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September 19, 2010

What a week of contrasts. The Pope in England trying to re-enforce the control of the church with the queen who since the death of Diana has kept a low profile both desperately trying to re-establish control. They talk of spiritual Values, yet they suppress any connection with spirit. Both emphasising their "Christian Values" as opposed to what they see as Pagan Values. Both trying to prevent the evolution of Planet earth as though what they say can change anything. All over your world people are receiving information, they are waking up to the Higher vibrations, Portals are being created to connect with spirit, this has no connection with any Religion.

Please understand, I have explained many times I was not born Jewish, yes both my parents were Jewish, the reason for this being that I wanted to identify with the suffering of the masses, I had to see from the perspective of their rigidity, to see how many people perceive their lot in life, I was given the opportunity to overcome this, I suffered being alienated by the family, "How dare he he not marry a Jewish girl". Believe me, this was the most liberating thing I ever did, I thank God that I had the wisdom to do it, and the courage, the love was so great, I overcame my fear of alienation , through this I lost some of my family. It taught me the nature of what love is really about, my family did not love, now I know love, I had been living an illusion for all those years , my only regret is that I did not discover it sooner. But you my dear, you gave that to me. I now see the family like a pack of cards falling before my eyes, all those people I held dear and cared for, I look at my years of illusion with them with regret. How foolish of me to expect them to treat you any differently. I feel sad for them, they have a lot of learning to do, it will not be easy for them.

Veronica, you freed me from the shackles of expectation. To love and be loved is everything. You knew me as much as one human being could know another. I see now with clarity why my life was the way it was, why I had to go through the DECEPTION, the PAIN of BETRAYAL, the DISSAPPOINTMENT of my own CHILDREN, that suffering gave me the motivation to give myself to my studies. The wounds went deep, to be born to a mother who could not love, whose anger, bitterness, frustration and resentment of being left a widow with 3 children and who took it out on them. Forgive me, I feel you need to understand that my family live by TRIBAL MORALS, they believe their tribe comes first and that no other tribe is as worthy, that is gross stupidity, their consciousness is very low. This is what is caused by Religion, pain and division. I have forgiven my mother, I am helping her to evolve. You made me whole my dear.

You Veronica are my instrument on Earth, you are entrusted with the Keys. Our work is important, do as you are inspired to do, you do not have to chase anything, it will come, the timing has to be right, if forced then the Truth will not be told in the form it should be told. There is something greater than the work, LOVE, the Love of Humanity, the Love of spirit, this goes beyond anything else, this is important to know, it is the greater message. There are others who will corroborate our work, each will have a slightly different slant but there will be a synchronicity , The weight of the total is what counts, ours is just one, not the only one, this should take the pressure off you my love. Though ours is a large part, it is part of a great movement, it will succeed. Your job is to proceed in your own gentle way with the process. Others will play their part, I know that your intentions are pure.

We thank Peter for bringing to your attention the information from Spirit from Bob who as a member of the illuminati can speak with authority about the plans of the Dark Cabal, he now seeks to put right the injustice's he was involved in when on Earth. Everyone should take on board what he has channeled. Time to wake up to the reality of the situation you find yourselves in. Do not allow FEAR to enter your lives, you are being told that you must be fearful of various groups who you are being told are going to attack your Country, this is not so. Trust that the truth will prove this to be so, there are of course those who will "create incidents" that they hope will "Prove " what they want you to believe. How many times will mankind fall for this charade. You will be guided, Beings of Light are among you to assist you also, it is a combined effort, we will not fail. Religions will soon be a thing of the past, no man is superior to another, all arrived in your world in the same way, all equal, all will leave in the same way. Each Soul arrives pure of mind and spirit, entrusted to the care of the parents to love and cherish them. Free yourselves from control of the corrupt thinking that keeps you in chains .

The truth is flowing out from so many parts of your world, the Light is being restored, all will enjoy full consciousness once more. Corruption is being exposed, no longer will the Bankers control Governments. Real values will be restored, it will not be long. Without you my dear I would never have known real love, I would have missed out on the most precious gift of love.

Our plans will proceed without hindrance. We do not have labels on this side of life, no religion exists here, Love is all. Thank you my dear for your devotion to me, I will be forever be your adoring husband, Monty.

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