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Montague Keen - November 13, 2016

Humanity, with one voice, called out to be spared World War III. Clinton, supported by nine arms companies, was so sure that she would lead humanity into a deadly nuclear war that would ensure a huge loss of life, and this was her plan. You needed someone who WAS NOT a politician. Trump came forward and he took on this task. He already had everything he could ever want. HE DID NOT NEED THIS. BUT HE DID THIS TO SAVE YOU.

Your controllers, who think that they own you and yours, were not happy. WAR is what they want, and surely, they will continue to fight for it. Like BREXIT in England, the cabal is still trying to overturn the will of the people. By voting for BREXIT and for TRUMP, humanity has bought itself time. Time to understand what is being done to you, and time to understand that everything is being destroyed. Trump is not ideal, but he had the courage to put himself forward on your behalf. Humanity owes him a debt of gratitude. Without his intervention you would be deep in a war so deadly, such as the Earth has never seen before. Your only hope lies in the hands of Mr Trump.

The American people are so mind controlled that they are totally blind to the dark control that took over America without them even noticing that anything had changed. Trump is all you have got. Work with him, so that together, you can try to rescue America and the rest of humanity. Stop creating false divisions, you are all in the same boat. DIVIDE AND RULE is how the cabal always wins. You are all Americans, so work together for a better future. If you had any idea what Mr Trump saved you from, you would be on your knees, thanking your God for a second chance. All outside of America are praying that with your help, Trump will deliver peace.

Remember those people in your world who are not of your world who want to remove 80% of you. Trump will have to deal with this problem. He has taken on an enormous task on your behalf. They have been destroying human life on Earth, through vaccinations, medication, GM food, etc, all designed to destroy you. You have allowed so much to be done to you without question.

These people KILL all those who get in their way. Those they cannot kill, they have locked up, using false charges. This is common in America. Thousands of people are locked up every day. Prisons are big business in America. There is one young man who has important work to do for humanity. He is locked up in California but he is totally innocent. A satanic family has set him up. Your prayers for him would be most welcome. Veronica is at her wits end, trying to help him. He is a young man, not a worldly man. The satanic Church of Rome is involved also, through his blood family. He is without friends or visitors. His home is in England. Please help him.

Message from Veronica

I am still recovering from last weekend. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, SCALAR attacks caused much pain and distress. I am trying to cope with so much stress.

May I suggest that you read what my dear friend GILAD ATZMON wrote about the American Election. I hope to interview him about this matter soon.

My dear, the pressure on you is enormous. The cabal would not be interested in you, if they did not see you as a threat. Stand by your truth. You know what must be done. Your goal is peace and love on Earth.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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