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Montague Keen - December 22, 2014

Veronica, my dear, it is heartbreaking for me to see you attacked in so many different ways. The pain you have endured in the last week was caused by the severe shock. This was unforeseen, so you were unprepared. It was fortunate that your friend was staying with you. I thank her for her kindness to you. She has witnessed the attacks and will one day write about them. The reason why the attacks have intensified is as follows.

The battle between the Light and the Dark has begun a new phase. The cabal will not leave the Earth without a major fight. They will not respond to any diplomatic invitations to leave peacefully. If you think you are not at war, right now, you could not be further from the truth. This war is being played out on every level, and it will become more visible in the very near future. Your sky is heavily overcast because of heavy chemtrailing, thus preventing any tell-tale signs of what is going on.

ASK, what are they hiding from you? When the sky is clear, take the time to check out the "stars", as strong movements can be seen emanating from their surfaces. Also notice how your moon changes shape from time to time. When this happens it is clouded very soon afterwards. Things are not what they seem. This has been so for a very long time.

There are different species trying to hold on to Earth. I will not name them, as I have no wish to alarm you. There are species walking the Earth that appear to resemble you, but this is not so. Such as the ones who managed to enter our home. Your friend was able to protect you.

The light energies will descend to Earth and they will make themselves known to you. You know what must be done. Nothing can stop this shift. The Dark Ones will try to lure many people into what they will tell you are friendly spaceships. They are NOT ! The dark needs souls to fill other dimensions and they will be lost to humanity. Parts of your world will be destroyed on the orders of the cabal. They want to create panic, as they need your FEAR. They will always twist the truth.

I know that some will not wake up, even when the truth is in their faces. The cabal is counting on this. Look at the symbols in your streets: the mannequins in the shops with their curled horns. These are signs of the beast, right in front of you. What is the message behind this ?

More and more people who dare to speak out are being locked up, murdered, or are having an 'accident'. The list is growing. The Dark Side is trying to silence you. They do their best to prevent the truth ever getting to you. They need to hold you in the matrix of 3D OBLIVION. Again, they have placed a grid over the ley line grid of the Earth. The survival of Planet Earth depends on your work on the ley lines. This is of supreme importance. PLEASE continue this work. In time, you will be shown how important your input into the survival of the planet has been.

The cabal will not succeed, but they will take as many of you with them as they can. You must stand your ground. You cannot do this with closed eyes. You need to develop routines to protect yourselves. Connect to the field of your heart, and through that to the centre of the Earth, one way, and to the Central Sun, the other way. Step into a column of light, then you connect with heaven and earth. No one with negative energies can step into the light, so bring light to yourselves in any way you can. Protect the Earth, for the cabal has blocked the light of the sun. It will be fine-tuned again. You will move into the 5D Lemurian Age. It has remained buried in your memories, but it will flourish again.

Earth is preparing to endure major changes, way beyond your imagination, in order to bring you into the New Era, which is a new dimensional state of life. Lemuria never left the Earth, it just went out of sight, beyond perception. You are now in the End Game. It brings to an end the long period of enslavement, which has not only enslaved all living beings on Earth, but the Earth, Gaia, itself. You now have a chance to make a difference. So be part of this liberation and experience this transition first hand.

You each have a responsibility to all of humanity and your planet from which you cannot hide. Go with the changes, work with them. You will be fine when you stand together, as you cannot be defeated. Those of the cabal who refuse to vacate Planet Earth, will either combust or vapourise. That will not be a pretty sight, but it is their choice.

We in Spirit watch this war. It is brutal to the extreme. The cabal has everything to lose, so it will continue to the bitter end. We have seen many casualties on both sides.

Forgive me for bringing this information at this time of happy family gatherings, but forewarned is fore-armed. You will have lots of time to discuss this over the holiday.

Enjoy the festive season, as it will be the last in this form. Soon, you will be able to celebrate your liberation from all darkness.

My dear, you are still very fragile. Take care, and try to have a break, as you are under such stress.

We are always with you. Your adoring, Monty.

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