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March 23, 2012

The Great Awakening is happening. You see evidence of this every day now. Your oppressors are anxiously searching for new ways to keep mankind under control. Though they have technology that is far superior to anything known to ordinary people, it does not matter what they try, it will fail. 2012 sees the end of their reign of terror and abuse of mankind. Evidence of how TV is used to control the information is being researched. People are shocked when they see for themselves the extent of this control. Everything, from the moment you were born, has been carefully designed to control your mind and your life. Those bloodlines have a lot to answer for: they stole all that was yours by right. The ancient knowledge that was hidden will be returned to you. We are finding ways to guide you to it.

The Vatican colluded with the banksters and so a great deal is hidden there. It is because of this that your world is in turmoil. The evil they unleashed on your world is responsible for all the wars, famines and suffering. Because they controlled your minds, it was easy to control everything else. You are all brainwashed, some to a lesser degree than others. Religions were created for this very purpose. You have only to look around you to see how successful this has been.

As people are beginning to see through all this and they look at those that they were encouraged to laugh at and ridicule, they now see these people in a new light. They see them as the brave souls that they are. They stood for truth. It is indeed a brave soul who stands up for truth in your world today. Join them and assist them in spreading the word of truth. Look deep into your own soul for the real truth. You will find it there. It has always been there, but because you have been controlled and not given the skills to find it for yourselves, you allowed others to tell you what to think and what to do. You bought into a monitory system that is so corrupt that it has made slaves of you, ever since.

Help is on its way. You can see, each evening before the stars come out, the space ships, all ready and waiting for the opportunity to come to your rescue. It is very reassuring for you to be able to actually see that they are there. They will not abandon you. They are familiar with everything on Earth: how it works and how to replace all that has been removed to prevent you from developing as you should have done.

My dear, this weekend, you will learn of the importance of Sacred Geometry. How it is used in mind-control in your everyday lives. The Cabal took all that was good and misused it for their own advantage. It is time to take back what is yours. Connect with your higher self. Take control of your own lives. Connect only with what is good and wholesome. There are countries in your world which control every thought and action of their people. These poor people have never known freedom. They live and die without ever knowing what life on Earth could be and should be.

You – yes, all of you – are the freedom fighters who will free mankind. This, you happily chose to carry out, before you returned to Earth. Sadly, you will have to endure many more FALSE FLAG scenarios. All these are carried out to create fear and to confuse. They even kill their own when they think they can profit from it or gain sympathy for their so-called plight. They have done it many times and will continue to do it as long as it pays dividends. They want your world, every inch of it. They only want enough of you in order to maintain it in the fashion that they desire. They have tried to ‘con’ you into accepting this; now they are prepared to take it by force. How many times have you heard popes, presidents and prime ministers say, "When we have our New World Order, and we will!" They are so sure of themselves that they believed you would meekly accept that they know best. They actually believed that 1% could bully, brainwash and cajole the other 99% into acquiescing. Well, mankind is not prepared to act as sheep anymore. The people are remembering who they are and that this planet is theirs. It does not belong to the Cabal.

It is time for the Cabal to leave planet Earth and for mankind to live in peace.

We are preventing and exposing as much as we can. It is a team effort on this side of life also. Together, we will defeat the Cabal. The advantage that we have is that we see and hear everything. We read their thoughts and we know their plans the moment they are thought of. They cannot hide from us.

You will be busy this weekend, learning about Sacred Geometry. It is very interesting, my dear, and most beneficial to understand and use at all times. I will be there, enjoying it with you. It is very important ancient knowledge that needs to be understood and used by all.

We have much to do. So let's get on with it. Your adoring, Monty.

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