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August 14, 2011


As you go through the darkness, you must remove all fear and doubts. See the illusion for what it is. Then you will be ready to step into the Light, to embrace a freedom that was denied you. They control your thoughts by using sound waves. So when they want you to riot, it's easy to create a situation and then manipulate the masses, while they stand by and watch the destruction. The unenlightened fear the consequences and so will agree to almost anything that their Government then proposes to ensure their safety. It works every time. The propaganda machine is prepared in advance to create as much fear as possible in the population. Those who rioted need to understand that they were used. They served the Government's purpose. Now they can introduce even more control, to prevent you from waking up to reality. SILENT, PEACEFUL PROTEST is what those in power fear, because that shows real people power. That the Police stood by and watched the riots, should have told you it was being used for a purpose. Your taxes pay for police protection, yet they watched as homes and businesses were burned down. Protect each other, you are all prisoners of the Dark Cabal. Until this thought registers with you, it will not be possible for you to step into the Light. See the rioters as victims of the Cabal: they are made to feel worthless. They live in overcrowded conditions. The education system failed them. They have no jobs and no future. They are mind-controlled through music and TV. They feel hopeless and helpless in the materialistic world deliberately created by the Cabal to keep you wanting what they ensure you cannot afford.

Veronica, there were tears in your eyes today as you opened your emails and found on the EXTRATERRESTRIALS website [ www.extraterrestrials.ning.com ] information on the HILL OF TARA, the centre of your Universe, a sacred place of great importance. They have done a great service to humanity by placing this information there for all to see and research for themselves. Though you grew up in Ireland, the schools there were run by the Roman Catholic Church. So you were never told of your great heritage. All the history you were taught was completely untrue. There is a need to remove the control of the Vatican and for Ireland to open up to its past. The future starts there, when Ireland links with Spirit. Then the Universe will be restored. No country in the world was more controlled by outside forces than Ireland. The Irish have suffered through the ages in an effort to prevent them from knowing who they are. It is time to set Ireland free from the yoke of Vatican domination and return to your Religion of Love.

The Vatican knows its 1000 year rule is over. It is time for truth. It is time for them to return all that they have stolen and plundered around your world and for the God of Love to return. Now you see the importance of the speech made by Prime Minister, Enda Kenny. He opened the door to reconnection with who you are. He has done the planet a great service. For this he will be remembered. The Vatican controlled the schools, the hospitals, and the Governments. They ensured that there was no way you would ever learn the truth in Ireland. They hid it so well. The Vatican controlled your lives from birth until death, through fear of death and hell fire, which they invented to control you. Death is just the stepping from one state of existence to another - a beautiful experience. We in Spirit, say to the people of Ireland, reclaim your great heritage. Learn who you really are. All this had to happen before the world can move forward into real enlightenment.

You are now living through The End Time. There is a real fight going on between Dark and Light. The Cabal cannot accept that their carefully crafted and planned take over will not happen. Such is their sheer arrogance that they think the Earth belongs to them and that they can remove human beings at will, whenever they like, through wars and laboratory-created illness. But they are being removed. This news is being kept from you.

We, on this side of life, are on track. We are progressing in many areas. There is much that has either to be put in place or removed. It cannot happen overnight. We need your input on Earth. This is a joint operation. Together we will succeed. The time is now. It is your world, the usurpers must leave. Their control system is falling apart. By working together, we can make the Transition easier for everyone. To want to be free, is the most basic instinct in Man. It is worth striving for. You are almost there, there will be rejoicing on both sides of life when we once again come together in love and harmony.

Our grateful thanks is extended to the Extraterrestrials website for assisting us to bring truth and enlightenment to so many about what was hidden from you regarding the importance of Ireland. This is a momentous step forward.

Be kind to yourself, my dear. Yes, you are recovering but you still need care. By welcoming the truth as it emerges, it assists the Transition.

My love is guiding you. Your adoring, Monty.

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