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Montague Keen - May 17, 2015

The propaganda war you are now experiencing is the last stand of the Evil Forces that have strived to remove humanity from the Earth. They show you how they have done it through WAR; and you have served them well. You have watched men proudly display the medals which show how many of their fellow human beings they have slaughtered. You need to learn and accept that you are ONE HUMAN FAMILY, controlled by a force so EVIL that it cannot show its face. This force controls you through human illness – CANCER – a very successful weapon for them. They use the fear of cancer, as well as the disease itself, and you are bombarded with it every day.

All you need to do is to drink hot water, lemon juice, and a little Bicarbonate of Soda, as Veronica does every morning, to ensure that you never get it. It is as simple as that. Natural cures are successful in destroying cancer.

Cancer of the mind, as well as cancer of the body, is a very successful weapon against humanity. You have become your own worst enemy. You are so quick to believe whatever lies are told to you about your fellow human beings. There is ONE FORCE behind every war, pulling the strings of the puppets they put into power in each country, so that the people can be whipped up into a frenzy of hate and loathing, ready and willing to do the bidding of their evil overloards. They spread disease, whilst telling the world that they are there to help; and you, the innocent, help them to do it. Your are destroying your own race. Though they have tried everything, they cannot stop the light from spreading, thereby exposing themselves and their actions. They cannot exist in this LIGHT.

Our Foundation had hoped that our Centre in Ireland would be ready by now, to enable you to cope with all the trauma you will experience during the transition. The TROLLS who set out to prevent this happening will one day face the enormity of the price which humanity has paid for their moment of notoriety. Humanity needs to be prepared, as nothing that you accept today as normal, will remain. The Cabal will destroy everything as they will not be good losers. They had carefully planned every stage of their takeover without ever taking into account that Man might wake up and say: NO, I do not want this.

ROME is at the head of this takeover. It has played its role whilst always remembering to display love and peace, as all bow at their feet. WHY? I have always reminded you that "nothing is as it seems". You cannot take anything at face value. THE CABAL NEEDS WAR and they will use whatever pretext will fit the bill. They will do all in their power to try to prevent you from SEEING WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Say NO to war. Never again allow one of their false flag events to seduce you into war. Your eyes are open to their war games now. Refuse to kill your fellow humans for them. Veronica was sent a film of World War II which has shocked her to the core. It shows how easy it was to incite war, and for the elite to sit back and enjoy the spectacle of humans killing each other without conscience.

Hellstorm – The Real genocide of Nazi Germany
(a documentary with subtitles)

Do not look at one nationality as different from another; just see MAN'S INHUMANITY TO MAN. They back both sides in any war; for to them, it is just a game. Remember the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; when all the time, Iraq had been part of the Cabal's plans for many years. You are lied to all the time. It is time to wake up and face the truth. The hypnotist that holds you in control is your television, along with the newspapers. All are owned by the Cabal. This was all carefully planned. They have left no stone unturned and they have infiltrated everywhere. They are behind everything bad that has ever happened in your world.

They constantly attack my dear wife. Her lungs are giving her big problems. They managed to damage her lungs a few years ago in an attempt to stop her working with me. Her life has become somewhat of a battle; but she is Irish, so she will not surrender. She wants to see humanity restored and able to live in peace and harmony, before she joins me on this side of life. She is struggling to survive. She needs to repair her lungs so that she can concentrate on establishing the Centres that will restore life on Earth as it should be lived, in peace and harmony for all. No barriers of any description ever again. Please help us achieve this.

Again, I ask that you work on sending light and love to London, Rome, and Washington, so that mankind is released from bondage. Your ley line work is most valuable. Please continue with it, as you are releasing the light. I thank you.

My dear, you need to rest and recover. We need you to be strong in order to set up the Centres, in order to provide the experts who will teach humanity how to survive the fall of the Cabal and all that it entails.

You and I will go on for as long as it takes, my dear. It is our mission to do so.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Veronica Keen

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