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Montague Keen - December 25, 2016

2016 is almost at an end. It was an exceedingly traumatic year for many, including you, my dear. All who endeavoured to expose the Cabal have suffered. I know that it has taken its toll on you, my dear, but the fact that you survived all that was directed at you, proves that the truth will triumph. Humanity is finding the strength to investigate all that those who believe themselves to be 'in power' impose on you. The REAL controllers, who pull the strings for your puppet governments, are being exposed and eliminated. It will take time for the human race to fully understand how this evil Cabal changed the course of human life on Earth. They changed your history in order to confuse you. There is a need to know your true history, as well as who you are and what is expected of you. Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) you were taught about your history, is true. All those that you were taught to hold in high esteem are, in fact, your captors. Every time you make a sign of the cross; you are actually saying "I AGREE TO THIS BONDAGE. I AM YOUR SLAVE". This is why you see the cross everywhere, to remind you of your bondage. The Cabal understands just how the human mind works. They have established countless ways of controlling it. Do not play their games which have been designed to enslave you.

Religions are but different mind games, also designed to enslave you. Serve, instead, the Prime Creator, the source of all creation, who awaits your call to free you from the Cabal, and to protect you from further attacks. I assure you the Cabal is losing ground. France and Ireland, and other countries, are now formulating plans to withdraw from the Cabal's EUROPEAN UNION. This proves that the awakening is happening. The release from bondage is underway.

More proof that vaccinations cause autism has been published in California. This is a fact. It is further proof that, far from being good for you, these vaccinations cause great harm. They destroy lives. There are experts on health who use natural methods to heal, who are ready to replace the corrupt drug industry. I helped Veronica to formulate plans to put this in action. She has been under constant attack ever since. However, it will be done; see it as just postponed. The battle merely to be able to survive, had to take priority. Our plans will come to fruition. They cannot be prevented. Humanity must survive and thrive once more.

May I take this opportunity to remind the people of Ireland that the remarkable man, DAVID ICKE, is to talk in Ireland for the first time. Please give him a real Irish welcome. Listen to his words. They will lift you out of the control system that was instituted by the Vatican, 2000 ago, in order to enslave you. You, the Irish race, are the most sinned against race in your world. This is your time to WAKE UP, and realise that IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING. All the answers you need are there in Ireland. Look again at the information revealed in the Andrew Bartzis/Veronica Keen videos on YouTube. You are ready for it. All the information you need is contained in them. It is time for the Irish to act, by discarding the false teachings and trappings of Rome that have enslaved you. Learn that it was the JESUITS who planned and carried out THE IRISH HOLOCAUST. They told you it was a famine. Such LIES !

Ireland produced food that was shipped out, even as the people died of hunger. THIS WAS OVERSEEN BY THE JESUITS. All the evidence is there. The Vatican set out to destroy the Irish people, sending them begging to the four corners of the Earth as slaves.

When the Irish people wake up (and wake up they will!) all the lies of the Vatican will be exposed. They will lose what little credibility they have left. The Vatican openly serves Lucifer. This is right in front of your eyes but you are blind to it. How many children do they sacrifice to Lucifer every year through their satanic rituals. BY KEEPING QUIET ABOUT THIS SUBJECT, YOU TOO, ARE GUILTY !

You must face many unsavoury truths in 2017, especially the ritual killing of children. This must stop! Those who serve MOLOCH have always indulged in such ritual sacrifice. Many attend THE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS. In this Mass, one is told to DRINK THE BLOOD of Christ and to EAT THE FLESH of Christ. This is, in fact, a satanic ritual. Do you do this?

Think for a moment, what life will be like when the chemtrails are gone; when the fluoridation of your water is stopped; when GM food is outlawed; when the drug companies are exposed for exactly what they are, and all vaccinations are prevented. Human life will change. You will be free to think and to explore all that has been hidden from you. Free again to be the Beings of Light that you actually are.

This is your objective. This is what you must work towards. Your future depends on it. All the information you require is already there, waiting for you to explore it. There are no limitations, so go for it. See this as the most exciting adventure of your lives.

Those whom the Cabal fear are locked up in jails, all over your world. Those that they can kill, they do kill. Please give a thought to those who have been unjustly imprisoned without trial by the Cabal. Justice does not exist in Cabal-run countries. Pray for justice for them. All has been taken from them and they have nothing left, except the hope that eventually, justice will prevail.

My dear, 2016 was one of the most difficult years that you have ever had to cope with. The attacks on you became more audacious and horrific. It is a miracle indeed that you have survived.

Our work must go on.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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