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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - September 30, 2018

It seems that I must introduce myself as some in Ireland are not aware of who I am. I was born into an orthodox Jewish family in London on the 7 February 1925. When I first met Veronica many years ago, I pointed out that I was a Jew. I asked if this mattered. Her reply was "Should it?" We spent many very happy years together, before she finally agreed to become my wife, making me the happiest man on Earth. We knew happiness beyond anything we believed possible. After my passing, Veronica bought a locket into which she placed a lock of my hair. She had a diamond made out of 8 ounces of my ashes which connects with the locket. She wears this every day of her life.

That is real love that cannot be extinguished. It goes on forever. Even death itself cannot erase it. Three months after my passing, Veronica arranged for A DAY OF TRIBUTE at the Royal Society of Arts, the very place where I had passed over to my new existence. People came from all over the world to pay tribute to me. That is how much Veronica loves me.

When DR JOHN MACK of Harvard University (also a Jew and a very dear friend) learned of the fact that I was speaking in my own voice and bringing information, he was excited, and asked Veronica if they could work together. John arranged to stay in our home and we were looking forward to working together. This was in September 2004. Veronica took John to the home of our friend, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, for lunch. Later that day, John travelled into London to meet business colleagues for dinner. It was on his return to our home that John was killed. The Police arrived at our home to tell Veronica that John was dead. Danny, John's son, stayed with Veronica, and together they organised John's funeral at the same Hendon Crematorium where, a few months earlier, I had been cremated myself.

2004 was not a good year for Veronica, losing two people who meant so much to her. I hope that this information will prove that my wife is not as the Cabal would like you to believe. No man was ever loved as I was loved, and as I continue to be loved.

I would like to draw your attention to Veronica's friendship with GILAD ATZMON. Gilad is an Israeli Jew with whom Veronica has done several interviews, the first in the study of our home.

Veronica met HARALD KAUTZ VELLA at a conference and was so impressed with this amazing young scientist that she invited him to our home for a few days. She made several interviews with him, two of them in our dining room. Harald is a German Jew.

Veronica recognises genius when she sees it and she respects it. I could go on, but I believe I have made my point. To those who are trying to state otherwise, the evidence proves them wrong.

Those within the Cabal are pulling out all the stops to hold on to power and control. But they cannot, they are fast losing ground. Everything is falling apart all around them. It has become a battle between the Cabal and Mr Trump, and Mr Trump will win.

Look at the fear on the faces of the Democrat Party in America as they try to fight for their existence. Their time is up and they know it. They are just hanging on by their fingertips. They have used the American people as slaves.

You must wake up and take back control of your lives. Donald Trump will lead the way forward. There was an attempt on his life recently but through your prayers, he is being protected. He is removing all that was put in place to prevent the human race from living life on Earth as it should be lived. You will soon learn who you are, and your true history, and you will once again become the powerful beings of light that you are. Step into the light, restore the Earth to what it once was, before the takeover by what you now know as the Cabal. Welcome your friends from other planets who are ready to help you to embrace a new way of life.

All religions that you know today will cease to exist. This will ensure there is no longer a reason for war. Love and peace will reign supreme. The man-made divisions will become a thing of the past. You are on the Earth at this time to bring all this about. You are the architects of the future. Life on Earth was never meant to be the struggle to survive that it has become.

I ensured that Veronica made the acquaintance of fellow beings from Andromeda who are ready to assist. Much is being done to prevent humanity from freeing itself from slavery. Sadly, some are fighting the changes, as they want to stick to the old slave rules. They have become puppets of the Cabal. They want to stick rigidly to what they have become accustomed to. It takes courage to move into the light. Those who shout loudest are those who remain in fear. They are terrified of embracing the changes that will free them, so they attack all who do wish to move forward into the light.

Plans have been made but it would be extremely unwise of Veronica to share them. No matter what pressure is put on her, she is not allowed to reveal the plans. At this moment, there are people from different parts of the Earth who are strategically placed around Rome, ready to enter the Vatican to reclaim all that was taken from humanity and return it to the people. This wealth will ensure that no one, ever again, has to endure hunger, homelessness, and fear. All this will end. This is what you are working towards, my friends. THE TIMING IS RIGHT.

Prepare, have enough survival food and money to last at least two weeks. Do not forget water, candles, and matches. Toilet paper is a must on your list. You will sail through it, as you are fully aware of the changes that you dreamed would await you.

Do not hate those who tried to take control. Hate destroys only those who hate. The energy of it is very destructive, so avoid those who indulge in it. They end up leading a lonely and miserable life. They are to be pitied. Pray for them.

Your spiritual life will become more important as you move forward into the light. Remove everything negative from your life, especially negative people, as they will only try to drag you down to their own level. They have chosen their path – the negative path – so they will remain in darkness. It is their own choice entirely. Can you imagine a place inhabited only with negative people? It does not bear thinking about. Pray that they see the light before it is too late. Negativity will not be allowed to move into the light, as it destroys all that it touches.

My dear, your meeting yesterday was a huge step forward. Information is being brought to your attention that confirms information that you already knew. All will fall into place when the timing is right, so be prepared. Never question our plans, which will succeed.

Together forever, your adoring, Monty.

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