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Montague Keen - August 30, 2016

Big decisions are now being made by governments. Do they continue to support the corrupt regime that is demanding a New World Order and the elimination of 90% of the human race? Or do they follow their conscience and protect their fellow humans. Your governments are struggling with this question. You, my friends, must use your energy to stand together and support your fellow man. The corrupt have gone as far as they dare but they are vastly outnumbered. The awakened have found their voice. They say, NO, we have no wish to have a NEW WORLD ORDER forced upon us. Use your newfound confidence to refuse to support the New World Order in any way you can. It is not what you want and you are the majority.

When the English people said NO to the EU, this was the first nail in the coffin of the New World Order. Now, you must take every opportunity to refuse to assist in even the smallest way, those who want to destroy you. You need leaders to come forward that people can rally around to find their strength. You are on the road to victory, I promise you. This victory is assured. Humanity will thrive, once more, when all the GM 'food' is removed, the chemtrails are stopped, and your water is pure. All the illness that plagues your lives now, will quickly disappear. Life on Earth will become a wonderful experience once more.

The people must find and use their voice. Together, you can make all the changes that are necessary to restore health and welfare. Thousands are on Earth at this time to assist you in the transition from all that was dark and corrupt. It has taken time and effort to get you to this stage. You have to make a joint effort to complete the transition. When you fully emerge into the light, you will find that it is everything that you could ever have wished for.

FEAR will be used by the Cabal in every possible way to try to stop you. But you are many, they are few, so do not fall for the fear. Yes, fear always worked in the past; but you are wiser now and you know what you want. You have no wish to exist in the Cabal's New World Order. They have no respect for human life, they despise you. They see you as useless eaters. Need I say more? The Cabal's plan is falling apart and they are in shock. The English people actually said NO to them, shock horror !

Now you are seeing other countries, led by Germany, also saying a resounding NO. This is what we have been waiting for. The first steps are being taken. It will go from strength to strength. This is history in the making and it will be talked about for generations to come.

Our two worlds will come together. You have no idea how much this has been blocked. Your DNA is being restored. I know that this process disturbs some of you: the strange pains, the exhaustion, but it is all part of the restoration of your DNA. The Cabal has done much to prevent this, as they will not be able to control you when you become the powerful beings of light that you are. The Cabal is fearful. They do not know what to expect when you actually see them for what they are. You will look on them with pity because they worked and planned for so long, only to be defeated at the last hurdle. All their evil plans have come to nothing.

Connect again with the Earth. Look at it with eyes wide open and see it in all its glory. Understand how it works, its different weather patterns, and connect with all its sacred places, restoring them where necessary. Energy portals are opening up to assist you to connect with who you are. There are more wonders in your world than you could imagine, but many have been hidden. More is opening up for you, more than you could image, and it is all yours. Soon there will be no more taxes, no more money worries. All that will go, as a new way of life will open up for you without the stress of today's existence.

To restore your health, look to the ancient remedies. It's all there. Ancient people knew exactly which herb to use, all natural and beneficial. The ancients never heard of "side effects", such things were invented by the drug companies to protect themselves.

Who do you trust? Look to your heart, you will find the truth there. In your logical mind you will find only what the Cabal has taught you. This cannot be trusted. I have reminded you, many times, that you will have to unlearn all that your parents taught you, and of course, all that the Cabal has ensured you learned through education. Everything was stacked against you to prevent your awakening, but it failed. Now you must go forward into the light with love in your hearts, in the sure knowledge that you will restore the Earth and all of humanity to all that it was intended to be. Be strong, be prepared, and be brave.

My dear, all those who have helped to show the way are being attacked. It is to be expected, as they do not know any better. They are full of fear, so they lash out at everyone. You know the truth, no matter how they try to twist it. Please send love and justice to those all over the world who are trapped by the Cabal. They need your assistance.

My dear, be very careful who you trust, as not everyone is as they appear. Words are cheap, actions bear fruit. This is not a time to take chances, so be on guard at all times.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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