites around your world were once connected, but this connection was temporarily destroyed and this left you in darkness. Now, you are hearing of good people across your world who are aware of this and are busily reconnecting these sites. This will create the energy necessary for the light to remove all the evidence of darkness, forever. We in spirit, work with these people. Their sole purpose is to restore the light.

You were given important information during your interview, last evening, regarding who are (you and I) and our soul connection. It was also confirmed that your instinct was correct regarding one of your team: he is of great importance and he will soon come to terms with what is expected of him. His soul contract with you, my dear, will be fulfilled. He will exceed expectations; so worry not, all will proceed as planned. Your eagerness to rush ahead must be controlled. Spirit decides when to proceed: not you, my dear. Leave all these decisions to us. You know in your heart that we will be successful. The right people will be at your side.

The importance of Ireland is, at last, being realised by your world. Those who make contact with you are eager to share their research. They are understandably excited that, at last, they are seeing the full picture of when the control system was put in place and how it was achieved. This knowledge will set you free. It will also expose those who were complicit in destroying your world. This was when the human race was altered to keep everyone under control. The guilty ones are now beginning to experience the fear of exposure. Their threats now fall on deaf ears as their control is ebbing away.

Ensure that you are grounded at all times as you need to protect yourself from all forms of attack. They will not go quietly. But have no fear, as you will be assisted in restoring your world. Everything is in place, and when the timing is right, all will become clear. Trust in spirit, and know without doubt, that this is the way forward.

Gradually remove yourselves from the rat race in which you were unwittingly trapped. Appreciate what you do have in your life that is pure and good and love-based. The simple things in life are the most precious. Re-evaluate your lives and ask, what is your purpose? Why are you on Earth at this time? Everyone has a role to play, so do not be found wanting. Together, you will change your world and you will take your place in the universe once more. When you learn to look with love in your eyes at all around you and appreciate the beauty of your planet, you will know that you are free at last.

Please excuse my dear wife, she needs to join her family for family celebrations. It is difficult to concentrate on our connection when family is present. Our plans are coming to fruition. This is an exciting time. Please bear with us and all will be revealed. Be assured that you are on the right track. Together, we will help to restore the light.

Enjoy your time with your family. Always, your adoring, Monty.

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