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Montague Keen - August 14, 2016

You are living through turbulent times, "TRUTHS" that up till now, you believed were set in stone, are being exposed as PURE FICTION. Go with what you know deep in your heart to be absolute truth and ignore what had been accepted as truth. Facing the actual truth is never easy, as you have lived your lives trusting what you learned through education and religion to be beyond question. You are in a time when truth must be faced. The corrupt must be exposed as having used and abused humanity for their own evil ends. Humanity is being helped to recognise who they are and to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Those who are on Earth right now to assist in this process, mysteriously turn up out of the blue, sometimes with financial help, others to give information on matters of concern. You recognise each other and you know that the information given is to be trusted. There are, of course, others on the dark side, who try to infiltrate and destroy. They come bearing gifts of insight, in order to gain a foothold. But their true motives are quickly revealed, so I advise caution at all times. Nothing is as it seems, never forget that.

Real progress is being made, though many do not realise it. David Icke is contributing a great deal to the awakening of humanity. This is his role in this life and he executes it with great gusto. He is a remarkable man, pure in heart and soul.

Many of you are still afraid to open your eyes and minds and face the truth. You do not want your lives to change, so it scares you to even think of change. Coming out of the prison in which you have been held all your life is always daunting at first.

Your future is LIMITLESS. It is all you could wish it to be. All that needs to happen is the chains of slavery must be removed, never again to enslave mankind. At the moment, I know this is a huge leap of faith, as all you have ever known is hardship, as you struggled to survive from one oppressive regime to another that is inflicted on you. No matter who you vote for, all you ever get is more of the same, with even more restriction of your life. It is time for change, my friends, and the remedy is in your hands.

Prepare for your future by removing all unnecessary drug-based medication that is not absolutely necessary. Always find the alternative natural remedy that will help you without damaging your precious body. In times past, there was not the illness that you have today. Your bodies are being systematically attacked. Remember, illness equals profit for the drug companies. It is all part of keeping humanity down. You worry about survival leaves no time to see that it is all part of the great plan to reduce the population.

This is a good time to research who you are, your true history, to find what your true role is in this Great Change. Connect with your sacred places, your ley lines, open your soul to the spiritual energy that abounds in these places which is pure sacred energy.

TV and newspapers are used to separate you from who you are. They create a totally false concept. Their propaganda is used to mind control you into accepting as normal what is in fact a slave existence. You have been trained to obey from the moment you are born. The real slavery begins at five years old when you are officially mind controlled by the state to obey its corrupt laws. Children are never allowed to think, as thinking and researching for yourself is discouraged. You must OBEY. You go through your life without ever understanding why you are on Earth or what you have to look forward to in the afterlife.

The afterlife fascinated me. I enjoyed researching it, and I can assure you, it is so much more wondrous than you can imagine. When you break free from the shackles of Earth and experience real freedom, it is beyond anything you can ever imagine. Veronica can tell you of my great excitement when I passed to the World of Spirit. It was everything I had expected and more, so much more it was.

The energy on Earth is changing. Each one of you experiences this in many different ways. The dark energy must be removed, it cannot be allowed to remain on Earth. All the damage will be repaired. There are forces on Earth which are ready to begin this process of removal. There is so much help in place, ready and willing to clean up the mess and to prepare for your future. It is looking good, all is in place. The future is everything you could wish it to be.

We need to get the right people in place. I know that with your prayers and good will, everything will go as planned. Pray for those who are in need of your prayers, so that they are free to carry out their mission for mankind. Together, we will create a future that you can only dream of now. Peace, harmony and LOVE will be the norm. No more war, no more EVIL MINDS creating "REASONS" to declare war. Their lies will never again be believed. They are finished forever. Their reign will quickly be forgotten as your bright new future begins.

My dear, there has been movement forward. That is good. Be careful who you trust, as they will continue to set traps. It is more hopeful this week. Forward we go, my dear.

Your adoring, Monty.

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