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Montague Keen - January 31, 2016

My dear, I know how upset you are this morning, to read that 10,000 little refugee children have "GONE MISSING" in Europe. You know that the satanic and pedophile groups flourish in Europe. Do they really expect to keep this SECRET ? Because the ENERGY is increasing as more awaken every day, it has become difficult for them to continue to operate secretly.

They need more HUMAN FLESH and BLOOD to be able to hold their fake human bodies, and to continue to keep control of you. They have so many plans to exterminate the human race, you are already living with them: chemtrails, fluoride , GM crops, vaccinations. Now, they are releasing the VIRUSES which they have prepared in their laboratories. ZIKA is the latest. It will be used just like they used their AIDS VIRUS in the past. Trust me, they have many more, prepared and ready to be released on the unsuspecting population. The more desperate they become, the more vicious they will become. You are in an "US or THEM situation". You are the 99%, they are the 1%. There is strength in numbers, especially with so many of you, now awake to your plight.

You only have to look to America to see how they operate. You see the American people queue up to listen to them and support them. How blind do people have to be, not to see what is before their eyes. Knowing what they know today, how can they allow themselves to be conned yet again by the very same people, wearing different clothes. Every trick in their black magic book is being used to con you. Remember the LIES you fell for, when you elected OBAMA? He is responsible for more DEATHS than any other President. The facts speak for themselves. You have a responsibility to protect humanity from such people.

Now the Draco/Reptilians, call them what you will, are losing ground. They plan to ask you to forgive them and allow them to remain on Earth. They will tell you that "they were born into it", and they will fall on your mercy. You must give this thought and consideration, as you will most certainly have to face this problem. Many of them will leave the Earth. They will take with them the gold for which they came to the Earth. I have always said that they will not go quietly. They will destroy as much as possible before they leave. Their own scientists produce the viruses and poisons used against you, yet they will expect you to overlook such actions. You may face this situation sooner than you expect. Things have speeded up. Important decisions need to be made.

It is time to give up the idea of the PARTY POLITICS of the PAST. This trapped you. Now look very carefully at the PERSON asking you to trust them. I am observing what is happening in Ireland. I see some REAL people coming forward with sound judgement and a strong desire to serve TRUTH and JUSTICE. In particular, RICHARD BOYD-BARRETT, CLARE DALY and PAUL MURPHY are fearless and trustworthy. The future, not only of the Irish people, but of humanity, would be safe in their hands. Your world needs these, and others like them, to take humanity forward into the future. Leave old allegiances of the past in the past. You have a duty to create a better future for all. Remove all that is corrupt and of the past and move forward.

Many of you are having strange, unexplained experiences. Yes, energy is being released and it is allowing the unexpected to happen.

You have lived in a controlled environment all of your lives, and only now, see that it was manipulated to hold you in fear and control. Many scams were designed to cut your freedom, cost you money, and make you feel guilty and responsible. Global Warming is one of their biggest scams. It has cost you dearly. They alter everything to suit whatever story they are pushing on that particular day. You must question everything they come up with, as you will find it is all lies. Those in power are NOT there to SERVE YOU. They are there to remove everything from you, and to remove you, also. To them, as Kissinger told you, you are "useless eaters", surplus to requirements. They do not want you in the world which they are trying to create for themselves. This is happening all around you. Closing your eyes to it will not make it go away. It just gives them more power. Is that what you want? In 2016, big decisions must be made. Are you ready to make them?

Seek the truth for yourselves, as it is all there. You will never find it in the mainstream media, which is all owned and controlled by them. All you will ever find there, is propaganda, and the downright LIES which they use to further their agenda.

You, my friends, are in the process of creating a world where peace and love are of prime importance. This will be created without bombs or guns. Humanity will naturally come together to create a future where all research and resources are shared. Whether you wish to share all this with those, who in the past, were part of the Draco Control System, is a big question to which you need to give serious thought. The time has come to make the decisions.

My dear, the harder it gets, the closer to success we are. We are doing our best, just as you are, my dear. There is much to overcome, and overcome it, we will.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.


I would like to thank all those who gave me advice on how to cope with my lung problem. My condition is improving.

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