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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - October 14, 2018

It is happening, my friends, it is happening. The corruption that controlled the Earth is being exposed and disposed of. Everything happens when the timing is right. This has always been so. Those within the Cabal are SCARED. Their time is up and they have nowhere to hide. Some will try to con their way out of total exposure, but they will not be allowed to escape justice for their crimes against humanity. Not just the politicians, but all who gained power over humanity will be brought to justice. Many got on the bandwagon: those whose lives were far from happy and successful, whose egos were desperate for attention, fell prey to the Cabal, and found attention by working with them against humanity. May God forgive them. They are to be pitied. Pray for them, they are in desperate need of attention.

Mr Trump continues to live up to expectations. Pray for his protection as the world needs him. He and Mr Putin will together form a plan to save humanity.

Check all information before accepting it as truth, because all newspapers and TV channels are owned by the Cabal, so they will only give you the information that will suit their own agenda. Those who work on TV will read whatever is put in front of them. That is their job. They care not whether it is true or false.

Pray directly to God, the Creator, the Supreme Being, the Source, or whatever name feels comfortable to you. Cut out the middle man who prevents you from having your own personal relationship with your Creator. When you do this, you will see God in everything that is good and beautiful. God will become part of your life. This is as it should be. Religions were created to prevent your connection with God. You foolishly gave religions control over you, and you have paid a very high price for this mistake. Religions have totally controlled your lives, and the Earth, as though they owned everything. This is not so. All this is about to come to an end.

First the Vatican will be exposed. It will collapse along with all its offshoots. The Vatican is, at this moment, teetering on the edge. Soon it will be gone. See it as the SEAT OF CORRUPTION, GONE FOREVER. Corrupt governments will quickly follow. You know who they are. A whole new way of living will emerge, where all people will live in peace. Light will illuminate your way forward. The dark veil will disappear and the peace you have dreamed of, will be yours.

This is what is happening now, as you prepare the way for love to replace the fear and control that you struggled with all of your lives. Your whole being is withdrawing from Cabal control. The energies that are flooding your Earth are forcing you out of the rut you were in. They are cleansing your bodies. This is a painful experience for many of you, as Veronica herself can testify.

Not all will go forward at this time. Those who are being prepared now, are experiencing dizzyness, nausea, and pain in places that never before experienced it. The exhaustion is beyond description. It just takes over without notice and you sleep for hours during the day. Your body demands sleep, even if you had just got out of bed in the morning. It seems that your body needs to adjust during this enforced sleep. Your body just takes over and your mind cannot prevent the signal to sleep. There is no escape, sleep you must. Your body must be prepared to move into the light.

Now, as I try to write, sleep is taking over. I will have to give into it.

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