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May 23, 2010




Please ponder these wise words of Francis Bacon. The world that you inhabit is not as you believe it to be, false information is fed to you on every level of your development, Schools and Universities continue the entrapment, you cease to think for yourself, like a caged animal you are under control. You allow your mind to control you, you completely overrule your INTUITION. Think of the times you have said "I KNOW" I just know without a doubt whatever it might be...... ask yourself where does this knowing come from.? I tell you it comes from your Soul, your Eternal Soul that is Infinite Knowledge. Learn to open up and allow your Intuition to guide you, it will never lead you astray. You are Consciousness, you are part of all that is and ever has been. Do not allow those who want to enslave you to conquer this your true identity. They are not of the Human race as you know it though they might appear and act as if they are... do not be take in by this terrible deception. As they desperately trawl your World trying to persuade Governments to believe and trust them, you the Enlightened are charged with the task of showing them up for what they truly are.

This year 2010 is an important year in your development, all will be revealed, know that you are all loved and supported in your work to restore the Peace and Harmony that has been brutally removed from so many innocent people. Reach out to those who suffer with warmth and humility. Truth will expose the corrupt whose desire for the spilling of blood is insatiable , they kill with impunity. This has got to stop, we need enough people to want it to stop so as to create enough energy to remove the corrupt forever. They will not survive the move to the New Energy, the New Era that is beginning, each day takes you closer. You have to be strong, the corrupt will promise you false gold and riches beyond your dreams, they will paint a picture of a beautiful Paradise that many will be fooled into believing...... in truth they need slaves. They print money, it is just paper, it has no value anymore, they alone control it. They have altered History so that you will believe their lies. They produce false gods, false Religions all with one purpose in mind, to control the masses. Always remember that you are part of the Great Consciousness and when your mission on earth is complete you will return to where you belong. Leaving Veronica was the hardest thing that was asked of me but to complete our work there was no choice. The pain of this loss was great for both of us but it was for the greater good of Humanity. Life on Earth is never easy, there are always lessons to be learned. Your time on Earth is but a moment of your existence, your time in Spirit is ETERNAL, its fulfilling, it is perfect, it is what you must strive for. There are people in your World who have been given the knowledge necessary to guide you to the correct path to follow. Many try to discredit them but the truth will not be silenced. False Fear is created, you are bombarded information about "Your Enemies". Fear is the breath of life to the corrupt, blood is their life force. Ask for guidance, it will be given to you.

Treat others only as you would like to be treated by them. Take the hand of the misguided , lead them gently to the Light and the Truth. Open up to your Spiritual side, it is after all who you are, through this Love will enter your life and you will open up the beauty that surrounds you, Earth is a beautiful planet, it is the corrupt who have caused the problems. Your future is beautiful, look forward to this change in your existence, it will not disappoint you.

Veronica my dear wife, I surround you with love and light, I will always be your adoring Husband, Monty.

I ask you to read "How Spirit saw Montague Keen" it explains the sort of person he was and still is, it's under Articles. Thank you, Veronica

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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